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11 Tips to Fix AirPods Keep Disconnecting from iPhone

Apple AirPods are a great combination of sound and convenience. Although they are pretty reliable, you may sometimes find that your AirPods keep disconnecting from the iPhone. This can be a very intimidating issue, especially when you are enjoying something or talking with someone through the AirPods.

Are your AirPods keep disconnecting? Well, you are not alone. This article will explore some of the common reasons behind the AirPods disconnecting issue. We will also walk you through the possible fixes to eliminate this problem. Keep reading!

Why Do My AirPods Keep Disconnecting from iPhone?

The AirPods disconnecting from iPhone issue can occur because of a variety of reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bluetooth Interference: One of the most common causes behind the disconnecting issue is Bluetooth interference. Data on Bluetooth is transferred through the wave medium. The other devices that operate in the same wavelength (like your Wi-Fi router) as Bluetooth can cause interference and lead to this issue.
  • System Errors/Bugs: If your iPhone is running on an outdated iOS version, some system bugs or errors can occur. And they can affect the connection between your iPhone and AirPods. You can easily prevent this error by keeping the iOS version updated.
  • Wrong Settings: You may also encounter the disconnecting issue if the Bluetooth settings are not set correctly in your AirPods. Make sure that the Bluetooth settings are appropriately set.
  • Low Battery: The AirPods require a decent battery level to operate efficiently. If there is not enough charge in the AirPods, it is typical to face the disconnecting issue.
  • Firmware Issue: As per several AirPods users, a recent firmware update (version 6.8.8) is causing many issues in the AirPods. You may face the problem because of using the specific firmware version.
  • Hardware Damage: Physical damage to your AirPods can also cause the disconnecting issue. There are nano-electronics inside the AirPods, and they can easily get damaged because of misuse like falling or pressure.

Now we know the possible reasons behind the AirPods keep disconnecting issue, let’s check out what we can do to solve it.

How to Fix AirPods Keep Disconnecting from iPhone

Check the Battery Level of AirPods

AirPods will disconnect from your iPhone when they are running out of battery. Before trying any other solutions, what you should do first is checking the AirPods battery level. If the battery is low, you will need to charge it first. Put the AirPods in the charging case and check them after a while.

Place AirPods in Charging Case Then Take Out

If there is enough charge in your AirPods and it is still disconnecting, try this instead. Put the AirPods in the charging case for around five seconds, and then take them out. The AirPods should now reconnect automatically and work smoothly.

Keep Your AirPods and iPhone Closer Together

It is normal for the AirPods to disconnect from the iPhone if the devices are not close enough. The working range for Bluetooth is 30 feet, but sometimes the range is way smaller because of interference. So, consider keeping the iPhone and AirPods closer.

Disable iPhone Bluetooth and Re-activate It

Sometimes the disconnecting issue can occur due to a minor glitch with the Bluetooth on your iPhone. Consider disabling and reactivating the Bluetooth.

Simply open the control panel of your iPhone and turn off the Bluetooth. Press on it again after a few seconds to reactivate Bluetooth.

enable and disable iphone bluetooth

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

If the Automatic Ear Detection is turned on your iPhone, consider turning it off and set AirPods to be used with left/right microphone. This may help to solve the issue. Here is what to do:

  • Open the Settings and then go to Bluetooth.
  • Press on the (i) icon next to the connected AirPod name.
  • Scroll down to find "Automatic Ear Detection" and toggle it off.
  • Now press on Microphone and choose Always Left AirPod/Always Right Airpod.

disable automatic ear detection on iphone

Turn Off Automatic Switching

The Automatic Switching feature that lets the AirPods automatically switch between nearby connected Apple devices. You will need to switch off this feature on the other nearby Apple devices to prevent automatic switching.

  • Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
  • Now tap on the (i) icon aside from the AirPods and tap on “Connect to This iPhone."
  • Now choose "When Last Connected to This iPhone.” Repeat it on your other iOS devices.

airpods disable automatic switching

Update Firmware on AirPods

Sometimes the firmware version of your AirPods can be outdated and cause various problems, including disconnecting. Consider updating the firmware version of the gadget.

Open Settings of your iPhone, then go to General > About > AirPods. Check the firmware version and find out whether it is the latest or not. If it is not, you will need to update it.

check firmware version of airpods

To do this, begin by connecting the earbuds to the charging cable and then put the iPhone close. After around 30 minutes, check the iPhone. The AirPods should have updated to the latest version.

Update Your iPhone

Sometimes the problem can be with your iPhone's iOS version. If it runs on an outdated iOS, you will encounter various issues including AirPods keep disconnecting from iPhone. The only solution is to update your iPhone.

Open Settings and go to General > Software Update to update your iPhone. If there is any pending update, don't be late to download and install it.

update iphone

Reset Your AirPods

If you are still encountering the problem after trying the above fixes, consider resetting the AirPods. Put them in the charging case and hold down the status button. If you are using AirPods Max, you need to hold the Noise Control button and Digital Crown.

Let the button go when the indicator flashes amber. Now reconnect the AirPods to iPhone by following the on-screen guide.

Reset Network Settings

If your iPhone's network is corrupted, resolving it may help solve the AirPods disconnecting issue.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Find Transfer or Reset iPhone and then press Reset.
  • Press Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter the passcode and press "Reset Network Settings" again.

reset network settings on iphone

What If Your iPhone Is Causing AirPods Keep Disconnecting

Is the problem still continuing even after trying all the solutions above? Well, the problem might be with your iPhone’s iOS system instead of the AirPods. In this case, the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can be your best option to fix the issue.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a powerful iOS repair tool that can fix hundred of mysterious problems with your iPhone's system. The best thing about the tool is it can solve the issue without erasing any data from your device.


Let’s see how to use the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery:

Step 1: Download FoneGeek iOS System Recovery from its official site and install it on your computer. Launch it once the installation is done and choose “Standard Mode” to continue.

choose repair mode

Step 2: Now plug your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. If needed, press "Trust" on your iPhone after unlocking it to complete the connection with the PC.

connect ios device

If the iPhone is not recognized, boot the device into the Recovery or DFU mode by following the on-screen guide.

put iphone into recovery mode

Step 3: After completing the above step, you will see the device model and all available firmware versions. Next, select and install the preferred firmware package by pressing "Download."

download firmware

Step 4: When the firmware is downloaded successfully, you will see a Fix Now button. Press on it to start fixing the problem. This should be done within a while and get your iPhone working normally again.

fix now

The Bottom Line

We hope that you will be able to fix the AirPods keep disconnecting from iPhone by utilizing the above guide. Note that if you are sure that the problem is not with your AirPods, you can skip all the fixes and just try the last one. If the issue is with your iPhone, the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can solve it safe and smoothly within the shortest time.

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