iPhone Screen Not Rotating? Here's How to Fix It

"Just curious, is anyone else have a iOS 13 bug where screen rotation fails often? Just want to make sure it's not from dropping my phone."

After the newly release of 13, something seriously goes wrong. One of the most frequently mentioned is iPhone screen not rotating. To check whether your iPhone screen orientation is functioning appropriately, you can rotate your iPhone for 90 degrees or any directions you like. Sometimes, you might feel frustrated when you rotate your iPhone but it doesn't respond, and the causes of this issue are as below.

Why iPhone Screen Won't Rotate?

Normally, the iPhone screen cannot be rotated due to:

  1. Accidentally touching "lock screen button" in the upper right corner of iPhone.
  2. Accidentally turn on "lock screen rotation" of AssistiveTouch.
  3. Jailbreak iPhone or download conflict plug-ins. 

Potential Solutions to Fix the Screen Issue

1. Disable Orientation Mode

Orientation Mode is used to prevent your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from rotating however you turn the device. Thus when you found the device screen not rotating no matter how you turn it, check whether this function is on or off. If it is turned on, what you need to do is turning it off. Here are 2 quick tips to for you.

Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone/iPad to reach Control Center, just click the yellow lock icon to disable screen rotating. Or go to Settings > Control Center to disable the option of "Access on Lock Screen".

disable orientation mode

If you have disabled this option but still been unable to rotate the screen, then keep reading to try the solutions below.

2. Some Apps Won't Rotate

The iPhone screen rotation problem may have been fixed when you disable the Orientation Mode. Nonetheless, not all of the apps or contents support screen rotation, such as home screen. Home screen cannot rotate old iOS devices while some apps are only available to work in one orientation. If you found the app won't rotate even though the orientation lock is turned on, it's time to verify whether the app is designed to rotate or not.

On the other hand, some applications only work on Landscape mode, such as different iOS games can be used to verify whether the problem of iPhone screen won't rotate has been fixed or not. Simply launch this type of application to check if the screen rotation feature works properly or not.  

varify iphone screen not rotating

3. Fix the Software Issue Without Data Loss

You may encounter different issues in the process of using your iPhone. Most issues can be easily resolved by rebooting the device, resetting network connection, etc. Nevertheless, things will become complex if there exists a software issue rather than hardware issue.

One-click to Fix iPhone Problems without Data Loss:

  • Fix with various iOS system issues without data loss, including iPhone screen won't rotate, black screen, apps crashing or not opening, etc.
  • Simple to use without any hassle.
  • Fully compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro, iPad Pro running iOS 13, iPadOS 13. 

You need to download the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on the computer, then follow the steps below to fix your iPhone screen.


Step 1. Run the software on your PC, then connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable.

connect ios device

Step 2. Once your device is recognized, choose "Repair Operating System". Then download the correct firmware package to start repairing your iPhone. Do not disconnect your iPhone during the repair process, or the process will be interrupted.

download firmware

4. Is it the Hardware Issue?

If the solutions mentioned above don't work, it may very well be the hardware problem of iPhone. Few people know that the screen rotation of iPhone is controlled by the built-in accelerometer, which also manipulate the operation of iPhone. In other word, if the accelerometer doesn't work, it will not detect the rotation of the device.

In this case, we strongly hope that you would be able to fix the iPhone screen not rotaing problem after looking through this post. And we'll appreciate a lot if you can share an easily fix solution, just leave it in the comments below.


By Edwin J. Parke

Posted on May 05, 2018, 14:40:19

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