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9 Best YouTube Playlist Downloaders to Save Videos in Bulk

YouTube allows users to sort a collection of videos and put them into playlists. You may find a playlist from your favorite YouTuber and want to save all the videos in the playlist for offline watching. We know that it is quite easy to download a single video from YouTube. The question here is: Is there any way to download an entire YouTube playlist instead of saving the videos in the playlist one by one? Yes, there are many YouTube playlist downloaders designed for this purpose. In this guide, we will show you the 9 best YouTube playlist downloaders that help you save videos in bulk.

Part 1. 3 Best YouTube Playlist Downloader for Windows/Mac

To download playlist from YouTube, we suggest you use a desktop software. The following are some of the best YouTube playlist downloaders for Windows and Mac.

1.1 FoneGeek Video Downloader

One of the best tools that you can use to download YouTube playlist is FoneGeek Video Downloader. It supports to download videos, playlists and channels from YouTube as well as other video sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, etc. Also, you can expect the option to download YouTube playlist to MP3 in one click. The whole process of downloading is simple and super fast that it can take just a few minutes to download playlists even with over 50 videos.


Here’s how to download YouTube playlist using FoneGeek Video Downloader:

Step 1: Download and install FoneGeek YouTube Playlist Downloader to your computer. Complete the installation process and launch it.

Step 2: Go to YouTube and locate the playlist that you would like to download. Copy the playlist’s URL from the browser address bar.

copy video url

Step 3: Return to the Downloader, click on + Paste URL and the select Playlist from the popup box that appears to confirm that you want to download a playlist.

paste url

Step 4: The program will analyze the provided URL and list all videos in the playlist. Choose those videos you want to save and click on Download to begin the download process.

download online video

Step 5: Once the download process is complete, you will be able to find the downloaded videos by clicking on the Finished tab.

1.2 4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader

4K Video Downloader is an easy yet powerful tool that you can use to download YouTube playlist onto your computer. It is also one of the few downloaders that come with a free version. However, the free version are saturated with ads during the video download process.

This downloader is also very easy to use, allowing users to download videos and playlists in just a single click and a few minutes. All you have to do is copy the playlist URL and paste it into the program. You can easily convert the downloaded videos to various formats such as MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV and 3GP. Also, you’re allowed to download subtitles associated with the videos.

1.3 Gihosoft TubeGet

gihosoft tubeget

If you are looking for a lightweight program to download playlist from YouTube, Gihosoft TubeGet is the best choice. Just like the other two tools on this list, TubeGet allows users to easily download YouTube videos and playlists by simply copying and pasting the URL link into the program. It can also convert the videos to other formats such as MP4, WebM, 3GP, FLV, AVI, MKV etc. It proves useful in the extraction of audios from the video files and save in MP3 format. What’s more, you can limit the download speed if you have a slow internet connection.

Part 2. 3 Best YouTube Playlist Downloader Online

If you don’t want to download and install third-party software on your Windows PC or Mac, you can turn to online downloaders. Below are some of the best online tools for downloading YouTube playlist.

2.1 KeepVid

keepvid youtube playlist downloader

KeepVid is an excellent free online YouTube playlist downloader that compatible with YouTube and many other video sharing sites. It is completely free to use and easily accessible on most browsers. It is also very easy to use and lets you download YouTube playlist with one click. All you have to do is paste the URL of the playlist you want to download into the field provided and then click “Download Now” to save videos to your computer. The only problem we found with this tool is the numerous popup ads that will appear as you try to download the playlist.


ddownr youtube playlist downloader

DDOWNR is a free online tool that aims to help users download videos and playlist from YouTube in a simple, fast and secure way. You just need to past the playlist URL into the blank box and specify the number of videos you would like to download from the playlist. Once you hit “Download” the program begins downloading the videos in your specified output format. You can expect various video format options from DDOWNR including MP4, WEBM, MP3, M4A, etc. This tool allows you to download up to 250 videos at one time.

2.3 YoutubePlaylist

youtube playlist downloader online

YouTubePlaylist.cc is another simple to use online tool that can be very useful when you want to download YouTube playlists. You just need to enter the URL of the playlist you want to download and the program will analyze, list all the videos in that playlist. Then you can choose which video as well as the output quality you wish to save. The big disadvantage with this tool is that you can’t download all the videos in the playlist at the same time; you have to do it one by one. Besides, you can only download four videos per day. If you need to save more videos, you should register a user account or upgrade to a premium account.

Part 3. 3 Best YouTube Playlist Downloader for Android

If you would like to download YouTube playlist directly on your Android phone for playback on the go, the following YouTube downloaders for Android will prove useful.

3.1 Videoder

videoder youtube playlist downloader

Videorder allows Android users to download playlist from YouTube and other sites like Facebook Voot, Instagram and VK. You can also convert the videos to a variety of output formats including MP4, MP3, MPEG and many more. And the biggest advantage of this tool is that it supports downloading of 4K videos for playback on Ultra HD devices. Also, you can enjoy many more features, such as batch download, video editing, fast download and conversion speed, etc.

3.2 VidMate

vidmate youtube playlist downloader

VidMate is one of the most popular Android apps to download videos and playlists from various media streaming sites like YouTube. It comes with a built-in browser that makes finding the videos you want to download much easier. Aside from YouTube, VidMate supports downloading videos from a variety of other sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. It is very easy to use; all you have to do is locate the video or playlist you want to download and then click on the download “arrow” next to the video.

3.3 TubeMate

tubemate youtube playlist downloader

Just like Videoder and VidMate, TubeMate also allows users to download playlist from YouTube and other sites directly on to their Android devices. This app also supports for batch processing, making it very easy for you to download videos in a playlist. You can download the videos in the playlist in a variety of formats including MP4, 3GP, MP3, WebM and more. It also allows users to easily save the downloaded videos on to the SD card to save storage space on the device’s Internal Storage. Apart from YouTube, you can download playlist from a wide range of sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.


In this article, we’ve introduced some of the best YouTube playlist downloader for Windows/Mac, YouTube playlist downloader online as well as YouTube playlist downloader for Android devices. Taking the ease of use, output formats, downloaded video quality and download speed into consideration, obliviously the desktop software such as FoneGeek Video Downloader can be better choice. The table below will show you the comparison between the different types of YouTube playlist downloaders. Just choose your favorite one and download the videos for offline watching.

YouTube Playlist Downloader for Win/MacYouTube Playlist Downlaoder OnlineYouTube Playlist Downloader for Android
Supported PlatformWindows/MacWindows/MacAndroid Devices
Supported Output FormatsMP4, MP3 and a wide range of video/audio formatsMost online tools only support MP4 and MP3 formatsMost Android apps only support MP4 format
Downloaded Video QualityHigh QualityBasic QualityBasic Quality
Download SpeedSuper FastFastSlow
Ease of UseVery EasyEasyComplicated
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