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Male to Female Voice Changer: Top 15 Options to Consider

Voice changers have become pretty famous of late as many people find them quite useful and fun, especially the male to female voice changers. They can tweak a voice to make it sound like that of a woman making them ideal for men that wish to pull a prank on their family or friends. They’re handy too for funny voice trolling or if you just want to test your voice with some amazing female voice effects. These voice changers don’t just come with one kind of female voice effect, though. You can change your voice into a little girl’s voice, a young woman’s voice, and even an old grandma's voice. Moreover, the quality of the voice produced is really great.

The biggest problem though is knowing which voice changer is good and which is not because they’re so many of them. This article, however, makes things easier as we’ve enlisted below the best male to female voice changers you can find in the market. We’ve included downloadable options that you can install on your phone or computer as well as online options that don’t require installation. So, keep reading.

Part 1. Male To Female Voice Changer Online Tools


Voicechanger.io has a pretty basic interface, but it’s very reliable and an ideal option if you want to use male to female voice changer online. You only need to record your audio on the platform or upload one. Then add your preferred effect to give your audio an interesting female voice. There are many voice effects to choose from, plus the quality of each of the voices is very good. Besides the good selection of voice filters, Voicechanger.io allows you to create your own custom voice using various adjusting features that it offers. Its simple interface makes navigating through the site easier for anyone. You won’t struggle to find the voice effect or settings you want.



  • Create a custom voice.
  • Over 35 different voice filters.
  • Change voice on audio files and during recording.


  • Main Operating System: Runs Online
  • Voice Library: Over 30
  • Cost: Free

LingoJam Voice Changer

LingoJam Voice Changer is a good alternative to Voicechanger.io. You get to use it online without downloading anything and it’s absolutely free. It converts your voice into a unique female voice that’s clear and natural. The process takes no more than a few seconds and the site itself is friendly to beginners given how straightforward its interface is.

lingojam voice changer


  • 12 different kinds of voice effects.
  • Adjust your voice to your preference.
  • Upload or record audio.
  • All audio files are supported.
  • Access by any browser and device.


  • Main Operating System: Online Tool
  • Voice Library: Over 12
  • Cost: Free

Voice Spice

While it doesn’t offer much in terms of features, the Voice Spice is a pretty efficient and convenient online male to female voice changer that you can use for free. Simply record your audio with your laptop or phone and then convert the voice of your recorded audio to a woman's voice in just a few seconds. Besides the woman voice, the other available voice filters are not as many as those of the above voice changers but their quality is decent. The voice/audio settings are limited too but you can adjust the pitch, plus there’s a text-to-speech functionality that you can use to convert text to speech in the voice you want - female or male. The site’s interface is also very basic for easy navigation.

voice spice


  • More than 10 voice filters.
  • Record audio with your phone or computer.
  • Change the pitch of recorded audio.
  • Convert text to speech and in female/male voice.


  • Main Operating System: Online Tool
  • Voice Library: Over 10
  • Cost: Free

Szynalski Online Tone Generator

Szynalski online tone generator is a bit hard to navigate compared to the others above but it’s a perfect platform if you prefer using male to female voice changer online rather than downloading it onto your device. It’s very professional and will transform your voice to a female voice fast. Despite being a bit difficult to use, uploading recorded audio on the platform is not hard. You can also fine-tune the audio to your liking using the various voice settings available on the site.

szynalski online tone generator


  • Professional voice changer with 10+ voice filters.
  • Adjust the frequency, pitch, tone, etc. of the voice/audio.
  • Upload recorded audio from your phone or computer.


  • Main Operating System: Online Tool
  • Voice Library: Over 10
  • Cost: Free

Part 2. Male To Female Voice Changer Apps

VoiceFX [Android]

Having the best male to female voice changer at hand all the time is pretty convenient. VoiceFX is one of the many voice changers that offer such convenience. It has various interesting voice filters and features, including the option to convert your manly voice to a real female voice. If you don’t want that, then there’s the option to change your voice into a kid, a monster, an alien, an animal, or a robot voice. You’ll find many exciting voices ideal for filming a video or narrating mini-games with added effects and different voice characters. You can even add chipmunk voices to your favorite songs very easily.



