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4 Free Online IMEI Unlock Code Generator You Can't Miss!

Have you ever considered removing or deleting your phone's IMEI number? This unique 15-digit code number is assigned to every mobile device, and while it helps to secure a device in case the device is stolen or lost, it usually limits the number of networks the device can connect to.

However, when you unlock or remove this IMEI code from your phone, you can use the phone with any foreign SIM card and connect to any network. You can unlock it using a free online IMEI unlock code generator, and in this article, we will share four of these generators that you can consider. We'll also tell you the numerous benefits that IMEI unlocking offers. Read on.

What Does IMEI Unlocking Mean?

To better understand what IMEI unlocking is all about, it's best we explain it based on how it's done, and there are two methods that you can use.

The first one is removing the IMEI from the carrier's end. In other words, the IMEI number will be removed from the phone operator's database. Once it's deleted from the database, the phone will be unlocked from that network operator, meaning you can use it with other networks. For instance, you have an iPhone 12 with IMEI 285620033392XXX, and it's locked in the AT&T Mobility network. When you delete its IMEI from the database of AT&T Mobility, you'll be able to use it with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, or any other network.

The second method uses an unlock code to put in your phone to remove IMEI and all the network operator's restrictions.

Generally, the first method is ideal for Apple devices that run iOS while the second method is recommended for Android smartphones and tablets.

Note: Unlocking IMEI is 100% safe and recommended - even mobile phone manufacturers and telephone operators do it.

Top Four Free Online IMEI Unlock Code Generators

The following four IMEI unlock code generators can help you get the IMEI unlock code required to remove IMEI from your phone.


FreeUnlocks has developed a simple process for generating free unlock codes to help users remove carrier restrictions from their smartphones. Users receive a remotely generated code from the FreeUnlocks site which they then use to unlock their phone. It's a simple and direct process.


  • Removes foreign SIM card usage restrictions to avoid expensive charges on calls, texts, and data while abroad.
  • Users can receive the unlock code free or at a very competitive price.
  • Allows you to resale your phone at a good price.
  • Generates unlock codes for both iPhones and Android devices.


  • Reports of users having difficulties or failing to unlock their phones using the generated codes.
  • It requires the phone's IMEI number to generate the unlock code, which sometimes can be inaccurate or inaccessible.



Another free online IMEI unlock code generator you can consider is Unlocky. With this tool, you can remove the carrier network SIM locks from any iOS device. It generates the unlock code based on the unique IMEI number of the device and then uses the unlock code to remove the IMEI right from the network carrier database. This way Unlocky claims it's able to remove all of the carrier network SIM locks. However, some of the pros and cons of this tool include.


  • Offers users the carrier network SIM unlocking codes for free.
  • It takes about 3 minutes to carry out IMEI unlocking.
  • Uses a simple process to remove carrier network locks from iOS and Android devices.


  • Still unable to unlock devices like iPhones and Samsung smartphones even after claiming it can unlock them.
  • It has negative ratings (only 1-star ratings) from a lot of online reviews from around the world.


DeblokGsm Online Unlock Calculator

The DeblokGsm Online Unlock Calculator claims it generates unlock codes instantly and that you can get unlimited unlocking capabilities from the site. Like the other free online IMEI unlock code generators, it has pros and cons, so let's check them out.


  • You get access to unlocking software.
  • It supports a lot of different phone models.
  • The list of models gets regularly updated with older and latest devices.


  • Requires IMEI number of devices to generate unlock codes.
  • You may not access all network providers even after unlocking the device.
  • May fail to remove certain carrier locks or require further configuration.


Instant Unlock Service

Finally, we have the Instant Unlock Service tool which is a free online IMEI unlock code generator that offers permanent IMEI unlock codes. When you unlock your phone with these codes, you can use it with any network.

As the name suggests, this tool generates IMEI-based unlock codes very fast. You can get unlock codes for various devices from iPhones to Samsung devices and more. When all the carrier network restrictions are removed from your phone by Instant Unlock Services, the phone can access every GSM network provider. Let's see what more this tool provides.


  • Unlocks phones for free using online IMEI-based unlock codes.
  • Provides permanent IMEI unlocking without voiding the phone's warranty.
  • The unlocked phone can access any network provider globally.


  • It uses the device's IMEI number, so without the IMEI number, you can't get the unlock code.
  • Its compatibility doesn't cover all phone models. It may not support newer or less popular devices.
  • IMEI unlocking may or may not work depending on factors like the carrier, region, and the device itself.

instant unlock service

Why A Free Online IMEI Unlock Code Generator Is Better

A free online IMEI unlock code generator has various benefits when you use it to remove your network operator's restrictions. These benefits include:

Freedom To Use Any Carrier

You can't really explore or use other networks when your phone is locked to just one carrier or network operator. Your options are limited and this is a big problem if you travel abroad often and always need to switch to a local carrier. However, when you remove IMEI and the network operator's SIM locks, you can use your phone with any foreign SIM card, meaning you can access even the local network.

Reduced Costs

When traveling abroad, you'll often pay expensive charges to make calls, text or use data if the phone is carrier locked. With an unlocked phone, you can avoid such expensive roaming charges because you can purchase the local SIM card and access the local network at standard charges.

Better Resale Value

An unlocked phone is not limited to one network operator, so its resale value is higher than that of a carrier-locked phone because many buyers prefer it more as they can use it with SIM cards from any carrier.

No Need for a New Phone

You can avoid the cost of getting a new phone when you want to switch to a new carrier if you've removed IMEI from your existing phone. You don't need a new phone that supports that carrier because your existing phone can work with every carrier's SIM card.

FAQs About IMEI Unlock

Q1. Does it take long to unlock my phone?

If you use the carrier method to unlock the phone, the process may take a month. Once the one-month period is over and you get the code, you can enter the code and unlock the phone.

Q2. Will I unlock my phone if I change the IMEI number?

Not really. When you change the IMEI number, you won't unlock the phone because only your carrier can do that. But, if your number is blocked after changing it, your carrier (who has locked it) can help you out. You can't unlock the phone without the original IMEI number because its hardware is usually encoded into the phone.


You now have four free online IMEI unlock code generators to help you unlock your phone. Choose one of them and use it to remove all of your network operator's restrictions from your phone. Once you have unlocked your phone, you can use it with other networks and even add foreign SIM cards.

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