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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is the legal document for FoneGeek Software Co., Ltd and our website is in accordance with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FoneGeek.com acknowledges and celebrates your visit to our site and thank you for your profound interest in our firm, products and services. The protection of your privacy and your personal data is of utmost importance. In order for us to adequately assure our esteemed customers of a stellar data security and transparency level, we have highlighted below our firm’s data protection declaration to apprise our customers of the nature, span, and purpose of any potential data or information collection, use, and processing by FoneGeek.


As a guaranteed declaration, FoneGeek.com is, and will always be, against spam mail sending. We will never to engage or support the sending Spam emails to our customers. In the event that you receive a spam mail from FoneGeek whether marketing or promoting our products and services, please do not fail to inform us immediately!

Personal Data

Clearly stated as a firm policy is the fact that FoneGeek’s websites products and services can be accessed and tested without the transfer of any data (sensitive or non-sensitive) from potential customers to us. In addition, our websites, FoneGeek.com will never collect any personal data such as your name, telephone, address etc. without your express consent unless voluntarily provided and given to us by you whether during registration or while you request support service.

Disclosure of Information

As a firm, we strongly value and cherish our customers, hence it is crucial to state that FoneGeek.com will never disclose, transfer or sell customer information to anyone without the customers’ consent or based on their request.

Software Privacy

FoneGeek’s products and services should on no occasion be pirated to others by FoneGeek users. If they engage in such actions and are caught, FoneGeek will expressly take appropriate and immediate legal action against such users, thus curbing the piracy cycle. In addition, any FoneGeek user caught pirating other third-party software by FoneGeek would be reported to the respective authorities, product developers or care-keepers as the case might be.


With respect to copyright laws, all digital contents found or accessible on the FoneGeek website, whether codes, software, graphics, as well as software distributed via the Internet are copyright protected and are entirely owned by FoneGeek.com. FoneGeek only licenses out the software to our paying customers and should you intend to use any of such contents available on our platform, please endeavor to obtain our express permission from the FoneGeek team, otherwise, you would be liable to legal actions.


Having read all the above clauses and policies, should you proceed with installing, running, or using any FoneGeek product or service you are deemed to agree with all the above policies. In addition, you agree you adhere strictly to the FoneGeek Policies at all times and in all instances in-which any FoneGeek product or service is involved.

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