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8 Ways to Remove Watermark from PDF Offline & Online

Imagine reading an important PDF file that contains a watermark on every page. Indeed, it will be a very distracting and uncomfortable experience.

PDF files nowadays often include a text or image watermark. It is a protective measure from the PDF creator to save its copyright. But it makes the PDF harder to read for the users, and they will undoubtedly want to remove the watermark from the PDF.

The good news is you can easily get rid of the watermark from the PDF using some online and offline tools. Below, we will introduce you some of the best tools that you can consider using for this.

remove watermark from pdf

Part 1. How to Remove Watermark from PDF Offline

There are several offline tools that you can utilize to remove the watermark from PDF files effectively.

1.1 All-in-one Solution to Remove Watermark from PDF with FoneGeek PDF Editor

Step 1. Open the PDF with FoneGeek PDF Editor

Open the FoneGeek PDF Editor on your PC. Then import the watermarked PDF on the PDF Editor. Simply press 'Open files' and select the preferred PDF file from the file manager.

open pdf fonegeek

Step 2. Go to Watermark Section

Now the PDF should load on FoneGeek PDF Editor. Open the edit tab and browse through the Watermark drop-down list to find the Edit Watermark option.

edit watermark fonegeek

Step 3. Deleting the Watermark

Now find the delete option in the watermark template. Press Delete and then confirm the operation by pressing OK in the new popup. That’s it. The watermark should be removed now.

remove pdf watermark fonegeek

The FoneGeek PDF Editor is an all-in-solution for editing PDF files. Apart from deleting the watermark, it can add, remove, and customize the text and images in the PDFs. Besides, it allows you to add, delete, rearrange, rotate, and crop the pages in any PDF. There are also options to customize the header, background, links, and much more things. If you often deal with PDFs, this is a must-have tool for you.


1.2 Delete Watermark with Adobe Acrobat Pro

The Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the complete PDF editing software out there. You can do a lot of things with this tool, from editing the PDF to removing the watermark. Here is how to use the Adobe Acrobat Pro to delete the watermark from your PDF:

  • First, open the PDF you want to edit on the Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Now find and open the Tools tab from the top-right corner of the interface.
  • Select Edit PDF. It should load the editing toolbar on the interface.

edit pdf adobe

  • Press on Watermark from the toolbar and then select Remove from the options.
  • Confirm the deletion by pressing Yes in the popup.

remove pdf watermark adobe

1.3 Delete PDF Watermark Free Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is something almost all of us use for various purposes. You will be glad to know that MS Word lets you easily remove the watermark from a PDF. Here is how it works:

  • Open MS Word and click on Open. Then import the PDF file you need to edit.

open pdf with word

  • You will see a popup. Ignore the message and press OK.
  • Now MS Word will convert the PDF to a Word file, and you can edit anything on it.
  • Go to Design from the top menu and then select Watermark.
  • word design

  • Press on Remove Watermark. Done! Save the file as PDF and exit.

remove watermark word

1.4 Remove PDF Watermark with Nitro

Nitro is a popular software to create, edit, convert, and e-sign PDF files. You can also use it for dealing with the watermark. Here is how to remove the PDF watermark with Nitro.

  • Open the PDF file on the Nitro software.
  • Choose Page Layout from the top navigation bar.
  • Now press on Remove Watermarks from the options.
  • A popup will occur asking if you want to delete all the watermarks.
  • Click OK to delete all of them.

remove water from pdf nitro

That’s it; you are done! You can also delete the watermarks individually by left-clicking on them with your mouse.

1.5 Using Foxit PDF Reader to Remove PDF Watermark

Although the Foxit PDF Reader is mainly a PDF reader, it also allows you to edit the PDF. Here is how to use it to get rid of the watermark from your PDF file:

  • First, load the PDF file on the Foxit PDF Reader app.
  • Go to the Edit tab and then select Watermark from there.
  • Now press Remove All from the drop-down. Done!

remove water from pdf foxit

Nitro and Foxit are two of the best tools for eliminating watermarks from the PDF. They let you remove all the watermarks from PDF with just one click. However, one issue with these tools is they come as trial versions. That means they will expire within a few days, and you need to pay to continue using them.

Part 2. Remove Watermark from PDF Online

2.1 Remove Watermark Google Drive

Google Drive can be the simplest way to remove watermarks from your PDF. Here is how it works:

  • Open Google Drive and upload the PDF that you want to edit.

google drive upload file

  • Now move your cursor on the PDF and right-click with the mouse.
  • Press on Open with from the options and then choose Google Doc.

open pdf google docs

  • After opening the file, you will find the watermark as text.
  • You can now simply delete the watermark and export the file as PDF again.

remove watermark pdf google drive

As you see, it is very straightforward to remove the watermark from PDF through Google Drive. However, there are some limitations to this. Such as, this method might not work efficiently if the PDF is larger than 2MB. Moreover, when you upload the PDF and open it with Google Docs, it becomes a word file. Besides, it can change the original layout of the PDF and sometimes even erase the images in it.

2.2 Soda PDF

The soda PDF is a web application that lets you open, view, edit, convert, and share your PDF files directly online. You can also eliminate watermarks from your PDF with Soda PDF. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the Soda PDF website and import the PDF.
  • Now go to the page and click on 'Insert'.
  • Click on the watermark and then press the 'Remove Watermark' button.

remove watermark with soda

This should remove the watermark. Now you can export the PDF file to your device. One issue about the tool is you will need to watch an advertisement for five seconds to save the file.

2.3 pdfFiller

pdfFiller is a popular online-based PDF editing platform that lets you remove watermarks from pdf easily. Here is how to employ it:

  • Open their website and import the PDF.

import pdf

  • Find the watermark and double-click on it.
  • Now press the delete icon to remove the watermark.

pdffiller remove watermark

That's it. Press Done and select the preferred format to save the updated PDF file on your device.

As you see, the online tools to delete watermarks from PDF are pretty convenient and straightforward. But the issue with these tools is they are not that stable. You will often encounter various problems while using them. Such as slow loading speed, advertisement, failure loading etc. So, they might not be as viable as the offline tools we discussed above.

Part 3. FAQs - Further Learning

Q1. What is the Easiest Method to Delete Watermarks from PDF?

The Adobe Acrobat Pro is the best tool to remove the watermark from PDF easily. But you can only use its free/trial version for seven days. If you often require deleting watermarks and editing PDF, the FoneGeek PDF Editor is something you should consider.

Q2. Can I Customize a PDF without Watermark for Free?

Most PDF editors put their logo as a watermark on your PDF when you try to export the edited PDF file. If you frequently edit PDF files, you should consider investing in a premium tool to export edited PDF without watermark.


As you see, there are several ways to remove watermark from PDF files. If you want to remove the watermark quickly, you can go for the online tools. If you often need to remove the watermark from PDF, go for offline tools like FoneGeek PDF Editor or Foxit PDF Reader for the best experience. They let you delete watermarks and perform other edits on the PDF file proficiently.

Edwin J. Parke

As a professional writer who is interested in technology, Edwin J. Parke has helped thousands of users by offering various tips to solve their problems.

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