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How to Remove VBA Password from Excel without Password

The Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an innovative feature within Microsoft Excel. Utilizing the feature, you can assemble tiny programs that can automate various time-consuming and repetitive tasks in your Excel Sheet. The VBA codes can be password-protected to prevent unauthorized access to the program's script. However, the problem arises when you forget the password you added to protect the VBA project.

The good news is there are some easy ways to remove passwords from VBA projects in Excel. This write-up will focus on how to remove VBA password from Excel. Keep reading to find out the exact procedure.

Part 1. How to Remove VBA Password from Excel without Password

Below, you will find several ways to get rid of password protection from the VBA password in Excel files.

Remove Excel VBA Project Password in 3 Seconds

There are quite a few tools available that can help you to get rid of the password in the Excel VBA projects. One such tool that you can consider utilizing is FoneGeek for Excel Password Remover. It is a user-friendly and effective program to eliminate any VBA code protection from your Excel workbook or worksheet.

Some features of FoneGeek for Excel include:

  • Let you remove the Excel VBA project password protection in 3 seconds with just a click.
  • Highly efficient, up to 100% success rate.
  • No chance of data leakage or loss during the removal procedure.
  • Compatible with most excel formats, including .xls, .xlsx, and others.

Here are the steps you require to pursue to utilize the FoneGeek for Excel:

Step 1: Get the FoneGeek for Excel and install it on your PC. After launching the program, select "Remove Restrictions".

remove restrictions mode

Step 2: Now click the "+" option to upload the protected excel file. After uploading the program, you will find a "Remove" option. Press the option to proceed.

add excel file

Step 3: Once you do so, the password of the VBA project should be removed instantly from the workbook.

Get Rid of VBA Password from Excel Online (Not Suggested)

You can also utilize some online tools for the password removal of Excel files. One such tool you can consider employing is Office VBA Password Remover.

Note that the steps you need to follow to eliminate the password with this tool are a bit complex. Here are the steps:

  • Browse the tool and press “Open File” to upload the protected file.
  • Now press "Decrypt VBA" to start uploading the document online.

office vba password remover

  • Open the file after the download is initiated. The program will ask if there is any invalid key in the project. Proceed by clicking “Yes”.
  • Open the VBA project by pressing "ALT+F11". Make sure that you are not expanding the project to the macro window. After that, go to Tools and then VBA Project Properties.
  • Now, visit the "Protection" tab and add a password you like, and leave without unchecking the box.
  • After that, save the file and exit the VBA project. Find and re-open the same file again from your PC and then redo step 4.
  • Now uncheck the box that you left checked earlier, as well as the password field in the "Protection" section.
  • Save the excel file and check. The password should be removed now.

Remove VBA Password from Excel with Hex Editor

If you prefer to manually unlock the VBA project password from an excel file, then you can do so with a Hex Editor. Make sure to back up the file before proceeding to avoid any chance of data loss. Here are the steps for this way:

  • Load the Excel file with a Hex Editor. Once the file is open, find “PDB” within the file and then alter it with “DPX”.
  • After that, exit the editor after saving the file.
  • Now open the excel file with Microsoft Excel. You will see several errors. Simply close all the error popups.
  • Now load the VBA project window by tapping the keyboard shortcut "ALT+F11" and then press on VBA project properties.
  • Now alter the password with something easy under the protection tab and save the project. Then exit the window.
  • Open the Excel file again and click "ALT+F11" to re-open the VBA project. Then enter the new password that you added earlier.
  • Now make use of the option under the Protection tab to eliminate the password. Finish the procedure after changing the password.

Part 2. Remove VBA Project Password with Password

If you acknowledge the VBA project password, then the entire procedure will become impressively easy. Here are the phases to unlock the file with a password:

  • Launch Excel and open the file. Then open the VBA project window by pressing “ALT+F11”.
  • From the above options, press “Tools” and select “VBAProject Properties” under it.

vba project properties

  • Now navigate to the Protection tab on the popup window and check the box for "Lock project for viewing". Then remove the password from the boxes at the bottom.
  • Click "OK", and you are done!

lock vba project

Restrictions of Manual Method

There are some restrictions when it comes to unlocking the VBA password through the manual method.

  • You have to go through a large number of complex steps through manual methods, which can be very confusing.
  • The formats and data order on your file may not remain the same after removing the password restriction.
  • You might require a lot of extra time to pursue manual methods, especially if you need to unlock different workbooks.


Although the VBA password protection in your Excel file is useful, sometimes it can also become intimidating. We hope the above guide will assist you in getting rid of password protection in the VBA projects. You can make use of the methods we discussed above to quickly unlock the VBA project without any hassle. Even if you are in short of time, you can utilize the automatic and one-click method to quickly unlock the file.

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