iPhone Flashlight Not Working in iOS 12/11? How to Fix

12/26/2018 Posted by FoneGeek

iPhone Flashlight Not Working

I updated my iPhone 8 Plus to iOS 12 last night. Now the flashlight toggle is grayed out. I restarted and reset my device, but the flashlight still not working. Anyone experience this? How can I fix this problem?” 

The flashlight on the iPhone is one of Apple's built in features, which makes a difference while taking photos or provide convenience when you need a quick source of light. However, it can sometimes encounter issues. Recently many iOS users reported that their iPhone's flashlight icon is greyed out, or the flashlight doesn't work after updating to iOS 12. If you are search for iPhone flashlight not working solutions, you are in the right place. Here are simple tips you can try to fix flashing not working on iPhone. All these solutions offered in this post apply to all iPhone models, including iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6s/6, iPad Pro etc. 

Why iPhone Flashlight Not Working 

iPhone flashlight not working properly is one of the most annoying iOS issues. It might be caused by many reasons, some may be settings-related while others may have to do with hardware faults. To get your iPhone flashlight working again, let's first learn some of the reasons why your iPhone flashlight won't work. 

– Restrictions caused by improper flashlight settings. 
– You turned "Do Not Disturb" button or the Airplane mode. 
– Your iPhone is overheating after long time usage. 
– Low iPhone battery, iPhone dropped or water damaged. 
– You update your iPhone to a new iOS version, such as iOS 12. 

10 Simple Tips to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working in iOS 12/11 

With the above reasons why your iPhone flashlight not working properly, let's start fixing this issue. Try following the below potential fixes to get your iPhone flashlight working again. 

Tip 1. Turn Off the Camera App  

Flashlight not working on iPhone may be the case that you have turned on the Camera app, which creates a conflict between the camera's flash and the flashlight. In such case, you can press the "Home" button twice and swipe up on the Camera app to close it. 

Tip 2. Take Photos with Flashlight On 

Another way to fix the iPhone flashlight not working issue is to open the Camera of your iPhone, and turn on the flashlight to shoot some pictures. Then, see if the flashlight has started working.

Tip 3. Turn on LED Flashlight for Alerts

Many users discover that their iPhone's LED flashlight does not work when they receive notifications on their devices. To resolve this issue, ensure that you have enabled LED Flashlight for Alerts: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on "LED Flash for Alert". 

Turn On LED Flash for Alerts

Tip 4. Turn on Show on Lock Screen 

When flashlight not working on iPhone, another way to fix it is heading over to Settings > Notifications and turn on 'Show on Lock Screen" under the Alerts section, or the LED flashlight may not work when your iPhone is locked and receives new notifications. 

Tip 5. Turn Off Do Not Disturb 

Many people prefer to turn on "Do Not Disturb" to prevent distractions from phone calls, text messages, etc. However, this can cause LED flashlight not working. Please go to Settings > Do Not Disturb, then turn it off if it is turned on. 

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

Tip 6. Turn Off Low Power Mode

When your iPhone is on low power mode, your iPhone's LED flash alerts may not working properly. You can go to Settings > Battery and turn off "Low Power Mode" to fix iPhone flashlight not working problem. 

Turn Off Low Power Mode

Tip 7. Force Restart Your iPhone 

Restarting iPhone is a simple solution that can fix many common problems related to iPhone. If something goes wrong with your iPhone's flashlight, just try to force restart the device by pressing and holding the Home button and the Power button until the Apple logo shows up. 

Tip 8. Reset All Settings on iPhone 

If you tried all the above solutions but your iPhone flashlight still won't work, you can try to reset your iPhone's settings to fix the issue: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Doing this won't erase your personal data or apps, but may delete your wallpaper and screensaver. 

Reset All Settings on iPhone

Tip 9. Restore iPhone with iTunes 

Restoring iPhone to a previous backup is the last resort when all possible options to fix this problem fail. Just connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes, select the iPhone icon > Restore Backup, then choose a backup and select "Restore". Please note that restoring iPhone to iTunes backup will erase all existing data on the device. We strongly suggest you to back up your iPhone with FoneGeek iOS Data Backup & Restore

Tip 10. Fix iPhone Flashlight Issues without Data Loss 

If you don't want to lose any data on your iPhone, we suggest you try a third-party tool. FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can help to solve a wide range of problems that iPhone may be having. You can use this application to fix iPhone flashlight not working, iPhone Keyboard not working, iPhone contacts missing names, iPhone black screen of death, iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, boot loop, Apple logo and more iOS issues. It is 100% secured and help you fix problem with no data loss. Here's how it works:  

Download Win Download Mac
  1. Download, install and start FoneGeek iOS System Recovery software on your computer. 
  2. Choose the "iOS System Recovery" and then connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Click "Start" and follow the instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode or Recovery mode. 
  3. Now confirm your iPhone information and click "Repair" to download the repaired plug-in and restore Restore iPhone. After the fixing, your iPhone will reboot and the flashlight should work properly. 

iOS System Recovery


The above tips should help you solve the iPhone flashlight not working issues, and the flashlight should work again without hassles. If you know any other good solutions, please share with use in the comment section below. If you have encountered data loss after updating your iPhone to iOS 12, you can have a try on FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery. With it, you can directly scan and recover lost photos, text messages, contacts, notes, WhatsApp and more from iPhone or iPad. 

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