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Product FAQs

iPhone Data Recovery

  • In what kind of scenarios can I recover lost data using your program?

    You can recover your lost/deleted data in the scenarios below:

    • Accidental Deletion: you deleted important data by accident.

    • Device is lost: your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen.

    • Device is locked: your iPhone or iPad is locked or disabled because you forgot the passcode.

    • Device is damaged: you accidentally dropped the device into water or got it bricked.

    • Factory reset: After resetting the device to factory settings, all the data are erased.

    Don’t worry, FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery is able to recover lost data from the device directly or from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

  • How many types of data can I recover using FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery?

    FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery supports to recover 20+ types of iOS data, including contacts, text messages, notes, voice memo, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and other data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

  • Is it 100% safe and secure to recover data with FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery?

    YES, it is 100% secure to use FoneGeek software. FoneGeek company has served millions of users all over the world. We guarantee that your data will be kept or disclosed when you use our program or scan our website.

  • Is there any difference between the free trial version and full version?

    YES. The free trial version allows you to scan and preview the deleted data of the iOS device. The full version will not only allow you to preview the deleted data, but also recover them to your computer.

  • How do I know if my iOS device is supported or not?
    • First of all, download FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery on your computer and launch it.

    • Choose the recovery mode and connect your iPhone/iPad to computer.

    • If the device can be supported by the program, you will be able to click on "Start" to proceed.

    • If else, the message of "Your Device Is Not Supported" will be displayed.

  • If my iPhone screen is not responsive, can I still use your software?

    YES. If your device can be recognized by computer, you can recover directly from the device. If unfortunately, the device cannot be recognized by computer or the program, you can recover from Tunes/iCloud backup without factory reset the device.

  • What can I do if my device cannot be recognized?

    You should unlock your iPhone first, then click on "Trust This Computer" on the iPhone home screen. You can also reconnect the device to the computer with a different original USB cable.

  • Can I recover data from an encrypted iTunes backup?

    If you remember the password of the encrypted iTunes backup, you should decrypt the backup first and then recover from iTunes backup using FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery

  • Can I recover deleted files on Android without rooting my device?

    Yes, you can. FoneGeek Android Data Recovery supports to recover the lost photos, videos, audios, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages and documents without root.

  • What device models does FoneGeek Android Data Recovery support?

    Basically, FoneGeek Android Data Recovery supports all Android devices and Android OS systems. However, to recover WhatsApp data, some older devices like Huawei P9, P4, P3, etc. are not supported.

  • What's the difference between the trial and paid version?

    The free trial version allows you to scan your Android device and preview the recoverable data. To recover and save the lost files, you need to purchase the full version.

  • Can I disconnect my Android phone during scanning/recovering?

    No, you should keep your Android phone connected to the PC when Android Data Recovery is scanning or recovering your data. Otherwise, the scan/recovery might stop and you’ll fail to recover the lost files.

  • How long does it take to scan and recover lost data?

    The scan and recovery speed is related to many factors, such as, data size, phone models and network speed. If you have massive data on your Android device, please wait patiently.

  • Why I can't find all the deleted or lost data after scanning?

    In this case, the high chance is that your deleted or lost data have already been overwritten and thus cannot be recovered. The overwriting may be cased by the use of your device after data loss, and the operating system has re-used that space for new data.

  • Can I recover data from Android after factory reset?

    All Android data recovery tools on the market only works when the DB (data base) file of your Android device is existing and complete. However, the factory resetting will wipe out the DB file, so you won’t be able to recover Android data after factory reset.

  • Can I recover data from broken/unresponsive Android phone?

    If USB debugging is enabled on the Android phone previously and your computer can still recognize the device, you can recover the lost data. Please try to get your phone connected to the PC that you usually did. Run our program to check whether your Android device can be identified or not. If not, we’re afraid that you might have to repair your phone and make it work first.

  • Can I recover the data deleted a long time ago?

    If the deleted files have not been overwritten, FoneGeek Android Data Recovery can help you recover them. However, any new data or operations such as sending/receiving text messages, taking new photos, and installing applications, etc. may overwrite the lost data. Hence, we suggest users to recover their lost files asap and not to use their Android phones in order to avoid data overwriting.

  • Where can I find the recovered data?

    All the recovered data are saved on your computer at the folder you selected before recovering. Currently, you’re not able to save the recovered files to your Android device directly.

iPhone Passcode Unlocker

  • What kind of locks can FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker remove?

    With FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker, you can easily remove all types of passcodes, including Apple ID and screen password (4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID).

  • What is the limitation of the free trial version?

    The free trial version allows you to check if your device is supported or not. To remove the lock on your device, you need to purchase the full version.

  • How can I know if my device is supported or not?
    • Download, install and launch FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker on your computer.

    • Connect your device via USB cable and choose the mode that you need.

    • If your device is supported, you can click "Start Unlock" to continue the process.

    • If your device is not supported, you will see the message "The device is not supported".

  • What should I do if the program won't detect my device?
    • Ensure to use an original Apple USB cable. Switch to another USB port on your computer.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into recovery mode or DFU mode.

    • Download and install the latest version of iTunes and check if iTunes can recognize your device.

  • Will FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker erase data on iOS devices?
    • With the Unlock Screen Passcode mode, all the content on your device will be erased.

