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Solved: Does Find My iPhone Work If SIM Card Is Removed

“Does find my iPhone work if sim card is removed?” - A commonly asked question in the Apple forum.

Find My iPhone is a vital feature of the Apple devices that helps the owner find their phone when it is lost. But does this function when the sim card in the iPhone is removed? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Keep reading the article to find out further explanation.

does find my iPhone work if sim card is removed

Part 1. Does Find My iPhone Work If SIM Card Is Removed?

Before answering this query, you need to know how the Find My iPhone feature works. The feature basically utilizes the iCloud account and the built-in GPS in the iPhone. When you lose or misplace the phone, you can simply log in to your iCloud account and view the phone's exact location on the map.

But there is a constraint. The phone must be connected to the internet for the Find My iPhone feature to work. The Find My iPhone feature will not work when the sim card is removed, and the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi. However, if someone finds the phone and connects it to the internet, the feature will start working. You can locate the iPhone as well as erase data or lock the phone and display a custom message.

Part 2. Can A iPhone Be Tracked If SIM Card Is Removed?

Yes, you can track the iPhone if the SIM card is removed. The only requirement is that the device needs to be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or another cellular network. As soon as the phone is online, its GPS coordinates will be shared with the Apple server. As a result, the phone's previous owner can perceive the location through their iCloud account. That means you can track the phone without a SIM as long as the Find My iPhone is on.

And, the good news is even if you lost the phone and someone else found it, they will not be able to turn off the feature. Connecting to the internet and knowing the Apple ID and passcode is required to attempt turning off the feature. As a result, you can easily track down their location whenever they attempt to turn off FMI.

Part 3. What Should I Do If My iPhone Is Lost or Stolen?

Most iPhone owners consider their iPhone precious, and losing the phone is definitely heartbreaking. However, because of the well-equipped security features on the iPhone, the chances are high that you can regain access to it easily. Especially if there are inserted SIM cards on the phone and the internet is on, you should locate and find it through "Find My iPhone easily".

If your iPhone is stolen or lost, here is what you need to do without further ado:

  • Open the browser on another phone/PC which is connected to the internet.
  • Browse iCloud.com and sign in to your Apple ID.
  • Click on "Find my iPhone". You will see all the devices connected to iCloud.
  • Find the lost iPhone from the list and turn "Lost Mode" on it.

lost mode

Once the lost mode is on, Apple will start tracking the device and share the location with the connected iCloud account.

Part 4. How to Prevent My iPhone from Being Maliciously Locked?

Apple's automatic lock is considerably enough to prevent unrestricted access to your phone. However, for additional security, you can consider turning on the other security features:

  • Two Factor Authentication: Turning on the 2F authentication can make your iPhone more secure. When someone tries to access your account, they will require going through the process even after correctly entering the Apple ID credential.
  • SIM Card Lock: Your iPhone will not recognize other SIMs except the original one when the SIM card lock is on. You can turn on the SIM card lock from the settings.
  • Security Questions: Additionally, you can set up security questions. As you will be the only person to know the answer, it will be pretty impossible for others to access the account.

Part 5. Common Questions about Find My iPhone & SIM Card

Q1. Can I track a lost iPhone if the SIM is changed?

Yes, you can track the phone even if the thief replaces the SIM. As soon as the phone is connected to the internet, the lost mode will come to action and lock the phone immediately and show the custom message if it is set.

Q2. What happens to the Phone calls when the SIM card is detached?

The SIM card on a phone works as the "key" to register the device to a specific carrier. As long as the SIM is inserted, the phone will receive messages and calls. And, when the SIM is removed, the phone will act the same as it does when it is off.

Q3. Does changing the SIM card delete everything on the Phone?

No. SIM cards are interchangeable, and data stored on your phone will not be erased after removing or changing the SIM card. The only information you will not be able to access is the one that is saved on the SIM.

Q4. Can Thieves Turn Off Find My iPhone?

It is almost impossible to disable Find My iPhone for someone who doesn't have your Apple ID access. However, they might be able to disable the function by utilizing third-party tools.

Q5. How to Remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock without the Previous Owner?

Some online applications let you remove the Find My Activation Lock. One such tool is FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker. You can bypass the iCloud activation lock through this tool to turn off the “Find My iPhone”.

unlock apple id


As discussed above, the Find My iPhone feature doesn't depend on the SIM card on your device, and it only needs internet connectivity. If your device is lost, you can still track it whenever it gets connected to the internet.

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