Top 5 Best Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone & iPad

04/16/2019 Posted by FoneGeek

Due to the prosperous development of internet, it is very convenient for people to watch videos on iOS devices at home or in the office with a network connection. What if there is no network connection when you want to watch videos online? If you plan to go travel and want to enjoy the video you like on your long distance trip, you will need to download it in advance. Here we will introduce the top 5 best free video downloader for iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Plus, iPad Pro, etc. You can choose the one that meets your need. 

1. Best Video Downloader

As it's name shows, Best Video Downloader is a great app that allows you to download videos from a huge variety of streaming sites including YouTube on your iPhone or iPad. It is free but you can download as many videos as you like. It can even download live streaming as it happens. 

Free Video Downloader for iPhone

Main Features of Best Video Downloader:

  1. Real-time background download while the app is closed.
  2. Sleep mode which will stop the video when the timer is done.
  3. Built-in search engine and integrates with your browsers bookmarks and history to easily find the videos you want.
  4. With an included video player that enables playback and adjustable play speed.

2. Documents by Readdle 

Documents by Readdle is a great cloud file manager that lets iOS users view and manage files from multiple cloud drive services. With it, you can download videos from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also, it is free. 

Free Video Downloader for iPhone 

Main Features of Documents by Readdle:  

  1. With a built-in web browser that you can download files directly to Documents. 
  2. It can also let you read Office documents, annotate PDFs, edit text files, listen to music, watch photos, etc.
  3. Support to rename file and change the folder.
  4. You can watch your video from a built-in media player within the app. Or you can copy the video to Camera Roll.

3. QWE 

QWE is a free video downloader app to download documents for iOS users. If you have a smartTV or game machine, you can even use them to stream the videos you downloaded with this app onto your TV. QWE has a very straightforward interface, which enable most people to use it easily.

Free Video Downloader for iPhone

Main Features of QWE:

  1. With a cloud manager which supports iTunes file sharing. 
  2. With a built-in browser to bookmark videos and websites.
  3. You can protect the files using a password.
  4. All the videos downloaded would retain the original video quality.
  5. With download process display, files filter and auto-rename function.

4. Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is an awesome app that allows you to download any format of music and videos from any website. Users can manage the downloaded videos in the playlist. The interface might be a bit old-fashioned, but you will be satisfied with it's performance.

Free Video Downloader for iPhone

Main Features of Video Downloader Pro: 

  1. Functioned with built-in video manager and photo manager. 
  2. You will have a choice to make your browser history be recorded or make it private so that no one can track your download.
  3. You can set a passcode to protect individual videos.

5. MyMedia

MyMedia is an app focusing on video download. When you paste the URL of your video, it will let you select to download the file or to open it. Choose Download the file, you will get a pop-up box to name the file. Then tap Save to start the download process.

Free Video Downloader for iPhone

Main Features of Pluto MyMedia: 

  1. Completely free from the iOS app store. 
  2. Available in English, French and Russian. 
  3. Multiple concurrent & background downloads, download resuming. 


Now you got 5 best free iPhone/iPad video downloaders so that you can watch videos on the go. Absolutely there are many other video downloader apps for iPhone or iPad, you can choose depending on your need. But keep in mind that you should download them from reliable source in case of any damage to your iPhone.

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