  • Record voice and apply audio effects to change the voice.
  • Upload audio files and music and change the voice on them.
  • Live playback your phone’s microphone to change voice live.
  • Change voice and live stream it to web browsers and media players.


  • Main Operating System: Android
  • Size: 30 MB
  • Voice Library: Over 12
  • User Ratings: 4.5 Stars
  • Cost: Free

Voice Changer with Effects [Android]

Voice Changer with effects is a wonderful Android-based male to female voice changer that makes quick work of converting male voice into a unique female voice. The best part is that the app also allows you to modify the voice to your liking so that it sounds even much better. It’s really fun to use, plus several other voice filters are available besides the female voice option - you can get your voice to sound robotic, alien, or like an animal. You have to record the audio first before transforming it into a female voice but that’s not the only option as the app as well offers the text-to-speech option.

voice changer with effects


  • Several voice filters including female, robotic, alien, etc.
  • Convert text to speech and into the voice effect you want.
  • Edit the converted voice to make it sound much better.
  • Share audio with the female voice on social media.


  • Main Operating System: Android
  • Size: 12 MB
  • Voice Library: 10+
  • User Ratings: 4.5 Stars
  • Cost: Free

Girls Voice Changer [Android, iOS]

Unlike the above apps, Girls Voice Changer is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s also absolutely free and will change the male voice to a female one in no time. The app allows for pitch adjustments too and any user can use it comfortably due to its straightforward interface. There’s a good range of voice effects you can choose from in addition to the female voice. The performance of the high-pitched settings hasn’t been smooth for some users, but overall, the process of modifying the pitch is so easy and the clarity and quality of the voices are good too.

girl voice changer


  • Fast conversion of male to female voice.
  • Apply the voice effect you want.
  • Perform pitch adjustments on the changed voice.


  • Main Operating System: iOS, Android
  • Size: 8 MB
  • Voice Library: Over 12
  • User Rate: 4.1 Stars
  • Cost: Free

Magic Call App [Android]

The Magic Call app is quite different from the rest in terms of how it operates. It’s a real-time male to female voice changer that allows you to change your male voice to a female voice during real-time calls. If you’re looking for an app you can use to create real-time voice specifically when making a call, this is it. Operating it is easy too as you just open it on your phone, select the female voice option, and dial your call. That’s it. It’s the perfect choice for pranking your family or friends. The female voice is not the only option though. You can have your voice sound like an animal or a cartoon.

magic call app


  • Change voice from male to female one during real-time calls.
  • Different kinds of voice filters to choose from.
  • Test the changed voice before making a call.
  • Play sound emoticons such as clap, kiss, etc. during a call.


  • Main Operating System: Android
  • Size: 8 MB
  • Voice Library: Over 10
  • User Rate: 3.8 stars
  • Cost: Free

Voice Changer Plus [iOS]

Our last best male to female voice changer app is the Voice Changer Plus. This is an iOS-based app and the only one on our list that offers more voice effects. It’s totally free and works fast in changing the male voice to a female one. The process is hassle-free. Just speak into your phone’s microphone to record your voice and then simply choose the female voice effect to convert the audio. From there, you can edit the voice using the various tools available on the app and then save the audio or share it with friends and family on social media. It’s that simple. There are many other voice filters you can select including cartoons, chipmunks, elephant voice, slow motion, and so on. It’s simply a very entertaining app to use.

voice changer plus


  • Fast conversion of male to female voice.
  • 55 voice effects including female, animal, and cartoon voices.
  • Edit voice after selecting your preferred voice filter.
  • Open saved recordings to add more effects.


  • Main Operating System: iOS
  • Size: 106.7 MB
  • Voice Library: 55
  • User Rate: 4.6 Stars
  • Cost: Free

Part 3. Male To Female Voice Changer for Computers

iMyFone MagicMic

iMyFone MagicMic is a more advanced voice-changing software. You can use it for male-to-female voice conversion, but the many advanced features it offers make it ideal for professional gamers and streamers. The first thing that really stands out is its huge library of over 200 sound effects which includes the female voice option. The software also features a voice studio with various customization options and background filters that you can use to make your audio realistic and fun when streaming or narrating video games.

