How to Find & Recover Deleted YouTube Videos [4 Ways]

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“Today I am uploading video to YouTube but accidentally delete a video from my Channel. I don’t have an extra copy of the lost video. Can anyone help me with this, I really need the video back.”

Have you ever experience the same problem, mistakenly delete a video when uploading, editing, viewing and sharing on your YouTube channel? What’s worse, you don’t have a backup copy of the deleted video. Except for accidental deletion, your videos may get deleted by YouTube when breaking the website’s terms and conditions, or your Google account has been deleted.

Is it possible to recover deleted or lost YouTube videos? Take it easy. In this article, we will share with you 4 different ways to find and recover deleted YouTube videos, including using WayBackMachine, help support, Data Recovery software and backup.

Way 1: Download Deleted YouTube Videos from

If you have deleted YouTube videos by mistake, don’t worry, you can easily find and recover deleted YouTube videos using the Archive Way Back Machine ( Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account and gather all the relevant information about the delete videos. The most important is the URL of the deleted YouTube video. Even though you will not be able to watch the video, open it and copy its URL.

Step 2: Now navigate to and paste the deleted video URL in the search window, then click Browse History.

internet archive

Step 3: In that page, you should find the update history of that particular video. Once you have all the necessary information for the video, you can watch, download or even upload it again.

Way 2: Get Back YouTube Videos by Contacting Help Support

You might also be able to get your deleted videos back by contacting YouTube Support. But this method will only be useful to you if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program or your YouTube channel has at least 10,000 views. Follow these simple steps to send an email and ask for YouTube support’s help getting your deleted videos back:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube channel and scroll down to the bottom, then click on Help > Need more help? > Connect with the YouTube help community.

contact youtube help support

Step 2: Tap on the arrow next to Forum.

contact youtube help support

Step 3: Click on Ask Now and type in your question in the section of Ask the Community. Then follow the instructions to complete the process.

contact youtube help support

Way 3: Find Deleted YouTube Videos with Data Recovery Software

If the YouTube videos you have lost were saved on your computer or external devices like USB drive or SD card, you can use a data recovery program to recover them easily and quickly. One of the best data recovery programs to use is FoneGeek Data Recovery. It is very easy to use and highly effective, allowing you to recover the deleted or lost YouTube videos in just a few minutes. Not only videos, you can also recover deleted photos, audios, documents, emails from your PC’s hard drive, external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards and more storage medias.


Here’s how to recover deleted or lost YouTube videos from your computer:

Step 1: Download and install the Video Recovery tool on to your computer. Run it after successful installation and then select the location in your computer where the deleted videos were stored.

select location

Step 2: Click Start to begin the process and the program will immediately begin scanning the selected location for the deleted videos.

start scan

The scanning process can take some time depending on the amount of data in the selected location. You can however pause or stop the process if you see the videos you are looking for.

Step 3: When the scan is complete, click on Videos on the left to see all the recoverable videos. Select your deleted YouTube videos and click Recover to save them to another location on your computer.

recover deleted files

After recovery, you can freely watch the deleted YouTube videos on your computer and even upload them to YouTube at any time you like. If you want to download videos from YouTube to your computer for offline viewing, you can use FoneGeek Video Downloader.

Way 4: Recover Deleted YouTube Videos from a Backup

If fortunately, you have a backup of the deleted videos on an external storage device or a cloud storage solution like Dropbox or OneDrive, then all you need to do is access the backup location and re-upload the videos to YouTube. Backups can come in handy in helping you recover lost data that is why we always recommend having more than one copy of your videos and other important files in a secure location. If you don’t have a backup of your YouTube videos, then try one of the solutions above.

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