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[Solved] New iPhone Stuck on Preparing to Transfer

Are you experiencing the data transfer preparing stuck issue on your iPhone while transferring data? Well, you are not alone. Many other iPhone users also reported getting stuck in the Preparing to Transfer phase. The pleasing news is that you should be able to solve the issue easily. Keep reading this article to learn more about this issue and how to solve it.

iphone stuck on preparing to transfer

Why Does New iPhone Keep Saying Preparing to Transfer?

Here are some of the usual reasons behind the data transfer stuck issue on iPhones:

  • Poor Internet Connection: If you are making use of the Quick Start feature under poor Wi-Fi, it may require a bit more time to detect the iPhone.
  • Big size of data: If you are trying to send a large file or a large number of data at once, it may require a lot of time.
  • Unknown software issues: Sometimes, unknown software-related issues can cause glitches and prevent you from Quick Start.

Easy Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing to Transfer

Here are the fixes that you can try to get rid of the stuck on preparing to transfer.

Keep Devices Close to Each Other

Transferring data wirelessly using the Quick Start will require both devices to be in close range for a smoother transfer. If both of the devices are not close, consider bringing them closer.

Connect the 2 iPhones to the Same Network

Both the new iPhone and the older one need to be connected under the same wireless network. Also, the Wi-Fi connection needs to be stable enough so that they never disconnect during the transfer.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure both devices are connected under the same network.

iphone wifi

Ensure the 2 Devices Running on iOS 17 or Above

Ensure both iPhone devices are running in the iOS 17 or above version. You can check this from Settings > General > About. There you will find the software version.

iphone version

Repeat the process to check the version on the other iPhone.

Ensure Enough Storage on iPhone

It's obvious that you will require enough storage to transfer the data on the newer iPhone. So, how do you check the available storage capacity?

To do so, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. You will see a bar, and the grey area on the bar indicates the available amount of free space. If there is insufficient storage, consider removing unneeded files from the device.

check iphone storage

Restart Your Device

Sometimes a simple restart may help you eliminate the stuck transfer issue. Especially if the nuisance is driven by a system error or software glitch, restarting the device should solve it. The process of restarting will vary depending on the model of your iPhone. Follow the official guide of Apple to restart iPhone.

restart iphone

Disable the Low Power Mode

The low power mode on your iPhone is designed to reduce battery usage. Although it increases the battery life, it can also reduce the device's performance. If you have the mode turned on, consider turning it off. Here is how:

  • Browse the Settings app and go to Battery.
  • Find the Low Power Mode and turn off its toggle switch.

low power mode

Reset Network Settings

Sometimes the data transfer error on the new iPhone can occur because of a network error. In this case, resetting the network settings might help. Make sure to do this cautiously, as it will remove all the network-related settings. Here is how to do so:

  • Browse Settings > General > Reset.
  • On the new page, tap "Reset Network Settings".
  • Enter your passcode to confirm and proceed to reset.

reset network settings

Check the Bugs on iPhone System

The iPhone stuck on transfer can occur because of bugs on your device. Unfortunately, these system bugs can also cause a lot of other issues. Thankfully, you can use a third-party tool like FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to restore your device and get rid of them.

The FoneGeek iOS System Recovery program is an easy-to-use and efficient tool that enables you to solve various iOS-related issues quickly. Moreover, you can safely fix these issues on the iPhone without losing any data.


Let’s see how to utilize the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to get rid of the transferring stuck issue:

Step 1. Install and launch FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your PC. Then attach the mobile to the PC through USB or lightning cable. Finally, tap "Standard Mode" on FoneGeek's homepage.

choose repair mode

Step 2. Once the devices are linked, the program will detect your iPhone's problem. After that, tap on the Next button on your iPhone if needed.

connect ios device

Step 3. Now you will see the iPhone model as well as the available iOS firmware versions. Select the preferred firmware and tap "Download".

download firmware package

Step 4. The download will begin within a while. Once completed, press "Fix Now" to begin solving the issue with your iPhone. After a while, the iPhone will restart and return to its normal state.

fix now

Using Alternative Ways to Transfer iPhone Data

You can also use these alternative ways to transfer the data on your iPhone.

Transfer Data to New iPhone with iTunes

iTunes can be a great way to transfer data from your previous iDevice to your new iPhone. Here is how.

  • Launch iTunes and attach the old iPhone to the PC.
  • Tap on the device icon and press "Summary".
  • From there, press “Back Up Now” under the Backups section.
  • After completing the backup, connect the new iPhone to the same PC.
  • Tap on the device icon and press "Restore backup".
  • Select the backup to complete the process.

media reviews

Transfer iPhone Data via iCloud

You can also transmit data from iPhone to the newer one using iCloud. Note that you will require a decently strong Wi-Fi connection for that. The steps are below:

  • First, generate a backup of the old iPhone by going to Settings > Apple ID profile> iCloud.
  • Under iCloud, press iCloud backup and select "Back Up Now".
  • Now reset your new iPhone if you already set it. To do so, browse Settings> General. Then go to Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Then tap Erase iPhone. After that, set the iPhone again.
  • On the go to the App & Data page while resetting, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup” and choose the backup you have made.

restore from icloud


We hope you will find the information in this write-up beneficial to solving iPhone stuck on preparing to transfer window. Especially, you can use the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery program tool to solve it quickly as well as the other issues with your iPhone. Best of luck!

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