Review of MiniTool Data Recovery | Description, Features, and Alternatives

If you’re searching for a recovery tool that can retrieve data lost or deleted from storage devices, and you came across MiniTool Power Data Recovery, then you are not far from the solution to your lost data. However, before you proceed with downloading MiniTool, it would be appropriate to read reviews of MiniTool Data Recovery online, and I guess that’s what you’re doing.

This post is a review of MiniTool Power Data Recovery software, and we’re going to critically examine if this intuitive data recovery tool can actually recover all your lost data as it claims. In addition, we’ll also compare it with better alternative software for data recovery.

Part 1. What is MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a simple and easy to use data recovery solution that was specifically designed to recover lost, corrupt, deleted or formatted data from a wide range of storage devices that are recognizable by Windows Operating System. Storage devices where MiniTool can recover data include damaged drives, digital media, CD, DVD, SSD, HDD, USB drives, SD cards, and corrupt/lost partition.

Part 2. What Can MiniTool Data Recovery Do?

The sole objective for designing Mini Power Data Recovery is to recover all lost data. To this effect, the developers included 5 data recovery modes which include: Undeleted Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, and Lost Partition Recovery. Hence, these five modes stand as the 5 main features/pros of MiniTool Data Recovery.


  1. Undeleted Recovery: This feature helps you to recover deleted files from folders and recycle bin.

  2. CD/DVD Recovery: This feature helps you to recover lost data from CD or DVD drives.

  3. Digital Media Recovery: This mode helps you to recover lost data from digital media devices such as digital cameras and camcorders.

  4. Damaged Partition Recovery: If you formatted a partition of your hard drive ended up losing some of your important data, this mode can help you recover such data.

  5. Lost Partition Recovery: If your PC stopped recognizing a partition of your hard drive, you can recover such lost partition by using this mode.


  1. When scanning data, this tool will not be able to skip a broken sector of your drive.

  2. It doesn’t provide information during scan or data retrieval process.

Part 3. How to Use MiniTool Data Recovery

If you want to recover a lost file from CD or DVD disc using MiniTool, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch the program and click on “CD/DVD Recovery” tab. Then, click “Scan” to proceed.

minitool power data recovery

Step 2. Lost files will be displayed after the scan; you can click on the interface where the files are lost to choose it. Then, click the “Save” button to continue. 

Step 3. Choose a storage part for the recovered files. You should choose another hard drive to avoid data overwriting.

Part 4. The Best Alternative to MiniTool Power Data Recovery

FoneGeek Windows Data Recovery is the best software for data recovery and the best alternative to MiniTool Power Data Recovery. FoneGeek Data Recovery supports the recovery of deleted files, formatted files, and corrupt files from any media storage device that’s compatible with Mac and Windows computers. It can recover files lost from media devices due to virus attack, device damage, system crash, formatting, accidental deletion, partitioning, or other reasons. Since FoneGeek Data Recovery is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, it can retrieve lost data from Windows and Mac computers, or any device that’s attachable to these computers such as DVD/CD disks, Flash drives, USB drives, memory cards, digicams, camcorders, mobile phones, and other devices.

Characteristics of FoneGeek Data Recovery:

  • FoneGeek Data Recovery is better software than MiniTool in recovery lost, formatted, deleted, and corrupt files.

  • It offers you a deeper scan feature than MiniTool, and this feature can reach out to recover files that other recovery tools cannot retrieve.

  • It supports the recovery of 500+ types of files and numerous storage devices.

  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.


Steps to Recover Data using FoneGeek Data Recovery:

Step 1. Download, install and launch FoneGeek Data Recovery on your PC.

Step 2. Select the location where you lost the data, and click the “Start” tab to begin scanning.

select location

Step 3. Once the scanned files are presented to you for preview, go through them and select the ones you would like to recover. Then, click the “Recover” tab.

recover deleted files

FoneGeek Windows Data Recovery is a better software than MiniTool in recovery lost, formatted, deleted, and corrupt files. So, choose FoneGeek to retrieve over 98% of all your lost files and data.

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