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[Solved]8 Solutions to App Store Missing on iPhone

Apple only has the App Store as the gateway to installing apps. So, when suddenly you find the App Store missing on iPhone, you'll certainly worry because how else are you going to update your apps or install new ones?

Fortunately, there are various ways to fix this problem. Try out these 8 troubleshooting steps to get App Store back again.

8 Methods for Fixing App Store Missing on iPhone

The fact that the App Store is not showing on iPhone doesn't mean the app is deleted. It's just missing and the following 8 methods can help you restore it or get it back on your iPhone.

Restart the iPhone

The first step you need to take before you try out the actual fixes for the app store missing on iPhone issue is to restart your iPhone. It's common for minor bugs to cause app icons to disappear and a simple restart can help bring back such missing app icons like the App Store icon.

restart iphone

Check Inside Folders

If restarting the iPhone didn't bring back the missing App Store, the next thing you should try is to check for the app inside the folders you have on the home screen.

Open every folder on the home screen and go through it because you may have moved the App Store without knowing. If you spot it, simply drag it to the home screen.

check iphone folders

Check Inside Hidden Pages

Has other apps disappeared like the App Store or it's the entire home screen page that's missing on your iPhone? With the iOS 14+ version, it's possible to hide the entire iPhone home screen page if you want to keep the home screen neat. Therefore, you may have hidden the home page without knowing and that's why you have the App Store on iPhone missing.

To find the App Store, you have to unhide the page using these steps:

  • Go to the home screen and long-press anywhere until you see the icons shaking.
  • You should see page dots at the bottom. Go and tap them.
  • Now, tap the checkmark icon below each home screen page that appears. You have to select all of them. If there's no checkmark under any page, just tap the selection circle under it to bring up the checkmark.

check inside hidden pages

Once you follow these steps, the hidden page with the App Store icon will appear on the home screen.

Find App Store in App Library

When you have the App Store missing from iPad or iPhone, try to look for it in the App Library because that's another place you can find it. Apple introduced the App Library feature in iOS 14 to help organize the apps and it usually does this automatically. It organizes the apps in categories such as Social, Entertainment, and Utilities. So, you're highly likely to find the App Store in the App Library in case you removed it or it's missing from the home screen.

Use these steps to locate the App Store in the App Library:

  • First, access the App Library screen – go to the home screen and swipe left several times. It should look like this:
  • Search for the App Store using the search bar from the App Library. If App Store is in the search results, tap and hold its icon, and then drag it to the home screen.

app library

Instead of searching, you can go to the Utilities folder and tap on its four-app icon to expand the folder. If you see App Store in the folder, tap and hold its icon and then move it to the home screen and leave it there.

Find the App Store Using Spotlight

Have you recently customized the iPhone home screen? Well, you probably moved the App Store into a different folder. In this case, the iPhone's Spotlight search feature can help you find the missing App Store. Here are the steps:

  • On the iPhone screen, swipe down to launch the Spotlight search.
  • Now, type App Store in the search bar (check the top part).
  • If the app appears in the search result, simply tap on it to access it.

search app store using spotlight

Tip: You can also drag the App Store icon directly from the search results to the home screen so that you‘re able to access it easily every time.

Change Restrictions

The issue of App Store on iPhone missing can occur because of restrictions that you've set on your iPhone. You may have set these controls yourself or done it accidentally. Either way, it's easy to disable them and have App Store showing up on your iPhone again. To do that:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Go to the Screen Time option and tap it.
  • Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions from the Screen Time menu.
  • Select the iTunes & App Store Purchases option.

content and privacy restrictions

  • Check the options, In-app Purchases, Deleting Apps, and Installing Apps. If they're set to "Don't Allow", go to each one of them and tap on them.
  • For each setting that's set to "Don't Allow", set it to "Allow".
  • Now, head to your Home Screen and see if the App Store icon has shown up.

Reset the Home Screen Layout

The other way you can resolve this App Store missing iPhone problem is by resetting the home screen layout. It's a reliable trick that will declutter the home screen, hence returning it to its default layout. Follow these steps.

  • Get to your iPhone's or iPad's Settings app and tap on General.
  • Navigate down to the Transfer or Reset iPhone/iPad option and select it. Next, tap on Reset.
  • Hit Reset Home Screen layout. You need to confirm the action, so tap on Reset Home Screen again in the pop-up menu that shows up at the bottom.

reset home screen layout

If your iPhone runs on iOS 14, launch Settings, open the General tab and select Reset. From there, tap on Reset Home Screen Layout, and then tap Reset Home screen.

Install the Latest iOS Version

The iOS version running on your iPhone may have a bug that's causing this App Store missing iPhone issue and if that's the case, you should get rid of the bug by updating the iOS.

  • Open Settings and go to the General tab.
  • Tap on Softwate Update.
  • Now, install the latest update if it's available.

update ios

FAQs about iPhone Missing from iPad/iPhone

Q1. What’s the reason behind App Store missing on iPhone?

You may have the App Store missing from iPhone because you probably removed it without knowing or it's been restricted by an administrator or parent. A software issue could also cause it to disappear or probably the App Store is restricted in your region.

Q2. Can the App Store be deleted?

No, there's no way you can get App Store deleted from your iPhone.  What you can do is to remove it from the home screen to make it only available in the App Library.

Q3. What if I still have the App Store on iPhone missing after attempting all the above fixes?

If the issue of App Store missing from iPhone persists, the best move is to reach out to Apple Support to get personalized assistance. Their experts will guide you according to your specific case and take you through all the necessary steps to fix the problem.


The troubleshooting tricks described above should help bring back the App Store on your iPhone. Just try them out one by one and you'll get rid of the issue of App Store missing on iPhone.  If the App Store doesn't come back, then you should reach out to Apple Support for assistance.

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