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iPhone Keeps Scrolling Up? Here is How to Fix

You are trying to do something on your iPhone, but you can't because the iPhone keeps scrolling up automatically. It can be a very annoying problem as you literally can't use any feature of the phone when this happens. Fortunately, there are some fixes that may help you to solve the issue effectively.

In this write-up, we will discuss the reasons behind iPhone keeps scrolling up issue and what you can do to fix it. Keep reading!

Part 1. Why Does My iPhone Keep Scrolling Up?

Have you found the screen scrolling issue on your iPhone? It is quite frustrating whenthe scrolling issue interrupts the use of the device.

The iPhone can scroll automatically for a variety of reasons. In most cases, it occurs because of either a faulty assembly of the phone or a damaged display. Damage to the pin is enough to cause the issue. Usually, when you drop the phone from a considerable height, the device's display assembly can be distressed.

Sometimes other internal issues can also cause this problem. You will find further details about the problems and their solutions in the below part of the article.

Part 2. Basic Solutions to Fix iPhone Screen Keeping Scrolling Up

Here are the resolutions that you can try to fix the iPhone automatic scrolling up issue.

Clean Your iPhone Screen

First, start with cleaning the display of your iPhone. Sometimes dirt or other substances on your iPhone can cause the issue. In this case, cleaning might solve the issue. Here is the ideal process to clean the display.

  • Begin with washing and drying your hands.
  • Turn off the iPhone and put it on a flat and clean surface.
  • Now pour a few drops of cleaning agents on display. It will be good if you use a commercial display cleaner. If it's unavailable, you can use polar liquids like petrol or alcohol.
  • If there is any dust in the hard-to-reach areas, you can use a toothpick to get rid of them.

clean iphone screen

Disconnect All Accessories

For some iPhone users, the problem only occurs when they attach something to the iPhone, like the charging cable. If this is the circumstance for you, consider detaching all the attached accessories from the iPhone and check if the problem solve.

Remove iPhone Case and Protector

Many iPhone users use screen protectors and cases to protect the device from scratches and dirt. These can also prevent breaking or damage in case of a fall. However, sometimes the protector and the case can interfere with the touch sensor and result in auto-scrolling. So, consider removing them and check if the issue persists.

Remove Apps from iPhone

If the scrolling issue only occurs while using a particular app, the issue might be with the app, not your iPhone. What you should do is remove the app and reinstall it. Here is how to do so:

  • Keep pressing the app icon you want to remove.
  • Next, press "Delete App".
  • Press "Delete App" on the confirmation.

delete app

Once deleting the app, go to App Store, search for the App and reinstall it.

Change 3D or Haptic Touch Sensitivity

3D or Haptic Touch Sensitivity is an interesting feature on iPhone that allows you to perform specific tasks by applying pressure or touching for a long time. However, the wrong settings of these features can lead to the scrolling issue. Obey the below steps to update the settings.

  • Browse Settings > Accessibility.
  • Tap on Touch under Physical and Motor.
  • Press 3D & Haptic Touch.
  • Turn on the toggle for 3D.
  • Update the 3D Touch Sensitivity to select the preferred sensitivity level.

3d haptic touch

Restart the Device

Sometimes a minor bug or glitch on the iPhone system software can also cause this nuisance. In this case, simply restarting the device will solve the error. Follow the official guide to restarting the iPhone from their website for your device model.

restart iphone

Part 3. Advanced Solutions to 'iPhone Keeps Scrolling Up' Issue

Sometimes the basic solutions may not address the iPhone scrolling issue, in this case, it's better to move to the advanced solutions below.

Reset All Settings

If you still cannot sort out the issue, consider resetting all the settings of the iPhone. Note that this will remove all the device settings, and you will need to set them again. Here is how to do so:

  • Browse Settings > General > Reset.
  • Tap on Reset All Settings.
  • Press Yes on the popup to proceed.
  • Enter your passcode and press “Ok” to confirm.

reset all settings

Your device will restart after resetting the Settings. Check if the problem is solved after restarting.

Update iPhone Version

Sometimes the matter can occur because of a bug. If it's known to Apple, they will bring a solution to this through a software update. So, consider updating your iPhone to the latest version if it is available.

To update the iPhone system version, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If the update is available, click on download and install to update.

update ios version

Try FoneGeek iOS System Recovery: A Professional Tool

If you still cannot sort out the issue, consider using a third-party program like FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. to solve the issue. It enables you to quickly restore your device to get rid of bugs and other system issues. The program enables you to solve more than 200+ iOS-related issues. It's pretty efficient and has a higher success rate.


Here is how to utilize the tool:

  • Download and install the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to your Mac/Windows PC. Then, launch the program and tap "Standard Mode" on the interface.

choose repair mode

  • Now attach the iPhone to the PC through a USB/lightning cable. Press "Next" after unlocking the device if it's running on iOS 17 or later and in the normal state. If the device is not detected, follow the on-screen guide to boot into Recovery/DFU mode.
  • Now select the firmware package for your phone and press “Download” to get it.

download firmware package

  • Once the download is done, press “Fix Now” on the Fonegeek app to start restoring the iPhone. Once the process is initiated, the iPhone will restart and back to normal state without any problem.

fix now

Part 4. FAQs about iPhone Scrolling Issue

How to quickly scroll on iPhone?

You can view the gray scroll bar when opening a page. To scroll the page from top to bottom, just press and drag down the scroll bar.

What can I do if the troubleshooting above don’t work?

If you have tried all the solutions provided in this article and the problem still exists, you can consider seeking for assistance from Apple support and they will provide further guidance to examine the device.


It can be very disturbing when you cannot fully use your iPhone because of an issue like auto-scrolling. We hope the above fixes, including the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, will help you to get your device back to its normal state.

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