4 Ways to Transfer Apps to Your New iPhone XS (Max)/XR

05/27/2019 Posted by FoneGeek

"I just bought an iPhone XR to take the place of my old iPhone 6. Now what is puzzling me is how to transfer all the data especially the Apps to my new iPhone. I don't want to do payment again for same Apps. Is there any solution?"  –Michael

It is an exciting thing to get a new iPhone XR or iPhone XS (Max). But many people might encounter with the same question with Michael. If you want to transfer iPhone apps to your new iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, you can take a minute to read below 4 methods and choose one method to solve your problem.

Part 1. Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone with Apple ID

This might be the easiest way to transfer all the purchased Apps to your new iPhone. you can get it done effortlessly via App Store. Make sure you have signed into App Store on your iPhones with the same Apple ID, then follow the steps below to transfer apps to your new iPhone.

How to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone with Apple ID:

  1. Launch the App Store with your Apple ID on your target device and visit its "Updates" section.
  2. Tap on the "Purchased" option, you will get a list of all the apps installed on every device that is linked to the same Apple ID.
  3. Tap the "Not on this iPhone" and you will see all your purchased apps that are not installed on your current device.
  4. Now simply click the "download" button next to the app to get the apps on your new iPhone.

Transfer Apps with Apple ID

Part 2. Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone using Quick Start 

This is another simple way to transfer all the data, including Apps, to you new iPhone. But you need to make sure that both your old and new iPhones are running iOS 11 or later. 

Below are steps to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone using quick start:

  1. Insert your SIM card to your new iPhone and turn it on, enable Bluetooth.
  2. Put your old iPhone near the new one, then the Quick Start screen will appear on your source device and presents the choice to set up your new iPhone using your Apple ID.
  3. Check your Apple ID and press continue.
  4. Now an animation will appear on your new iPhone, hold your previous device over the new one and make sure the animation is in the center of the viewfinder. After that, you will see the notification says Finish on New iPhone.
  5. Enter your password of the old iPhone on the new one.
  6. Follow the instructions to set up Touch ID/Face ID on the new iPhone. Enter the password when asked.
  7. Choose to restore apps and any other data from your iCloud backup or update your old iPhone's backup and then restore.

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Part 3. Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes or iCloud 

iTunes and iCloud are the most commonly used tools by iPhone users. They are very helpful to transfer iPhone data and they are free. But before you use iTunes or iCloud to transfer your data, you need to ensure one thing that you have a backup of your device already. You can click here to learn the steps to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes or iCloud.

Though iTunes and iCloud are really helpful to transfer data, they sometimes are not so recommendable since they will erase or overwrite all the old data on the target iPhone, and you will need to transfer all the data but can't choose the data you want and transfer selectively. With iCloud, there is a limited free storage of 5GB. If your Apps data is more than 5GB, you will need to buy more storage. So is there any other tool that allow you selectively transfer the data you want while keep the old data on the device? Go to part 4, you will get the answer. 

Part 4. Selectively Transfer Apps to New iPhone with FoneGeek Phone Transfer

FoneGeek Phone Transfer is a very useful and comprehensive iPhone transfer tool that allows you to back up your data and restore it however you want without any data loss. You can transfer all your app data, game saves and personal settings from one iPhone to another directly by a simple click. Besides, it can also transfer photos, contacts, text messages and any other data from iPhone to iPhone. It doesn't ask for any technical knowledge to use. 

Download Win Download Mac

Just follow the steps below to transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone:

  1. Install and launch FoneGeek Phone Transfer on your computer, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.
  2. Connect both the old and the new iPhones to the computer, both the devices will be automatically detected by the tool. Make sure they are on the right position of source and destination.
  3. Select Apps or any other data you wish to transfer on the screen, click on "Start Transfer". Once the process is finished, you will get your Apps transferred to your new iPhone.

Phone Transfer


It is not difficult to transfer your Apps and other data to a new iPhone as long as you get an effective and time-saving tool like FoneGeek Phone Transfer. It is compatible with all the main operating system including iOS 12. It can also transfer data between Android phones.

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