    • With the Unlock Apple ID mode, if your iDevice is running from iOS 10.2 to 11.4 with Find My iPhone enabled, the data will not be lost after unlocking.

  • Will the Apple ID be removed forever?

    Please note that FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is designed to remove Apple ID from iDevice but not from Apple Server, so the removal is not permanent. Do not to update iOS, reset all content and settings or restore via iTunes, or your device will get stuck on Activation Lock screen.

  • What should I do if the program stuck while removing the passcode?

    It’s normal if the progress bar stay at some point a little bit longer, just wait for it to complete and keep your device connected. If it got stuck longer than 30 minutes, please quit the program, check the network connection and run the unlocking again.

    If the issue persists, submit a support from here: https://www.fonegeek.com/contact.html

iOS System Recovery

  • What's the difference between the 2 repair modes?
    • Standard Mode: This repair mode is helpful to fix most common iOS issues without causing any data loss.
    • Advanced Mode: This mode can be used to fix issues that the Standard Mode failed to work. However, all the data on the device will be erased.
  • Why is it necessary to put my device into DFU or Recovery mode?

    DFU or Recovery Mode are set by Apple to repair iOS system.

    To fix iOS system problem with the most effective way, you should put your iPhone into DFU or Recovery mode. What’s more, when the device cannot be deteced, DFU/Recovery mode will get the device successfully recognized by our program.

  • How do I know if my iOS device is supported or not?
    • First of all, download FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your computer and launch it.

    • Choose the repair mode and connect your iPhone/iPad to computer.

    • If the device can be supported by the program, you will be able to click on "Start" to proceed.

    • If else, the message of "Your Device Is Not Supported" will be displayed.

  • Can FoneGeek iOS System Recovery fix all iOS issues?

    With FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, you can fix almost all iOS issues without the help of a technical specialist, such as:

    • iPhone black/white screen of death.

    • iPhone stuck on Apple logo, Recovery/DFU mode.

    • iOS upgrade/downgrade failure issue.

    • iPhone stuck on boot loop/won’t turn on or device is frozen.

    • iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV issues.

  • Will my device data be affected after using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery?

    Your device data will not get lost when you use the Standard Mode while the Advanced mode will erase all the device data.

iOS Location Changer

  • Can I use virtual GPS with Pokemon Go?

    Yes, FoneGeek iOS Location Changer works with all location-based apps including Pokemon Go.

  • Is it possible to change iPhone location without jailbreak?

    FoneGeek iOS Location Changer enables you to change your iPhone location without jailbreak, so you don't need to worry about data loss.

  • Can I use it to change my location of any app on my iPhone?

    Location of any location-based app can be changed on your iPhone, such as Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.

  • Will it change other settings on my iPhone if I change the location?

    Generally, the settings on your iPhone will keep unchanged, excepting the settings related to location will be changed correspondingly, including time, weather, longitude and latitude, etc. However, you can simply restart your iPhone to recover the real location and data.

  • Is it safe to use FoneGeek iOS Location Changer?

    FoneGeek company, one of the most famous software company in the world, guarantee that this software is 100% secure and clean to use.

  • Can I spoof location on Pokemon GO?

    YES. FoneGeek iOS Location Changer supports all location-based apps, such as Pokemon GO, Life360, etc.

  • How can I reset to the real location?

    On the software interface of the map, click on the back button and you will be prompted to restart your iPhone. When the device restart, it will restore the real location.

  • In multi-spot mode, how many spots can I select?

    You can choose more than 100 spots in multi-spot mode.

  • The map doesn't load, what can I do?

    If the program doesn’t load the map, you should ensure that the network is stable first, then upgrade FoneGeek iOS Location Changer to the latest version.

Free iOS Backup & Restore

  • How do I activate this program?

    When you open the program, a window will pop up requiring you to register. You can click "Register" button to activate the software. Or you can click on the menu button in the upper right corer and tap on "Register".

  • I cannot run the program after closing it, why?

    Some components may still be running when you close the program. You need to open Task Manager to force close the task and launch it again.

  • Is it possible to restore encrypted iTunes backup with this tool?

    Due to Apple's restriction, I’m afraid that it is currently impossible to restore encrypted iTunes backup. We are trying hard to add this feature but it still needs enough time.

Install & Uninstall

  • The installation gets stuck, how do i fix it?

    The installation stuck issue is always caused by internet connection. So you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot it:

    • Ensure that the network connection is working properly.

    • If it doesn’t work, you can install FoneGeek software on a different disk.

    Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

  • How do I completely uninstall FoneGeek software on my computer?

    To uninstall FoneGeek software on Windows computer:

    • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel to close FoneGeek software.

    • Right click on FoneGeek software and tap on Uninstall or Remove.

    • Tap on Next > Remove to uninstall the software.

    To uninstall FoneGeek software on Mac:

    • Close FoneGeek software on your Mac.

    • Open the Applications folder and delete FoneGeek software.

    • Then empty the Trash.

PDF Editor

  • How long does it usually take to convert PDF document?

    It usually takes a few seconds to convert PDF files. If the size of the document is more than 100MB, it will take a longer time.

  • Is FoneGeek PDF Editor safe to use?

    It is absolutely safe to use. FoneGeek PDF Editor will never keep, scan or copy your document data. For more details, you can check our privacy policy.

  • Will my PDF file be damaged?

    No. FoneGeek PDF Editor will never damage your PDF file.

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