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Data Recovery

  • Is FoneGeek Data Recovery safe to use?

    FoneGeek Data Recovery utilizes read-only mode, which will only scan and recover your lost data. It has no ability to write and edit your files.

  • Can I recover files I deleted a long time ago?

    It depends on whether the data has been overwritten or not. The longer time it has been deleted, the less possibility to recover.

  • How does FoneGeek Data Recovery software work?

    FoneGeek allows you to recover lost data in 3 simple steps: Select the Location > Scan the Location > Preview & Recover Deleted Files.

  • What to do when lost files cannot be found?

    If you are unable to find the files you were looking for after a quick scan, you can try the "Deep Scan" to search for deleted files deeply.

  • How much time does data recovery take?

    It depends. Usually, FoneGeek only takes a few minutes to scan and recover your files. If you want to recover from device with large amount of data stored, more time are needed.

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