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9 Methods to Fix FaceTime Screen Share Not Working on iPhone

FaceTime screen share gives a whole new meaning to online interaction by allowing Apple users to share, receive, and browse through different media and apps while on a call. However, you don’t enjoy these perks when your FaceTime screen share isn’t working, which can be a real bummer. So, why can’t you share your screen on FaceTime, and how do you fix the problem?

This article reveals the different reasons your FaceTime share stopped working during a call and 9 expert methods to resolve the problem yourself. Let’s dive in.

Part 1. What is Screen Share/SharePlay on FaceTime?

SharePlay, also known as Screen Share, is an in-built feature from Apple that allows users to share video and audio content with friends and family. With SharePlay, Apple users can split their screens while FaceTiming to watch videos and movies, peruse photos and apps, and simultaneously listen to the same music.

SharePlay is a brilliant addition to FaceTime, but it only works on Apple devices running iOS 17 and later versions. Now that we know what SharePlay is, let’s find out how to use it.

Part 2. Why is Screen Sharing Not Working on FaceTime?

Apple users often experience difficulties when trying to share screen on FaceTime, including a frozen and blank screen display. Here are possible reasons why screen sharing isn’t working on a FaceTime call:

Poor network connection

You’ll have difficulty using Screen Share if the Wi-Fi or internet connection isn’t strong enough. The screen will freeze when you attempt to share the screen.

Software problems

Sometimes, a bug link with iOS 17 can affect Screen Share. In this case, the iOS 17 update will not be fully functional, causing your SharePlay feature to seize.

Contact’s name(s) saved with emoji

FaceTime screen sharing might not work well if the contact’s name is saved with or alongside an emoji.

FaceTime SharePlay not supported

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) don’t support FaceTime SharePlay, so screen sharing will not work on FaceTime if you live in any of these countries.

App doesn’t support Screen Share

Screen Share will not function properly if the app you want to share doesn’t support it. Please note that your iPhone must run iOS 15.1 or a later version for FaceTime to work. If the device runs on a previous iOS version, Screen Sharing will not work.

Next, let’s check out the best ways to fix FaceTime Screen Share not working.

Part 3. What to Check First When FaceTime Share Screen Not Working?

#1. Turn off FaceTime and Turn it Back on

If the app has an issue, try to disable and enable FaceTime app could help. Here is a detailed guide for this method:

  • On your iPhone, go to "Settings".
  • Locate FaceTime and tap on the toggle switch to disable FaceTime.
  • Restart your iPhone using the side button and wait for it to come back on.
  • Go to "Settings" and tap on the FaceTime toggle switch to enable it again.

turn off and back on facetime

Once FaceTime has been enabled, take a FaceTime call to see if you can access the SharePlay option to Share Screen. If this method doesn’t work, we have 7 more to try out. So, keep reading.

#2. Ensure That SharePlay is Turned on

The FaceTime screen share will not work if this feature is not enabled. To enable FaceTime to avoid future issues, here are the detailed instructions:

  • On your iPhone, open Settings and scroll down to click on 'FaceTime'.
  • Then click on "SharePlay" and ensure that it is turned on.

turn on shareplay

#3. Check If the App Supports SharePlay

Not all apps on your iPhone will support SharePlay feature. Check here to know if the app you are trying to share supports SharePlay. Apps like Apple Music, Apple TV, and TikTok have SharePlay support.

Part 4. Try Other 6 Troubleshooting Tips

Below are the other 6 effective methods to fix FaceTime Screen Share not working on iPhone.

#1. Remove Emojis on FaceTime Screen Contact Name

FaceTime Share screen sometimes doesn't work when you save contacts with emojis. If this is the problem, you need to delete the emoji to fix the problem. To do this:

  • Go to Contacts on your iPhone and search for the name(s) you are trying to share the screen with.
  • Tap the “Edit” option to alter the contact’s saved name and delete all emojis.
  • Tap “Done” to save the change and restart FaceTime, as discussed earlier.
  • Call the contact again on FaceTime and see if the SharePlay feature is functional.

save the contact on iphone

#2. Connect to a Strong WiFi

If your iPhone connects to a poor network, SharePlay will not work. To fix this issue, connect it to a stronger Wi-Fi. Here is how to do this:

  • From your iPhone home screen, go to "Settings" and locate Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi and allow your iPhone to scan for nearby networks.
  • Connect to the strongest network. The more curved lines appear in front of the network, the stronger the internet connection.
  • Launch the FaceTime app and check whether the SharePlay/Screen Share feature works.

turn on wifi

#3. Force Restart Your iPhone

Giving your iPhone a hard reboot is a potential fix to software and bug issues causing the Screen Share malfunction. Here's how to force restart iPhone:

For iPhone 6S/6:

  • Press the Side button on the right side of your iPhone and the Home button simultaneously. Hold both buttons until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.
  • Leave the iPhone to restart and open the FaceTime app. Get on a call and try to Screen Share to see if it works.

