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iMyFone Fixppo Not Working? Possible Causes And Ways To Fix

iMyFone Fixppo is a multipurpose repair tool that fixes iOS system problems without losing any data. It has become a reliable go-to for many apple customers to fix their iOS system issues. So, it can be very disappointing when the iMyFone Fixppo program does not work for your iOS devices.

What stops Fixppo from working and how do you fix it? This article reveals common reasons for Fixppo malfunction and different effective methods to fix the problem. Let’s dive in.


Why Is My iMyFone Fixppo Not Working?

Here are common reasons Fixppo isn’t working:

Poor Network Connection

If the network connection isn’t strong enough, then the iMyFone Fixppo repair tool will not work. To repair your iOS system problems, Fixppo has to download the latest firmware update for your iOS device.

A poor network connection can prevent the this program from obtaining the Firmware download address leading to the malfunction of the repair tool.

You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Fixppo

Using an old version of Fixppo to fix iOS issues, especially on the latest iPhone can prevent the iMyFone Fixppo program from working.

What to Do When iMyFone Fixppo Is Not Working?

1. Connect To A Stronger Network

In most cases, Fixppo is not working because the internet connection is poor. As explained earlier, a weak network connection means the repair tool can’t download the needed firmware package to repair your device. As such, it won’t fix your iOS system issues until you connect to a stronger network.

On your iPhone, check the “Airplane Mode” and “VPN” options. Both of these should be disabled for a good network connection.

airplane mode

2. Install An Updated Version Of Fixppo

iOS system issues are easier to fix when using the latest version of the iMyFone Fixppo. The older the Fixppo version, the lower the chances of it repairing your iOS software problems, especially on the latest iOS devices.

3. Reinstall The Program

If Fixppo doesn’t work, you might need to reinstall the program to fix the problem. Sometimes, a wrong mode of installation or faulty installer on your PC could affect this program.

Follow this guide to reinstall this program:

  • Go to the “Installed Apps” on your PC. To find the list of installed apps on your PC, press the “Windows” key on the bottom of your keyboard or click the “Windows” option on the bottom of your screen. Then type “Installed Apps.” A list of installed apps will appear on your screen.
  • Locate the iMyFone Fixppo software and uninstall it. Then delete the file.
  • Download and install the latest iMyFone Fixppo update on computer.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the program and see if it fixes your iOS system problem.

4. Force Restart iPhone

A force restart on your iPhone will automatically remove any glitch and bug in the iOS software causing the Fixppo not to work.

Here is a detailed guide on how to force restart your iPhone:

How To Force Restart iPhone 6 And 6s

  • Long press the “Sleep/Wake” button and the “Home” button at the same time until the Apple logo comes up on the screen.
  • Leave the iPhone to restart until the apple logo is displayed on the screen.

restart iphone 6

How To Force Restart iPhone 7/7 Plus

  • Long press the “Volume Down” button on the left side of your iPhone and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.
  • Wait for the iPhone to restart.

restart iphone 7

How To Force Restart iPhone 8(Plus), X series, or Later

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and quickly release the side button.
  • Wait for the Apple logo to display on the screen and leave the iPhone to restart.

restart iphone x

5. Contact iMyFone Customer Support

This method is a last resort. If you have tried other methods in this guide and the iMyFone Fixppo is still not working, you should contact iMyFone customer support for help from their technical team. You can also use the FAQs section on the website.

Try Other Ways To Fix iPhone Issues

Here are other ways to fix iOS system problems without using iMyFone Fixppo:

Force Restart Your iPhone

When you force restart your iPhone, the device is automatically shut off and forced to reboot. This refreshes all the apps on the device and removes the glitches causing the iPhone system problems. Your iPhone data remains intact and the system issues will be resolved. Follow the guideline in method 4 above to learn how to force restart your iPhone.

Restore iPhone In Recovery Mode

You can fix many iOS system issues by restoring the device using iTunes. However, the iTunes may not recognize the device to restore it due to iOS system issues. In this case, you need to put it into recovery mode to allow iTunes to recognize the device and fix iOS system issues.

Here is a detailed guide on how to do this:

How To Put iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, And Earlier Models In Recovery Mode:

  • Long press the “Power” button on the right side of your iPhone and the “Home” button at the center simultaneously.
  • Hold the buttons until you see the “connect to iTunes” screen pops up.

How To Put iPhone 7 and 7 Plus In Recovery Mode:

  • Long press the “Side” button and the “Volume Down” buttons on your iPhone simultaneously.
  • Hold both buttons until you see the “connect to iTunes” screen comes up.

How To Put iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Newer Models In Recovery Mode:

  • Quickly press and release the “Volume Up” button on the side of your iPhone.
  • Quickly press and release the “Volume Down” button on the side of your iPhone.
  • Long press the “Power” or “Side” button on your iPhone until you see the “connect to iTunes” screen comes up.

recovery mode

When the iPhone is in recovery mode, you’ll see this message displayed on the iTunes screen:“There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored”. Tap the ‘Restore’ option and iTunes will restore and resolve the iOS system issues.

itunes recovery mode

Use An iMyFone Fixppo Alternative

In some cases, Fixppo will not resolve your iOS issues. In such cases, you need an alternative to iMyFone Fixppo to fix problems with your iOS system.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a great alternative. FoneGeek iOS system recovery software is a repair program that fixes over 200 iOS system problems without any data loss. The program is easy to use and compatible with the latest iOS 16 and iPhone 14 models.


Here is a detailed guide on how to use FoneGeek System Recovery:

  • Download and install the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. Launch the program and select “Standard Mode” from the home page.

choose repair mode

  • Unlock your iPhone and connect it to computer using an USB cable.
  • If your device isn’t recognized, the program will tell you to put the device in “Recovery mode” or “DFU” mode.
  • Select and download your preferred iOS firmware. When the download is complete, verify the iOS firmware.

download firmware package

  • Click on “Fix Now” so the program starts fixing the iOS system issues.

fix now

Final Words

In summary, iMyFone Fixppo works great to fix your basic to advanced iOS system issues but sometimes, the program will not work due to a glitch or system error. When this happens, try connecting to a stronger network or use any of the fixes discussed in this post. If that still doesn’t resolve your iOS system issues, try using an alternative repair program or put the iPhone in “Recovery mode” using your PC. One of these options is guaranteed to work.

So, there you have it. For more pro tips on how to fix system problems on your iPhone, check out other posts on this website.

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