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15 Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online [2021 Update]

Anime has gained widespread popularity outside Japan, especially with dubs and subtitles in other languages. It has broken free of the notion that only kids watch it and has attracted an older crowd with its captivating and unpredictable plots.

The accessibility has increased with the growth of the internet and streaming services. Anime also comes in many genres, which has created an avenue for fans to forge a deep connection with stories they resonate with, resulting in an even larger following. Anime is now used as a tool to promote Japanese culture, and hundreds of Anime are aired every year, and the number keeps rising.

With this growing interest in Anime, it might prove challenging to find where to watch animated movies, cartoons, and TV shows. Well, worry not, here we will introduce you to the top 15 free Anime sites to watch Anime online.

1. Crunchyroll

best free anime websites

Crunchyroll is one of the best sites to watch Anime free online. It is the oldest platforms for streaming Anime and credited for increasing the popularity of Anime in the western world. It also provides a store with excellent merchandise and a blog that updates you on your favorite shows. You can watch Anime on-demand on your TV, computer, console here.


  • Exclusivity deals with many Japanese companies allow them to air new episodes within a day after their original release date.

  • You can create your free account on the website or the official app.

  • Upgrading to a paid subscription provides better image quality and an ad-free experience.

  • It supports many languages, including English, French, Dutch and Italian.

  • You can share videos on Facebook and Twitter.

  • It is available in more than 180 countries.

2. MyAnimeList

best free anime websites

If you are searching for where to watch Anime, look no further. MyAnimeList is a favorite among free Anime websites. Here, you can find the latest shows, and if you are undecided on what to watch, there’s a forum for you to visit and get ideas.


  • It is available worldwide.

  • It has many genres for which you can choose.

  • You get to watch Anime promotional videos.

  • Option of searching for videos by using the movie characters.

  • You get notified of upcoming movies.

3. 9Anime

best free anime websites

With 9Anime, you have a great place to watch Anime. Its sleek and catchy interface makes it appealing to users, and navigation is easy because the titles are arranged alphabetically. This website also displays the number of episodes in an Anime on its thumbnail, so you know the total amount of videos the Anime has.


  • It is free.

  • Filters are available for quick searches.

  • New releases are quickly added to the platform.

  • You can switch languages.

  • It is available in most regions.

4. GoGoanime

best free anime websites

GoGoanime is one of the best Anime sites for a fantastic viewing experience. It provides access to both new and old shows without delay. The various titles are arranged alphabetically and according to popularity, month, and year of release, making this website very easy to navigate.


  • It is free to use.

  • It offers your best Anime in high quality.

  • It provides dubbed videos so you can watch without subtitles.

  • Access to an Anime community.

  • Available in most regions.

5. Funimation

best free anime websites

Funimation is one of the best sites to watch Anime online for free. This platform has contributed significantly to spreading Anime to a larger audience. Also, it provides the subbed and dubbed version of every Anime video. The titles are organized to make your search easy, and it has a fast streaming speed.


  • Has about 13000 hours of original content.

  • Top-notch content in high resolution.

  • With the premium version, you can stream on two screens.

  • Access to the latest releases.

  • You can find a show by typing the name of a character.

  • Fast streaming speed.

6. TubiTV

best free anime websites

TubiTV is an online platform that allows you to watch Anime for free. It provides content in high resolution and works well on all devices. TubiTV boasts of an extensive gallery of the best Anime from Japan and offers them completely free. This is the place for Anime lovers.


  • Parental control feature.

  • Closed captions.

  • It is free.

  • It is available in United States, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

7. Anime Planet

best free anime websites

For Anime lovers, Anime Planet is another free Anime website that allows you quickly browse through a plethora of Anime. If you are looking for a means to connect with Anime loyalists like yourself, this is the platform for you. It provides forums for discussions to give you a more personalized and interactive experience.


  • Access to a community of Anime fans.

  • Current news and recommendations on your favorite shows.

  • Available globally.

  • It is entirely free.

8. AnimeHeaven

best free anime websites

AnimeHeaven gives you an online collection of the best Anime, completely free and in high definition. Most of the videos are in 720p and 1080p, and you don’t need to create an account to enjoy content on this website. It also enables you to watch clips without downloads or surveys.