restart iphone 6

For iPhone 7/7 Plus

  • Press the Volume Down button and the Power button simultaneously. Hold both buttons until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.
  • After restarting your iPhone, open the FaceTime app and check if the SharePlay feature works.

restart iphone 7

For iPhone 8(Plus), X series, or Later

  • Press and release the Volume Up button quickly.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button quickly.
  • Keep holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Leave the iPhone to restart. Open the FaceTime app and try the Screen Share feature to see if it works.

restart iphone x

#4. Sign out and Back into FaceTime

Signing out of and back into FaceTime is approved to fix the FaceTime issue. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on FaceTime from iPhone Settings.
  • You will see Apple ID under ‘CALLER ID’.
  • Click and sign out the Apple ID.
  • Finally, sign in again with your Apple ID. That's all.

sign out of facetime

#5. Update Your iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, you can only share screen on FaceTime in iOS 15.1 or later. If your iPhone is running an old iOS version, you won’t be able to use the FaceTime screen share feature. So, make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 15.1 or later.

  • Plug in your iPhone with a power source and connect it to a strong Wi-Fi.
  • Go to “Settings” from your home screen and click “General”.
  • Then locate and click on “Software Update”. If an update is available, click “Download and Install”.

update iphone

#6. Fix iOS System Glitches in One Click

If you still cannot share screen on FaceTime after iOS 17 update, there might be some bugs behind it. Take it easy, you can quickly repair your iOS system using a third-party iOS repair tool.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is an intelligent tool that can fix your FaceTime Screen Share not working problems. Here are the core features of this tool:

  • Fix FaceTime issues and 200+ issues in Standard mode without data loss.
  • Downgrade iOS to the unsigned version without using iTunes and no data loss.
  • Reset your iPhone to factory settings without password.
  • Not only iPhone issues but also iTunes issues can be quickly resolved.


Here's how to fix FaceTime screen share not working without data loss:

Step 1: Download the FoneGeek iOS system recovery software from its official site and install it on your computer. Run the program and select “Standard Mode” from the home page.

choose repair mode

Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and connect it to your PC using a USB cable. If the device is not recognized, the program will inform you to boot it into “Recovery mode” or “DFU” mode to get detected and proceed to the next step.

connect ios device

Step 3: Select and download your preferred iOS firmware. Once the download is complete, verify the iOS firmware.

download firmware

Step 4: Click on “Fix Now” so the program starts fixing the iOS system issues. Once done, open the FaceTime app and try using the SharePlay feature to know if it works.

fix now

Part 5. FAQs about FaceTime Screen Share & SharePlay

Q1. Can Android and Windows users enjoy the Screen Share feature while FaceTiming?

Android and Windows users can now join and connect to FaceTime calls thanks to the new macOS 12 and iOS 17 software update. Both software updates allow Android and Windows users to connect to FaceTime calls through FaceTime-web using browsers like Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Though Screen Share isn’t available now for Android and Windows devices through the FaceTime web, Apple might add the feature in subsequent updates.

Q2. Are there any apps that support SharePlay?

These apps from Apple have SharePlay Support: Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, Disney+, HBO Max, Kahoot, Cameo, ESPN+, Pluto TV, Hulu, SoundCloud, Paramount+, Redfin, Twitch, TikTok, and NBA. With later iOS updates, more Apple apps might support SharePlay.

Q3. How do you share the screen on FaceTime on iPhone?

There are two ways to share screen on FaceTime, and this guide explains both methods in detail.

   Option 1: Share Screen via Custom-Generated Links

This method allows you to share screen on FaceTime by using a unique link generated for you. Here is a guide for this method:

  • Open the FaceTime app on your iOS device.
  • Tap the “Create Link” button to create a unique FaceTime link.
  • Tap on the green “i” icon near the created link and click on the “Share Link” option.
  • Now you can share the link with your friends via E-mail, WhatsApp, or iMessage and ask them to join.

create facetime link

   Option 2: Share Screen on FaceTime Call

You can also share screen while on a FaceTime call. Here is how to do this:

  • Open FaceTime on your iPhone and start a call.
  • Add the contact(s) you want to share your screen with and tap the “FaceTime” icon to begin the call.
  • During the FaceTime call, find the “Screen Share” button  on your screen.
  • Then tap “Share My Screen”. After a 3-second countdown, screen share will start.
  • To stop sharing, tap the “Share Screen” icon and select “Stop Sharing Screen.”

share screen on facetime call

Final Words

Introducing Share Screen/SharePlay on FaceTime puts iPhone one step above every other. The possibility for a shared viewing and listening experience via SharePlay allows for a terrific user-end experience.

However, bugs, non-compatibility of some apps, and software problems mean SharePlay isn’t error-free and might malfunction sometimes. You can now fix any Screen Share not working problems with the help of the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery or by using any of the methods discussed in this article. For more pro tips and fixes to your iOS problems, check out other articles and software programs on this website.

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