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How to Get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go [2023 Update]

The Sinnoh Stone is a necessary item to evolve your Pokemon and make them more powerful. Are you struggling to find Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go? Well, you don't need to struggle anymore. In this post, we will show you some of the best ways to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go. Let's get started!

What is Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go?

The Sinnoh Stone is an evolution item in the Pokemon Go game which enables you to evolve your Pokemon to generation 4 and make them more powerful. Once you acquire these stones, you can utilize them along with the Candy to transform the qualified Pokemon.

sinnoh stone

Sinnoh Stones are extremely rare and only available when you are at Trainers level 10 or more. They can only be used once. That means you can only use a stone to transform one particular Pokemon just once.

There are several ways to find the Sinnoh Stone. Some of the prevalent ways include research tasks, PvP battles, Go Battle League, etc. Since it's not guaranteed that you will get the stone from these activities, you will require trying them repeatedly.

Let’s explore the best ways to find the Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go.

Way 1: Through the Seven Field Research Tasks

Completing the Field Research tasks is one of the best ways to get Sinnoh Stone. These tasks consist of spinning at Pokestop or Gym. You can complete one task at a day with particular objectives. You will receive some rewards like Pokemon characters or Poke Balls for each objective.

Apart from that, completing each task also gives you a stamp. Once you accumulate seven stamps, you will get a Research Breakthrough which presents you with a Sinnoh Stone. Note that you can only earn one stamp a day which means you will need to work at least 7 days to reach a Research Breakthrough and then a Sinnoh Stone.

field research reward claim reward

Way 2: Win Against a Team Go Rocket Leader

Another way to get Sinnoh Stone is by winning a fight against one of the three leaders (Ario, Cliff, and Sierra) of Team Go Rocket. It's important to note that they are not easy to win against since they are more capable than the Team Go Rocket Grunts and work directly under the Team boss Giovanni. So, you will need to be well-prepared while fighting them.

pokemon team go rocket leaders

To get to the Team Go Rocket Leaders, you must first defeat a grunt and acquire the mysterious object. Then gather six of these objects by winning multiple battles against grunts and assemble these objects to make Rocket radar. After that, use the radar to find out the secret Pokestops where Team Go Rocket Leaders hide.

Then you can engage in a fight against the leader. Note that the leaders stay in the hideout from 6 am to 10 pm. So, be sure to take out your challenge within these hours.

Way 3: Defeat Other Trainers in PvP Battles

You can also earn the Sinnoh Stone by winning PvP battles against other trainers. You will need to be at least at level 10 to be eligible for these battles. Each of the PvP fights lasts around four minutes, and both of the players can use three of their Pokemon for the battle. The player who can knock out the rival's Pokemon or do the maximum damage wins the battle.

There are different ways to engage in these battles. If you have someone close to you, you can simply scan a QR code, known as Battle Code, to begin. In this case, both of you don't need to be friends.

Another way is to battle with your best friend or ultra friends where you don't need to be nearby. Simply invite your friend to the battle. You can also fight against unknown trainers from around the globe in Go Battles.

Be sure to use your best Pokemon for the battle to win these battles. Also, use Fast and Charged attacks and employ Protect Shields as needed.

Way 4: Earn a Mystery Item in the Go Battle League

The Go Battle League in Pokemon Go is a worldwide matching mechanism where you can fight unknown trainers. Apart from being an excellent way to check and hone your game skill, it is also a great way to earn mystery items which may include Sinnoh Stones.

There are multiple seasons in the league, and they run for a short span of time. For example, the Season 15 of the Go Battle will run from 1st June 2023 to 1st September 2023.

Which Pokemon Can Evolve with a Sinnoh Stone?

As of now, there are 18 Pokemon that you can evolve by using the Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go. They are originally from the Sinnoh Region of Gen 4 and evolve from their previous generations.

For example, you can evolve Aipon to Ambipom, Yanma to Yanmega, Rhydon to Rhyperior, Electabuzz to Elctivire, etc. It will actually take you quite a while to evolve all these Pokemon, even if you get the Sinnoh stone. That is because you will also require 100 candies with the stone to evolve each of these.

How to Evolve Pokemon with Sinnoh Stone

It’s actually pretty simple to evolve Pokemon with Sinnoh Stone. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

  1. From the bottom middle of the display, tap on the Poke Ball.
  2. Open your collection by pressing “Pokemon”.
  3. Select the preferred creature to evolve it.
  4. Make sure there is enough candy and Sinnoh Stones for the process.
  5. Press “Evolve” under “Power Up” to begin the process.

pokemon pidgeotto evolve or power up

That’s it; your preferred Pokemon should now be evolved.

Bonus: How to Spoof Location on Pokemon Go

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Main Features of FoneGeek iOS Location Changer

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select a location on the map


So, this is how you can get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go. We hope you will be able to capture more Sinnoh Stones than ever by following the given procedures. And be sure to check out the FoneGeek iOS Location Changer, which enables you to easily move around virtually any location to find more Pokemon effortlessly.

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