How to Fix iPhone Hotspot Not Working

04/08/2019 Posted by FoneGeek

Personal hotspot on iPhone is a convenient feature that enables you to share your cellular data connection with other devices nearby. You can use personal hotspot with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. However, it may not working after you update your iPhone to the latest iOS 12, and brings you some inconvenient moment. In this post, we will talk about how to fix iPhone hotspot not working.

Part 1. Check Your Carrier and Cellular Data Plan 

When you find your personal hotspot is not working on your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is to check whether this feature is enabled by your carrier. Contact your carrier to verify that you are allowed to use personal hotspot on your cellular data plan. There is another thing to note: your wireless carrier and Apple regularly release carrier settings updates to improve your iPhone's ability to connect to your carrier's network. Go to Settings -> General -> About. If a new carrier settings update is available, a pop-up will appear within about fifteen seconds. If no pop-up appears, then a carrier settings update probably isn't available.

Carrier Settings Update iPhone

Part 2. Restart Your iPhone

No matter what problem occurs on the phone, people always try restarting the phone. This is a fast way to solve simple problems. When your iPhone is experiencing a software bug and can't successfully exchange information with the device you're trying to connect with, a restart would help you to get all things rolling again.  

Force Restart iPhone iPad

Part 3. Try Other Personal Hotspot Modes

As we mentioned above, personal hotspot can be used with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. If you're connecting via Wi-Fi, why not try Bluetooth or USB? Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and turn the icon on green. Simply follow the instructions to use your Wi-Fi password to connect your other devices with Bluetooth or USB.

Personal Hotspot Connection Methods

Part 4. Reset Network Settings

Resetting all Cellular settings to factory defaults could fix a complex software issue if iPhone personal hotspot is not working. But it can lead to a bad experience as well. This will delete all network related settings from your iPhone, such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN settings. Nobody likes resetting their iPhone's settings, but if you need to do that, make sure you have saved your network settings somewhere so that after losing them, you can get them back. Follow below steps to reset your network settings.

  1. Open your iPhone, go to Settings, and tap General.
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and tap Reset.
  3. Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  4. Type in your password if asked, and confirm to reset.

Reset iPhone Network Connection

Part 5. Fix iPhone Personal Hotspot Not Working Without Data Loss

If the problem still exists after you tried above methods, this might be an iOS system issue. To solve this problem, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can help you. It is a third-party iOS repair tool that fixes multiple types of iOS issues effortlessly, such as forgot iPhone passcode or iPhone flashlight not working, iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, etc. It can help you to fix iOS issues on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Plus, iPad Pro, and iPod touch. Below is how it works.

Download Win Download Mac
  1. Install and launch FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your computer. 
  2. Choose iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone to the computer. 
  3. Proceed by following the steps on the screen to put your iPhone into DFU mode or Recovery mode. 
  4. Click "Download" to install the latest firmware. 
  5. Click "Start to Fix" and soon the personal hotspot would work properly again. 

iOS System Recovery


It's very common that you encounter with many problems such as iOS system failure or data loss after you finish an iOS update. Of course there would be many methods to fix these issues, but prevention is always better than cure. Backing up your data in your iPhone regularly is a good habit to prevent them to be lost accidentally. Here we'd like to recommend you another efficient tool – FoneGeek iOS Data Backup & Restore. It enables you to selectively back up only Messages, Contacts, WeChat or WhatsApp instead of all data on your iPhone or iPad. Also, you're allowed to back up all data and settings on iOS device to computer.

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