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[Sure Solved!]Data Recovery Cannot Be Completed, Please Restore Your iPhone from Backup

If your iPhone shows the "data recovery cannot be completed" error, the issue is often a minor software glitch and easy to address. Sometimes, though, it's a more complicated problem, but still, the error can be solved quite easily.

This article outlines four effective methods to help you do that. Before we check these methods, let's see some of the factors that cause an iPhone to display the data recovery cannot be completed message.

Why Does My iPhone Say Data Recovery Cannot Be Completed?

The data recovery cannot be completed error often appears because of hardware or software issues. When you identify which of these two issues causes the error, fixing it becomes easier. For instance, if the error is due to water, strike, or other external factor, then the cause is a hardware problem. But, if the cause is software-related, then the following could be the issue:

  • You tried to install the latest iOS version on your device.
  • Enabled the recovery mode on the iPhone to fix another issue.
  • You tried to jailbreak your iPhone, but the process failed.

How to Fix Data Recovery Cannot Be Completed iPhone Issue?

This section presents some practical methods for fixing the data recovery cannot be completed issue. Some methods involve the use of a third-party application while some don't utilize external software. Therefore, select the one that suits you.

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

When you read the error message, it clearly says that you should restore your device from a backup. That is Apple's recommended solution to get rid of this error. You only need to install the iTunes/Finder app on your computer and use it to restore the affected iPhone/iPad from a saved backup. When the restore process finishes, the error shall disappear.

  • Use a USB cable to plug in your iPhone/iPad to computer.
  • Run iTunes or Finder program on the computer.
  • Go to your iOS device in the program and click on it (For iTunes, the device is in the Summary tab, and for Finder, it's in the General tab).
  • Click the Restore Backup button at the bottom (check the right pane if you use iTunes).
  • In the prompt that appears, click the dropdown menu and choose a backup to restore. Now, click on Restore to finish.

restore iphone from itunes

You can restore the iPhone using the Finder app, but your Mac must be running macOS Catalina or a later operating system.

Restore iPhone Using iTunes Recovery Mode

If restoring the backup fails to work, the recovery mode in iTunes can help solve the error. Apple has this feature on iTunes to fix iOS issues. It involves just putting the affected iPhone into Recovery Mode and then recovering it using iTunes.

  • Open your Windows PC and run the iTunes program. Get your iPhone and the PC connected through a USB cable.
  • Put the iPhone into recovery mode by pressing the Home and Volume buttons. Click the Restore button in the prompt that appears on iTunes.

iphone recovery mode

Restore iPhone Through the DFU Mode

The two methods above are for restoring iPhone using iTunes. If they don't resolve the error, try to put your iPhone into DFU mode, and then restore it.

iPhone 6 & older models:

  • Long-press the Power button for at least 3 seconds, and then long-press the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  • Let go of the Power button, but continue to hold the Home button for an additional 5 seconds. Check the screen. If it's black, the iPhone has entered into DFU mode.

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

  • Long-press the Side and Volume Down buttons of the iPhone simultaneously.
  • After 10 seconds, release the Power button, but keep holding the Volume Down button for an extra 5 seconds. Is the screen black? If so, the iPhone is in DFU mode.

iPhone 8 & newer models:

  • Long-press the Power button. After 3 seconds, long-press the Volume Down button too.
  • After 10 seconds, release the Power button, but continue pressing the Volume Down button. After 5 seconds, you should see a black screen if the iPhone is in DFU mode.

dfu mode

Fix Data Recovery Cannot Be Completed iPhone in One-Click

Does your iPhone still show the "data recovery cannot be completed please restore your iPhone from backup" error message? Try to fix it using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. This software is designed to repair all iOS-based devices. It works by fixing the iOS system, which in turn fixes all the issues on the device. Therefore, it will completely remove the data recovery cannot be completed error and all other issues affecting your iPhone.


How to use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to fix data recovery cannot be completed error?

  • Get this program installed on your computer, and then launch it. When it opens, select the "Standard Mode" option.

choose repair mode

  • Use a USB cable to plug in the faulty iPhone/iPad with your computer.
  • Click the "Download" button in the next window to start downloading the iOS firmware recommended by FoneGeek.

download firmware

  • Once the firmware gets downloaded, hit the "Fix Now" button. Allow FoneGeek to repair the device.

fix now

After the repair process is done, your iPhone will not show the error message.

To Sum Up

The iPhone data recovery cannot be completed iPhone issue is not difficult to fix if the right solutions are used. We have provided reliable methods to fix it. Try all of them and see if the issue will disappear. The last method, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, is the most effective option. It will repair your iPhone and successfully fix any issue affecting it, even the data recovery cannot be completed error. Try it out when the other methods fail.

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