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Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery

  • Can I recover deleted files on Android without rooting my device?

    Yes, you can. FoneGeek Android Data Recovery supports to recover the lost photos, videos, audios, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages and documents without root.

  • What device models does FoneGeek Android Data Recovery support?

    Basically, FoneGeek Android Data Recovery supports all Android devices and Android OS systems. However, to recover WhatsApp data, some older devices like Huawei P9, P4, P3, etc. are not supported.

  • What's the difference between the trial and paid version?

    The free trial version allows you to scan your Android device and preview the recoverable data. To recover and save the lost files, you need to purchase the full version.

  • Can I disconnect my Android phone during scanning/recovering?

    No, you should keep your Android phone connected to the PC when Android Data Recovery is scanning or recovering your data. Otherwise, the scan/recovery might stop and you’ll fail to recover the lost files.

  • How long does it take to scan and recover lost data?

    The scan and recovery speed is related to many factors, such as, data size, phone models and network speed. If you have massive data on your Android device, please wait patiently.

  • Why I can't find all the deleted or lost data after scanning?

    In this case, the high chance is that your deleted or lost data have already been overwritten and thus cannot be recovered. The overwriting may be cased by the use of your device after data loss, and the operating system has re-used that space for new data.

  • Can I recover data from Android after factory reset?

    All Android data recovery tools on the market only works when the DB (data base) file of your Android device is existing and complete. However, the factory resetting will wipe out the DB file, so you won’t be able to recover Android data after factory reset.

  • Can I recover data from broken/unresponsive Android phone?

    If USB debugging is enabled on the Android phone previously and your computer can still recognize the device, you can recover the lost data. Please try to get your phone connected to the PC that you usually did. Run our program to check whether your Android device can be identified or not. If not, we’re afraid that you might have to repair your phone and make it work first.

  • Can I recover the data deleted a long time ago?

    If the deleted files have not been overwritten, FoneGeek Android Data Recovery can help you recover them. However, any new data or operations such as sending/receiving text messages, taking new photos, and installing applications, etc. may overwrite the lost data. Hence, we suggest users to recover their lost files asap and not to use their Android phones in order to avoid data overwriting.

  • Where can I find the recovered data?

    All the recovered data are saved on your computer at the folder you selected before recovering. Currently, you’re not able to save the recovered files to your Android device directly.

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