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iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard Not Working? Here is How to Solve

One of the interesting and useful features that iOS 16 brings is the haptic Keyboard. It’s such a great feature to have for an improved typing experience. After the rollout of the new iOS version, most users have been able to utilize the haptic Keyboard smoothly without any issues. However, a few users report that the feature is not working on their devices as intended.

In this guide, we will try to find out why iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard is not working and what you can do to resolve the issue. Let’s get started!

ios 16 haptic keyboard not working

Part 1. Do You Know What iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard Is?

Although it’s new to iPhone, the Haptic keyboard has been in the Android OS for a while. When enabled, it produces a slight vibration. Remember the clicky sound you can turn on from the settings to get feedback as you type? The haptic Keyboard is the exact same thing, but it provides feedback through vibration instead of the clicky sound.

Part 2. What Can Be Done When Haptic Keyboard in iOS 16 Is Not Working?

Here are the fixes you can consider when the haptic Keyboard on your iPhone is not working as intended.

Make Sure the Haptic Keyboard is Enabled

The haptic keyboard feature is not enabled by default, so you need to enable it from settings after upgrading to iOS 16. Here is how to enable it.

  • Browse your iPhone’s Settings and navigate to “Sounds and Haptics”.
  • On the new page, scroll down to the bottom to find “Keyboard Feedback”.
  • Simply turn on the toggle switch for Haptic.

turn on haptic keyboard

Enable the Vibration Feature

The haptic feedback only works when the Vibration feature is enabled in the device. So, even after enabling the haptic feedback for the Keyboard, it might not work if the vibration is disabled. Here is how to enable it:

  • Browse Settings > Accessibility. Then, click “Touch” under the Physical and Motor section.
  • In the next, scroll down to find the Vibration option. Toggle on the switch for it.

turn on vibrations

Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes the haptic Keyboard may not work even after ensuring the settings are properly done. It might happen because of the underlying bugs or glitches in the iOS. A simple restart may help you to fix it. Follow the below steps to restart your iPhone:

  • Quickly click the Volume Up button and release it immediately. Do the exact same thing for the Volume down button.
  • Now, long-press the Side button and release the button once the Apple logo shows up.

restart iphone

Switch to Apple Keyboard

A lot of us use additional keyboards along with the built-in Apple keyboard. However, the haptic keyboard feedback is only available for the Apple keyboard. So, if you are using a different keyboard, you might not be able to enjoy this feature. Consider switching to the Apple keyboard by following the below steps:

  • Find the globe or 3-dot icon in the bottom-left of your Keyboard and long-press it.
  • Choose the next Keyboard and repeat this step until the Apple Keyboard occurs.

Reset All Settings

Sometimes a mischievous setting can also prevent the haptic Keyboard from working. Consider resetting all the settings to get rid of it. Note that resetting all settings will eradicate all the customized settings and set them to default, but it will not delete any media or files from the device.

Here is how to do that:

  • Open Settings of your iPhone and go to General.
  • Click “Reset iPhone” and press “Reset”.
  • Click “Reset All Settings”.
  • Enter your passcode and press “Reset All Settings” again to proceed.

reset all settings on iphone

Upgrade iOS

You might be using the beta version of iOS 16, which include many bugs and errors which can prevent new features like the Haptic Keyboard from working. Consider updating the iOS to the latest iOS 16 stable version for the best experience. Here is how to do this:

  • Launch your iPhone Settings app and go to General.
  • Open Software Update and check for the availability of the update.
  • If available, press “Download and Install” to proceed.

update ios

Part 3. Fix Any iOS 16 Issues via FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

Although iOS 16 is one of the best versions of iOS till now, it has a lot of bugs and errors. If you still cannot fix the haptic feedback issue, consider utilizing a professional iOS repair tool like FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. The powerful tool enables you to fix more than 150+ issues on iPhone devices quickly like reboot loop, stuck in Apple logo, etc. It also enables you to downgrade to an older iOS version from iOS 16.


Here is how to utilize the tool:

Step 1. Launch the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your PC after downloading and installing it. Now press “Standard Mode” on the home interface.

choose repair mode

Step 2. Then connect the iPhone to the PC through a USB and press “Next” after the phone is detected.

Step 3. Now download the suggested firmware by pressing “Download”.

download firmware

Step 4. Once the firmware package is downloaded, press “Fix Now” to begin solving the issues.

fix now

Part 4. iPhone Haptic Keyboard FAQs

Here are some commonly asked queries about iPhone haptic keyboard feedback.

Is the haptic Keyboard necessary to use?

The Haptic Keyboard can be very useful in different situations for some users. Especially it can help to improve your typing fluency and accuracy by decreasing the wrong clicks and increasing the speed.

Will iOS 16 haptic feedback drain the battery faster?

Yes, as the vibration motor inside your device will need to run more often. However, the battery drainage will not be significant if you usually don’t type a lot.


We hope now you know what to do when the iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard is not working on your iPhone. Simply follow the above steps, and you should get back the amazing feature working smoothly on your device. Also, make sure to utilize FoneGeek iOS System Recovery if you are encountering other system issues, along with the haptic Keyboard not working. It’s a great way to eliminate all these issues at once.

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