3 Ways to Backup Text Messages on iPhone (iOS 14 Supported)

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Many people use text messages to send important information with family, friends, colleagues or clients. Meanwhile, we will receive many spam messages so we need to clean our SMS mailbox now and then. It is really easy to accidentally delete the important messages on iPhone. In this case, it is necessary to backup the messages on iPhone so that you can get them back whenever your lost those messages. There are several ways to backup iPhone messages and here we will introduce 3 easy ways. Just read this article and choose the best way for you.

Way 1. Backup iPhone Messages with iTunes

Many iPhone users know iTunes since it can help to backup almost all the files, including text messages to computer. It Is free, but if you use iTunes to backup your messages, you will need to backup all other files in your iPhone together. It takes much time. Besides, after you sync the messages to iTunes, you can’t read them directly on your computer. If you think this method doesn’t meet your expectation, go to way 3 to learn a simple and easy way.

Steps to backup iPhone messages with iTunes:

  1. Open your computer and run iTunes on it.

  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. iTunes will detect your iPhone as soon as the connection is confirmed.

  3. Now on the left sidebar of the iTunes interface, click on the device button, then choose "Summary".

  4. Select "This Computer" and click on "Back Up Now", then iTunes will backup all data including messages on your iPhone to your computer.

backup iphone with itunes

Way 2. Backup iPhone Messages to iCloud

iCloud is another popular way to backup messages and other iPhone data. It is also free but more convenient than iTunes since you don’t need USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. But there is also a limitation that the free space of iCloud is 5GB. If your files are more than 5GB, you will need to purchase more space, or you can go to Way 3.

Steps to backup iPhone messages to iCloud:

  1. First you need to update your iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS.

  2. Confirm that your iPhone is in a stable Wi-Fi connection.

  3. Open your iPhone, go to Settings and tap your name at the top of the screen. Then click "iCloud".

  4. Find the Messages option and toggle it on to sync iPhone messages to iCloud.

backup iphone with icloud

Way 3. Backup iPhone Messages Selectively with iOS Data Backup & Restore

Thanks to the development of technology, now it is possible to backup iPhone messages without iTunes or iCloud. An iOS data backup tool will allow you to backup the data on your iPhone selectively to the computer. FoneGeek iOS Data Backup & Restore is such a tool that will allow you to selectively backup text messages with one click. After you backed up your messages, you can view them in the backup files. Besides, it can also backup contacts, call history, WhatsApp, photos, videos, music and much more from iPhone to your computer. You can decide whether to backup all your data or just certain types of the data on your iPhone. Also, you’re allowed to back up all settings on iOS device to computer. It applies to iPhone 12, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Plus, and supports for the latest iOS 14/13.


Steps to backup messages selectively on iPhone with one click:

  1. Install and run FoneGeek iOS Data Backup & Restore on your computer. Choose "Backup & Restore" mode.

  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable, tap Trust on your device screen when it pops up.

  3. Now you can select Messages or any other data you want to backup on your iPhone, and click "Backup" to begin the backup.

backup iphone

The Bottom Line

Now you get 3 methods to backup your text messages on your iPhone, with iTunes, with iCloud and with Fonegeek iOS Data Backup & Restore. Here we recommend the third way, because it is the most labour-save and simplest way. It guarantees no data loss and requires no technical knowledge. Before you restore the backup files to your iPhone, you can preview all the data freely. If you didn’t backup your messages and lost some important ones accidentally, don’t worry, you can try FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery, it will help you to get back all the lost messages and other data.

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