You can even use the software to add voice effects onto your game in real time. The interface is designed such that both beginners and professionals can find it easy to understand and navigate the software. There are also keybinds that you can use to control the voice and sound effects fast and easily. The software itself works smoothly without a lag. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows computers. You can get the free version, although it doesn’t have most of the advanced features that come with the Pro version.

imyfone magicmic

Voxal Voice Changer

Although it’s pretty basic compared to iMyFone MagicMic, the Voxal Voice Changer is a good option for quality male-to-female voice conversion. It offers over 35 different voice effects, which is not a large library but it’s decent enough to give you various options to choose from. It also includes several editing options like modifying the pitch and distortion of your voice or adding background noise to it. What’s more, the software can work with games and other apps.

You can use it to create and add voice effects to your games. You’ll find it fairly easy to use due to its basic interface that also comes with hotkey controls meant for sound effects playback. With the software, you can change your voice in your recorded audio or do it in real-time on gaming or streaming platforms. It supports Windows and Mac OS, and there are three versions you can choose from, which include, free trial, home use, and commercial use.

voxal voice changer


MorphVox male to female voice changer, like the Voxal Voice Changer, doesn’t have so many voice effects. However, it’s very popular and offers the female voice effect, so you’ll find it quite useful, plus you can choose other voices like a monster voice, a man voice, a sweet child voice, etc. The quality of the voices, especially that of the woman is very good. The software features two modes that allow users to customize the voices to their preferences.

There’s the custom voice change mode, also referred to as the Studio mode. This one allows you to modify your new voice or one of the built-in voice effects by altering the pitch and timbre. The other mode is the file voice change which allows audiophiles to modify their recorded audio/voice in WAV format. Using the software doesn’t present any challenges, even for beginners. You can use it on a Windows or Mac computer and it comes in a paid and free version.

morph vox


This is the best male to female voice changer for computers that’s completely free. It requires no subscription in order to use it. The voice filters are not many, neither are the sound effects but it’s a real-time voice changer like the Magic Call. It’s able to synchronize with various online media platforms such as Skype, Viber, and Discord, allowing you to change your voice on them in real-time.

It has a female voice filter, so you can easily make your voice sound like that of a woman when using any of these online platforms. Despite the few voice effect options, you’re not limited to just the female voice effect. You can choose a robot, alien, child, ghost, or a male voice too. There are no options for editing the voice but the software does support the VST plugin and text-to-speech conversion and translation. It features a user-friendly interface too and it works with Windows and Chrome systems. The thing that makes it more spectacular is the fact that it’s absolutely free.


All-in-One Voice Changer [Windows]

Just as its name suggests, this is one software with various voice-changing options. It consists of multiple built-in platforms, each offering several voice effects that allows you to change your voice to what you desire, including to a woman's voice.

The only customization available is altering the pitch of the voices. The best part though is that the software works with Skype and other chatting platforms. It functions well with streaming platforms too. No subscription is needed with this software either. It’s free and, although the interface is a bit old-fashioned, it’s simple enough for a beginner to operate easily. However, you can only use it on Windows operating systems.

all-in-one voice changer


Voicemod is a flexible male to female voice changer just like the Clownfish. It can turn your voice to that of a woman in your recorded audio or in real-time while streaming or playing video games. You can as well use it with multiple online apps as a voice modulator. Installing it onto your computer is an easy process and the interface isn’t overwhelming, so you won’t have any difficulty navigating it. You can get the free or paid version, although the free-trial one has limited features.


Part 4. FAQs about Male to Female Voice Changers

What is the right female voice changer?

Your choice here will come down to your particular need. You can go for a real-time voice changer or pick a recording voice changer. You’ll also have to ensure the voice changer that you select supports your device. The options we’ve listed above are some of the best male to female voice changers you can find in the market, so go through them and pick the one that’s ideal for you.

Is It Illegal to use voice changer?

If you’re wondering if voice changers are illegal or not, then you’ll be happy to know that all audio processors that use effects to modify voice are legal. You can use them everywhere, including the modified voice. The only illegal thing is using a voice changer to alter your voice so that you can commit a crime or engage in harmful behavior.


All the best male to female voice changers we’ve highlighted above work effectively when it comes to making your voice sound like that of a woman. They are equally easy to use and most of them are absolutely free. They function flawlessly too, especially the apps and software. They don’t cause your phone or computer to lag. So, check them out once more and then select the one that best suits your needs.

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