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iPad Keeps Shutting Off by Itself: Here Are 10 Solutions

There are numerous ways to power down an iPad, but if it's shutting down using any of the following methods, something may be wrong:

  • The iPad keeps turning off on its own and won't remain on.
  • It suddenly turns off with the Apple logo appearing and then reboots.
  • It shuts off randomly, goes black, and then returns to the lock screen.
  • The "slide to power off" screen appears without prompting.

No need to worry. This article outlines some potential causes for your iPad's recurrent shutdowns and offers solutions to resolve the issue.

Why Does My iPad Keeps Turning On and Off?

To effectively troubleshoot the problem, it is crucial to identify the underlying cause. If your iPad is shutting down despite having some battery charge remaining, there could be several possible explanations for this issue.

  • Software Bugs or Glitches: Issues such as iPads shutting down unexpectedly are often attributed to software bugs. To address these problems, updating to the latest version of iPadOS or performing a hard reset can be effective solutions.
  • Inadequate Storage: Insufficient storage capacity can also be a cause of repeated iPad shutdowns. If your iPad is running low on storage, certain applications may overload the system, leading to unexpected shutdowns.
  • Problems with Flash Memory: The presence of faulty flash memory could be a significant contributing factor to this issue. When the iOS framework tries to access data from the damaged memory, your iPad may automatically adjust its security settings. Apple's current security approach involves allowing the device to reboot instead of crashing in such cases.

How to Fix iPad Keeps Shutting Off Issue?

Clear Unnecessary Files on iPad  

One of the primary reasons behind repeated iPad shutdowns is insufficient storage. Regularly decluttering your iPad can prevent it from running out of space and shutting down unexpectedly.

To clear your iPad's storage, navigate to Settings > General > iPad Storage.

ipad storage

Wait until the apps and their corresponding storage usage appear. To remove an app while keeping its documents and data intact (ideal if you plan to reinstall the app again), tap Offload App. Alternatively, select Delete App to remove all app data.

Note that depending on the app, you may see additional storage management options, such as the ability to delete individual files (e.g., TV show episodes).

By clearing storage on your iPad, it should remain functional for longer without unexpected shutdowns.

Check the iPad Battery Health

The standard lifespan for an iPad battery is typically around five years. However, it is possible for them to degrade earlier than expected, resulting in problems such as unexpected shutdowns.

If you are uncertain whether your iPad's battery requires replacement, you can check its health status. Follow the steps below to check your iPad battery health.

  • Open the Settings app on iPad.
  • Tap “Battery > Battery Health”.

ipad battery health

If you see a number below 50%, then you need to consider getting the battery replaced as it is the most likely reason why your iPad keeps shutting down unexpectedly.

Remove Rogue Apps

The Rogue apps are the ones that are designed to act like a trusted brand and get unauthorized access to the data and privacy of the users. They can also malfunction your device and cause issues like shutting off automatically.

Find out these apps and then long-press on them. After that, press the (-) sign on the top-left of the app icon to remove them. You can also delete them from the Settings > General > Manage Storage. Find the apps from there and press Delete App.

manage storage ipad

Force Restart iPad

If your iPad is shutting off itself automatically, the first thing you should try is to force-restart the device. If the problem is caused by software conflict or a system glitch, it should be solved after restarting the device in most cases. Here is how to do this:

  • Press and hold the Wake/Sleep button and the Home button on your iPad.
  • Hold the buttons until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Now your iPad display will appear white or black on the starting screen based on the model.
  • Once the start screen occurs, you can let the button go. Your iPad device has successfully restarted.

force restart ipad

Keep Apps Updated

Another solution that might help you solve the issue is updating the apps. If there are any issues with the apps on your iPad, the update can fix them. Here is what to do:

  • Press the Home button and open the App Store.
  • Once the App Store screen occurs, scroll down and press Updates.
  • Now you will find all the apps that have the update available.
  • Press the Update button next to the apps to install the update.
  • You can press Update All to update all the apps at once.

ipad update all

Reset All Settings

If the problem still persists even after trying the solutions above, consider resetting all your iPad settings. Here is what to do:

  • Turn on the iPad and go to the Home Screen.
  • Now open Settings and go to General.
  • Find and tap on Reset All Settings.
  • Enter Passcode and confirm the operation by pressing Reset again.

reset all settings

Your iPad will reboot automatically once the reset is done.

Factory Reset iPad

Another thing you can consider doing is the factory reset which has a high chance of solving the issue. However, remember that the factory reset will delete all the data on your iPad. Let's see what you can do:

  • Go to Settings> General from your iPad.
  • Scroll down to find and open the Reset option.
  • Press on Erase all content and settings.
  • Confirm the operation and proceed.

erase all content and settings

Update iPad with iTunes

One of the effective ways to fix the iPad keeps shutting off is by updating the iPad OS to the new version. Here is how you can do this through iTunes:

  • Open the iTunes installed on your PC. Make sure that the iTunes is updated to the latest version.
  • Connect your iPad to your PC and select the iPad device from iTunes. Next, press on Summary and then press on Check for Update.
  • Now press on Download and Update. Enter the passcode if the prompt display asks for it.

restore ipad with itunes

Restore iPad With FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

If none of the solutions above work, you can consider restoring the device with a third-party tool designed for this purpose. FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is an excellent tool for this purpose. It can solve various issues without affecting any data on iPad, including the iPad keeps shutting off. Here is how to make use of the tool to solve the problem:


Step 1. Download and install the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your PC. Now launch the program and press Standard Mode.

choose repair mode

Step 2. Connect your iPad to the PC. After the device is detected, follow the on-screen guide to Download or import the required firmware package.

connect ios device

Step 3. Once the download/import is completed, press Fix Now to begin the repairing process. Once it’s done, you will find the iPad in a normal state.


Arrange a Visit to Service Center

If the shutting off is caused by hardware deficiency, chances are high that none of the above solutions will work for you. Some hardware issues include the power button not working or stuck, the battery draining fast, and accidental fall without visible damage.

It would be better for you to seek professional Apple Support in this case. You can set an appointment at the Apple Store, where the experts will diagnose the issue and suggest you an effective solution.


Now that you know what you can do to repair a device that keeps shutting down, let’s look at some of the other questions that our users have regarding this issue:

Q1. How do I stop my iPad from turning itself off?

To prevent your iPad from shutting down unexpectedly, it is important to ensure that it has sufficient battery charge and ample storage space available to perform regular functions. Additionally, it is essential to keep your device up-to-date with the latest iPadOS version and ensure that all apps are updated to their latest versions.

Q2. Will I lose my data if my iPad keeps shutting down?  

The sudden shutdown of an iPad can be a minor inconvenience. However, it typically does not result in the loss of stored data, except in cases where the device fails to power back on or if you were working on an unsaved project when the shutdown occurred. While certain recovery methods may lead to data loss, most of the time, your data should remain secure.


It can be very frustrating when you find your iPad keeps shutting off by itself. We hope the above guide will help you find the reasons behind this and solve it effectively. In particular, we will recommend you to try FoneGeek iOS System Recovery as there is higher chances to fix the problem using the advanced tool.

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