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7 Best Ways to Fix ‘Enter iPhone Passcode Stuck’ Issue

Is your iPhone stuck on the enter iPhone Passcode screen? Well, you are not alone. A lot of iPhone users have also reported this disturbing issue. The rare issue happens when a prompt on your iPhone asks you to enter the passcode. And, when you try to enter it, you find the screen frozen. It is such a disturbing problem since you cannot access anything on your iPhone when it happens.

In the below part of the article, we will discuss what causes this disturbing issue on the iPhone and what you can do to fix it.

enter iphone passcode stuck

Part 1. Variety of iPhone Stuck on Entering Passcode

There can be different types of iPhone passcode stuck. These include:

  • The iPhone screen freeze for a minute after you enter the passcode. When the screen unfreezes, it again asks you for the passcode.
  • When you try to access the passcode page from Settings, it becomes freezes.
  • After force-updating your iPhone, the problem occurs and shows “Swipe up to recover”.

Part 2. Why is iPhone Stuck on the Enter Passcode Screen?

Typically, your iPhone can become frozen in the Enter Passcode screen due to a software or a hardware problem. In most cases, the issue is caused by a system glitch.

As a result, you should primarily try to find out and repair underlying issues related to software. There is very little chance that the issue can be related to hardware.

Part 3. Fix "Enter iPhone Passcode Stuck" Problem Easily

Here are solutions you can try to solve the stuck screen issue.

Back Up Your iPhone First

The first thing we recommend doing is to back up your iPhone just in case it freezes again. There are multiple ways to backup your iPhone:

Back up to iCloud: It's the most straightforward manner to back up your iPhone. Simply connect to Wi-Fi and go to the Settings app. Then click on the name from the top. After that, click iCloud and then go to iCloud Backup. Make sure that the option is turned on. After that, press "Back Up Now" to proceed.

Back up to iTunes: If you have a PC or Mac OS 10.14 or older, you can use iTunes to back up the device. To proceed, attach the iPhone to the PC/Mac and then start the iTunes app. After that, click on the iPhone icon from the top-left of the screen. Then choose "This Computer" and then "Back up Now".

Backup to Finder: If you are using a new version of macOS (10.15 or up), use Finder for the backup. Like earlier, attach both devices and then open Finder. Press iPhone under "Locations" in Finder and then press "Backup all the data on your iPhone to this Mac". After that, choose "Back Up Now".

Charge Your iPhone

Sometimes simply charging the device might help you to get rid of this issue. Simply connect the iPhone to its official charger and let it charge for an hour. After that, try to enter the passcode. If the problem still occurs, try the subsequent solutions.

Forced Restart iPhone

If you own an iPhone 14 and it is stuck on the passcode screen, consider force restarting the device. Here is how:

  • Quickly click and unleash the "Volume Up button. Then, do the same for the other volume button.
  • Now tap and hold the "Side" button. You should find it as a slider on the iPhone display. You don't need to do anything with the slider. Instead, keep holding the button until you see the Apple logo.
  • After doing so, your iPhone should restart, and the stuck issue might get fixed.

restart iphone

Reset All Settings

Resetting all the settings of iPhone is a terrific way to get rid of all the problematic settings that are causing issues in the device, including the stuck. To do so, follow this guide:

  • Browse your iPhone’s Settings app and go to General.
  • Find and open Reset under General.
  • Hit the  "Transfer or Reset iPhone" and "Reset All Settings" option and enter the passcode to proceed.

reset all setting

Restore iPhone System with iTunes

iTunes is an excellent way to restore your iPhone to eliminate the passcode stuck issue. Here are the actions you need to pursue:

  • Utilize a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC. Once you do so, the device will be automatically spotted by iTunes. You might require pressing "Trust This Computer" on your iPhone.
  • In iTunes, press "Device" on the top left-hand side of the iTunes display once the device is detected.
  • After that, you will see the "Summary" page. However, if you are taken to a different page, press "Summary" to go to the next step.
  • In the new screen, check the “Backup” section and find the “Restore Backup” option. Then click on the option and pick the backup that you want to use. After that, click the backup document to proceed.
  • After doing so, the backup will start immediately, and it will take a while, depending on the backup size.

restore iphone with itunes

One Click to Fix iOS Issue without Losing Data

If none of the above approaches works for you to crack the stuck issue, consider utilizing a third-party iOS repair tool. You can consider utilizing FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, one of the best iOS recovery tools available currently. It is a powerful program that lets you quickly fix many iOS bugs, including the enter iPhone passcode stuck. You will not require iTunes for this method.


FoneGeek iOS System Recovery enables you to solve more than 200+ iOS issues and errors without any sort of data loss. It's a perfect tool to solve black screen, Apple reboot/logo loop, stuck issues, and much more.

Here are the steps you should follow to utilize the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery:

  • Download, install, and launch the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your PC. Then Press “Standard Mode”.
  • Connect/plug in your iPhone to the PC through a USB on the next screen.

choose repair mode

Note: If the app cannot recognize your device, boot into DFU or Recovery Mode utilizing the guidance on the program.

  • Now, you will be moved to a new screen where you can select the Firmware version that you want o employ. Pick the preferred firmware and click “Download”.

download firmware

  • After the completion of the firmware download, click "Fix Now" to start solving the problem. Within a few minutes, the system will be repaired.

fix now

  • Once the procedure is successfully completed, your iPhone will reboot, and there should be no issues now.

Fix Your iPhone in Apple Store

If you have tried all the solutions, we have mentioned above and still cannot fix the issue, consider contacting Apple. That is because there might be a hardware defect on the device, and it needs to be sorted out by Apple's technician. If your iPhone is still under warranty coverage, you might get it fixed for free or even get a replacement. You can make an appointment with your nearby Apple Store or Apple technicians to diagnose and fix it.

Final Thoughts

It can be very disturbing when you cannot utilize your iPhone's features properly because the enter iPhone passcode is stuck. Fortunately, the above methods should help you to fix the issue. Make sure to use the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery, as it effectively fixes such issues. And, if the problem persists, fixing the issue with Apple is your last resort. Best of luck!

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