4 Ways to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Have you ever bought a used iPhone only to discover that the iCloud account is locked? Or you have reset your iPad but can't remember your iCloud activation password? Well, this means your device is activation locked to an iCloud account which prevents you from using it unless you have the ID and password. Don't worry. This article will introduce what is iCloud Activation Lock and teach you how to remove iCloud activation lock on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Plus, iPad Pro running iOS 12, 11, 10 or earlier. 

What is iCloud Activation Lock 

So, what is iCloud Activation Lock? Actually, many new users of iPhone were confused when first head about this. Well, it is a helpful feature introduced by Apple with iOS 7 to prevent anyone else from normally using a lost or stolen iDevice. Activation Lock is enabled automatically when Find My iPhone is turned on. This feature is included in any iPhone models 4S and above, any iPad, and any Apple Watch that running on iOS 7 and later. 

Way 1. Ask Previous Owner to Remotely Remove iCloud Activation Lock 

If you bought a used iPhone and know the previous owner, the easiest way is to ask he/she to remotely remove iCloud activation lock by disconnecting the device from its current Apple ID and the iCloud account.

Ask the previous owner to follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign in to iCloud.com with their Apple ID and password. 

  2. Click on "Find iPhone" and tap on "All Devices" at the top of screen. 

  3. Select the device you want to remove from the iCloud account and choose "Erase iPhone" if necessary. 

  4. Click on "Remove from Account". Once the device has been deleted from the previous iCloud account, turn off it and then turn it back on to setup it with your Apple ID. 

Remove iPhone from iCloud

Way 2. How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with DNS Method 

In case that you don't know the previous owner or you completely forgot your Apple ID and password, you can follow this method to get into a locked iPhone or iPad using alternate DNS addresses. 

All you have to do is follow the process below: 

  1. Turn on your iPhone/iPad or restart it if the device is already on. 

  2. Complete the Setup process until you get to the "Choose Wi-Fi network". Press the Home button and tap "More Wi-Fi Settings". 

  3. Tap on the "i" symbol next to your Wi-Fi network. Then tap on "Configure DNS" then "Manual". 

  4. Click on "+Add Server" and a blank will appear. Now enter the server address of your location and tap "Save". 

  5. Tap the back button and click "Join This Network". Enter the network password and tap "Join" if required. 

  6. When the iPhone/iPad tries to activate, tap the back button and continue setting up your iPhone as normal. 

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Way 3. Using Online iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service 

There are many third-party websites out there to help you unlock iCloud activation lock on iPhone or iPad. Here we'd like to introduce DoctorUnlock.net. It is very easy to use, but you have to pay for the lock removal service. 

Steps to bypass iCloud activation lock using DoctorUnlock.net: 

  1. Go to DoctorUnlock.net and click on "Unlock iPhone", then select the model of device you're trying to unlock. 

  2. Select your network and enter the IMEI number of your iPhone or iPad in the box. 

  3. Click "Unlock now!", then enter your payment information and email address. 

  4. Click "Buy Now", then wait 1 to 7 days for iCloud activation lock removal to be completed. 

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Way 4. Get Help from Apple to Remove iCloud Activation Lock 

If the above ways don't help, you can get help from Apple to remove iCloud activation lock. However, you should show your proof to Apple that you are the current owner of the iPhone and have the full right of it. If you have purchased a lost/stolen iPhone and cannot prove the ownership, Apple will refuse to unlock iPhone from iCloud account. 

The Bottom Line 

Now you have learned 4 free ways to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Hope these iCloud activation lock removal methods help to solve your iCloud locked problem. Also, remember to backup your iPhone to prevent any unexpected data loss. Here we recommend you use FoneGeek iOS Data Backup & Restore. Using it, you can backup messages, contacts, WeChat, WhatsApp and more data on iPhone/iPad to computer in one click. If you unfortunately lost important data like photos or contacts on iPhone, don't fret, you can use FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery to directly recover data from iPhone without backup, or extract data from iCloud/iTunes backup provided you have one. 

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