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Best 11 PDF Textbook Download Websites in 2023

With the advancement of technologies, everything is becoming digitalized, and books are also no wonder. The digitalized version of the physical books is called PDF, and you can read these pdf books from your digital devices like smartphones, desktops, etc.

PDF textbooks come as a great help in a situation like this where most schools are taking online lessons. Being cost-effective and environment-friendly, these books are a great alternative to physical books. You don't need to go out to find the physical book, as you can simply download it online and start reading instantly.

This article will present you to some of the best PDF textbook download websites. Keep reading to comprehend what you can expect from these sites.

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1. OpenStax

OpenStax is one of the most famous and reliable websites for downloading textbooks. It's an initiative of Rice University, and the books on the website are high quality and follow specific standards. You will find books for different subjects, including biology, physics, math, business, humanities, social science, etc. Most of the books on the website are college textbooks. There are also a small number of textbooks for high school.


  • Include books on different subjects for college.
  • Non-profit website; free to use.
  • Ebooks on this site follow sequence standards.
  • Include a large number of ebooks.


2. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library is another excellent place to find textbooks on different subjects. It has twelve categories of books that represent individual subjects. Some of these include computer science, business, engineering, law, medicine, mathematics, etc. The textbooks from this library are licensed for legally distributed free of charge, which means they are entirely free. You can even get these books printed at a low cost.


  • Best website to download pdf textbooks legally.
  • Easily find the book through search.
  • Download books for free; print at a low charge.
  • Twelve different categories of books.

open textbook library

3. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is one of the biggest file-sharing web platforms with millions of textbooks free of charge. Apart from the textbooks on various topics, you can find Journal articles, magazines, and other relevant things on the website. In addition, you can easily find and download the preferred book by searching its title on the site.


  • Include all types of books.
  • Straightforward website interface.
  • Download books in different formats.

library genesis

4. Bookboon

Bookboon is another excellent place where you can find thousands of textbooks at absolutely no cost. The website includes ebooks on various subjects, including business, engineering, IT, and much more. As the website is solely for textbooks, it will be an excellent option for you.


  • Solely designed for textbooks.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy process to find the preferred book.


5. Free-Ebooks

Free-Ebooks is an intuitive online ebook library that includes a substantial number of books. You can easily find the latest books from independent authors on this site. One of the impressive things about this website is that it lets you preview some pages of the book before downloading. You can also read the HTML-formatted books directly from the site. However, you can only download a few books per month as a free user.


  • Include all types of popular and latest books.
  • Support multiple formats.
  • Let you preview and read the book online.

free ebooks

6. Free Kids Books

If you want to download kids books free of charge, Free Kids Books can be the best option. It includes a good number of books from kindergarten to secondary education. Apart from downloading the books, the website also enables you to read the books online.


  • A perfect place to find the kids textbooks.
  • Include textbooks for parents and teachers.
  • Include online readers to read the books directly.

free kids books

7. FreeComputerBooks

If you are searching for technology or science-related textbooks, the FreeComputerBooks can be the best option for you. It includes several categories of books, including computer science, computer languages, mathematics, and relevant topics.


  • Extensive collection of computer-related books.
  • Easy to find books by searching.
  • Perfect for learning programming languages.


8. Textbooksfree

If you are searching for high school textbooks, you should search on the TextBooksFree website. It comes with a straightforward UI and includes a massive collection of high school textbooks. In addition, there are different categories of books starting from business, art, science, finance, and much more.


  • The best source of high school textbooks.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Include relevant course materials.


9. PDF Search Engine

As the name suggests, the PDF Search Engine is like Google or Bing for ebooks. You can easily find the pdf textbooks and other variations of the books on this site. It has a vast library of ebooks on different topics for all ages.


  • Massive ebook library.
  • Let you save the ebook in different formats.
  • Include books on various topics for all ages.

pdf search engine

10. Ebook library

The Ebooklibrary primarily include ebooks for first to eight standards. It's a well-designed website with a comprehensive collection of books categorized in years. You can find university, college, and kids textbooks and fiction books on this site.


  • Include a good number of ebooks.
  • Easy interface and navigation.


11. Manybooks

Manybooks is another 100% free ebook library with an extensive collection of academic textbooks. One of the impressive features of the platform is that aspiring writers can also publish their books through this website. Although most of the books are free, there are also some paid ebooks.


  • A large number of pdf textbooks.
  • Innovative and easy interface.
  • Multiple formats including pdf, txt, HTML.


Final Part: FAQs

Q1. Is Library Genesis legal?

Library Genesis doesn't hold the right to re-distributing the copyrighted books. That means they are not 100% legal. If you are concerned about legitimacy, Open Textbook Library will be a better option for you.

Q2. How can I Save PDF on my Phone?

  • Open the PDF you want to save and then press the File button/icon.
  • Now find and press on the Print tab from the File menu.
  • Now find Save as PDF from the drop-down menu and press Save.
  • Pick the location to save the PDF and save.

Q3. Why can't I Download PDFs on my PC?

Don't worry if you are trying to download a PDF form online but can't find the Save as PDF icon. Simply press the print button on the screen or press CTRL+P. It will open the print screen, and you can save it by selecting Save as PDF from the destination folder.

Q4. Is it Illegal to Download PDF?

Yes, it is illegal to download a PDF book from third-party websites if it’s protected by copyright. However, you don’t need to worry about this as chances are very low that you will be in trouble for downloading the book.

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