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Why Life360 Is Bad and Its Best Alternatives

As a family tracking app, Life360 is supposed to help families track or monitor the real-time locations of their loved ones and stay connected. But that doesn’t seem like what it’s doing. The app has recently faced a lot of criticism from users who state that it causes more harm than good. As we’ve discovered through our Life360 reviews, these criticisms are not far-fetched at all.

In this post, we’ll outline the exact reasons why Life360 is bad and how you can stop it from tracking you or your loved ones without knowing. We’ll also share a better alternative option that can help you remain connected with your family without causing harm to them. Let’s get started.

Life360 Reviews: Is It a Bad Tool or a Useful One?


Unfortunately, not many people are happy about Life360. The app has received criticism from a lot of users, especially teenagers, who claim that it’s too invasive and violates their privacy and independence. They pointed out some serious reasons why Life360 is a bad idea, which is as follows:

  • The app invades your privacy as it continuously monitors and shares your location with others without your consent.
  • Family relationships can get ruined – Trust and communication among families are eroded as the family members are replaced with the app that keeps an eye on their every move.
  • It can lead to anxiety and stress due to the feeling of constantly being monitored and judged by your family and friends for your phone usage, driving habits, or whereabouts.
  • It affects your social life - Your freedom and independence are limited because your choices and activities are restricted based on your location.
  • It could compromise your security - Your sensitive data is stored on servers that may get hacked or sell the data to third parties. In fact, in December 2021, Life360 was discovered to be selling the precise location data of millions of its users to third parties.

Generally, when doing Life360 reviews, you have to consider two points of view – the first is the parent’s point of view, and the second is that of the children or teenagers. As a parent, you would definitely worry about your children’s whereabouts, especially with the violence and many other bad things happening everywhere. As a teenager, you might feel oppressed and even start experiencing anxiety and depression because of being monitored throughout.

So, what’s the best solution then? Well, the parents and children should communicate openly with each other- they shouldn’t judge each other. They should be free enough to talk about their lives and plans with each other.

If you’re a parent, you should give your children space and privacy to grow and blossom. Monitoring and controlling their every move will only impede their growth and development.

For teenagers, try to understand and consider your parent’s intentions because they just want to protect you. You can do that, but still set boundaries and let them know what you don’t like.

How to Stop Life360 from Tracking You Without Knowing?

Now that you understand why Life360 is a bad idea, you may not want to be tracked by it again, so how can you make this happen? Well, a location spoofing tool can help you out. We recommend FoneGeek Location Changer. This tool will simulate your phone’s (iPhone or Android) GPS location so that it seems like you are in a completely different location. The following are some of its key features:

  • Simulate Your GPS Movement – Set a custom route on the map to simulate your phone’s GPS movement. Your phone will follow the set route to make it appear like you’re actually moving around in reality.
  • Change Location Instantly – It’s only a single click to change your location to a different location in the world. You just choose the location directly from the map or input the coordinates of the location.
  • Supports Multi-Spot Movement – you can fake movement between various points on the map so that it seems like you’re really moving around in different locations.
  • Change Apps Location – You can use it to fake your GPS location on location-based software such as AR games and social media apps.


FoneGeek Location Changer can, no doubt, help you stop Life360 from ever tracking you without your consent. It’s the best option if you don’t want your parents to monitor you or it’s just your privacy you don’t want to be invaded. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Install the FoneGeek Location Changer onto your PC/Mac, launch it, and click on the Get Started button. Take your iPhone or Android and get it connected to the computer.

change location mode

Step 2: Choose the Teleport Mode (the third option on the top-right corner). Now, input the coordinates/address of your fake location or just choose it directly from the map.

connect ios device

Step 3: Simply hit the Move button to move to your new location on the map.

select a location on the map

Now, your location on your iPhone or Android device will change to the fake location, and Life360 will no longer know your true location.

Better Alternatives: How to Stay Connected without Life360

If you’re uncomfortable using Life360 or you just don’t want to use it anymore, you can still connect with your loved ones by exploring alternative options that won’t compromise their privacy and security. These alternative options are:

  • Find My – This is a location-sharing app from Apple that works on both iOS and macOS.
  • Google Maps – A navigation app that you can use to share your precise location with family and friends.
  • Glympse – An app for sharing location, with the option to set how long the location should remain visible.
  • Apple Find My Friends – Another location-sharing app from Apple. It’s similar to Find My, but it’s meant for social connections, not family tracking.

More FAQs about Life360

Can Life360 check my internet history?

No, it can’t. In fact, even your circle members can’t monitor or access your device activities, such as browsing history and text messages. Life360 only provides tracking features, so the best it can do, like many spy apps, is basic location tracking or text tracking in certain situations.

How do I fake/spoof the location on Life360?

You can fake/spoof location on Life360 using a reliable location-spoofing software that will change your phone’s GPS location. FoneGeek Location Changer is a great option, but there are others you can consider, like GPS JoyStick and Fake GPS Location. With these tools, you can fake/spoof your location easily on any location-based app, including Life360.

Can I still be tracked if I delete Life360?

Well, once the Life360 app is deleted from your phone, it will stop tracking you right away. You can still be tracked, though, if you’re a member of a Life360 circle and you granted the other members permission to track you. If you don’t want to be tracked completely, you have to leave the Life360 circle and ask the other members to delete you from their circles, too.

Is using Life360 really an invasion of privacy?

Yes, to some extent. This app has been misused quite a lot. For instance, parents have gone to the level of using Life360’s features like personalized places and driving habits. This over-surveillance is invasive and creates distrust in children who feel being constantly watched, and it can even affect their mental health.


We’ve shared various reasons why Life360 is bad despite it being marketed as a useful app. As you’ve seen, it has many drawbacks than benefits, which makes using it a bad idea. That’s why we would recommend you use a location spoofing tool like FoneGeek Location Changer instead.

With this tool, you can stop Life360 from ever monitoring your movements and remain connected with your family and friends. Moreover, you won’t expose yourself or loved ones to potential security risks when you use FoneGeek Location Changer to fake/spoof location on Life360. It’s a totally safe app, so install it today.

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