  • The website is user-friendly and secure with an SSL certificate.

  • Series arranged within categories for easy navigation.

  • You can download your Anime from Google Drive to your local files.

  • Available worldwide.

9. AnimeLab

best free anime websites

AnimeLab is one of the best free Anime websites that allows you to watch the latest shows. Also, you can watch in high resolution on multiple devices and is skewed more towards fans in Australia and New Zealand. It is uncomplicated and affordable.


  • You can stream shows as little as an hour after airing.

  • Extensive collection of popular, subbed, and dubbed shows.

  • Easy navigation.

  • Access to thousands of anime episodes.

  • Available in New Zealand and Australia.

10. Animetake

best free anime websites

Animetake is another free Anime website that is easy to use without hassles. It is one of the best free platforms and offers shows in many categories. You also get notifications of soon-to-be-released shows.


  • You get notified of the upcoming Anime.

  • It comes with English subtitles.

  • Offers many Anime categories.

  • It is available worldwide.

11. Animedao

best free anime websites

This is another excellent Anime streaming platform. Animedao promotes the creation of a community of Anime lovers. It is easy to use and provides both subbed and dubbed versions of your favorite shows. This website also has a loading speed faster than most other free platforms.


  • Gives access to the latest releases.

  • Titles are well-organized, which makes navigation easy.

  • It has both light and dark themes.

  • Videos can be bookmarked.

  • It is available in all regions.

12. Chia Anime

best free anime websites

Chia Anime is an Anime website for enjoying your high-quality shows. It has a beautiful interface and is simple to navigate. Chia Anime gives its users access to quality Anime and their soundtracks. You will discover both old and new titles on this website.


  • Easy navigation by genre.

  • A wide range of latest and old Anime, including soundtracks.

  • Compatible with mobile devices.

  • It is available in all regions.

13. AnimeFrenzy

best free anime websites

AnimeFrenzy allows you to enjoy the best high-quality Anime on your devices. It has a simple design that helps you quickly find the latest Anime and displays the number of episodes of each series. This Anime website is also compatible with mobile devices.


  • It is available globally.

  • Provides a list of clips.

  • Hitch-free access to the latest Anime.

  • Available in all regions.

14. KissAnime

best free anime websites

KissAnime is one of the best Anime websites to watch your favorite shows hassle-free. The latest episodes are updated regularly, and most of the content on this platform is of high quality. You will be required to create a free account, after which you get unrestricted access to your best Anime.


  • It offers an array of categories like comedy, action, adventure, etc.

  • It is available in most regions.

  • You can easily browse the Anime list.

  • You need to register a free account before you can start using this platform.

15. YouTube Anime

best free anime websites

YouTube is also a great platform to access Anime for free. It has short clips and full videos of an Anime episode in high resolution like 720p, 1080p, and 4K. You don’t need to create an account to access the videos, but you must create one before you can add the videos to your YouTube playlist.


  • You can find shows by searching with the characters.

  • It is a safe site to watch your Anime videos.

  • English subtitles are auto-generated.

How to Download Anime Videos from YouTube

Sometimes you may want to save your favorite Anime videos from these websites for offline watching. You can use FoneGeek Video Downloader, a professional tool which has been recommended by PCMag to download online videos from YouTube and many other streaming sites with fast speed and high quality. Also, you can download subtitles along with the videos or extract audios from the videos and save in MP3 format.


Follow these steps to download your favorite Anime from YouTube:

  1. Download and install FoneGeek Video Downloader on your computer, then launch it.

  2. Copy the Anime video URL from YouTube, then go back to the program and click the +Paste URL button.

  3. The Anime Downloader will start analyzing the link and provide different options of video quality to select from.

  4. Choose your desired quality and click the Download button. Now the Anime video will be downloaded to your computer.

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With the numerous platforms that have made Anime easily accessible, it sure is a great time to be an Anime fan. You can now enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite animated movies, cartoons and TV shows from the best 15 free Anime websites introduced in this post.

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