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Excel Password Recovery

  • My Excel is locked with opening password. How long will it take to recover this password?

    The opening password recovering time is based on the password attach methods you select as well as the complexity of the original password. Mask attack mode is recommended since it takes the shortest time while brute-force mode takes the longest time.

  • I can read my locked Excel while I'm not allowed to edit the data in the spreadsheet. Which mode should I choose?

    In your case, you should select the attack mode of 'Remove Restrictions' to unprotect your Excel sheet within seconds. 

  • Will your program keep my Excel document information after cracking the password?

    It will never happen. FoneGeek highly values our users' data privacy and will never collect any information you submitted on our website or software. 

  • Is there the Mac version of your Excel Password Breaker?

    We are very sorry that the there is only Windows version by far. The Mac version will be released as soon as possible. 

  • After decrypting my Excel workbook, will my Exel data be erased?

    Of course not. Your Excel data is 100% safe and will not be affected when using FoneGeek Excel Password Recovery. 

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