Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Won't Turn Off (iOS 14 Supported)

Sometimes, many friends will habitually turn off the iPhone during the meeting or exam. However, many iPhone users have found that their iPhone won’t turn off after long-pressing the power button, which can be quite embarrassed.

Part 1. Why My iPhone Won’t Turn Off

Here are the most possible reasons why iPhone won’t turn off:

  • The Power button is not responsive or broken.
  • The iPhone screen gets frozen for the software or hardware issue.
  • The iPhone is stuck on black screen and won’t turn off.

Part 2. iPhone Won’t Turn Off? Check These Fixes

Have you ever tried to turn off your iPhone with the traditional procedures? (Press the Power button and then slide to turn off the device). Maybe it will not work to normally turn off your iPhone after trying the standard way. If you are in this situation, then try the solutions below.

1. Hard Reset Your iPhone

To preventemergency, a back door is provided by Apple. You have to reboot the iPhone to get the device out of the frozen issue. Since you have no access to any functions to restart your iPhone, the ultimate method is to hard reset the device. You can refer to the steps below to turn off your iPhone.

For iPhone 7: Hold down the Volume down and Power button, then the slider to turn off the device will appear on the iPhone screen. Just power off the device now.

For iPhone 8 and later: Hold and quickly release the volume up button, then hold and release the volume down button. Finally, press the side button to turn off the device.

turn off and turn on iphone

After your iPhone is restarted, it should work normally. Now re-follow the standard steps to check if the iPhone can be turned off.

2. Turn Off iPhone via AssistiveTouch

The method above will be workable when the physical buttons are still useful. If one of these buttons are broken, such as the Power button, side button, volume up button and volume down button, Assistive Touch shall come in handy for you. With Assistive Touch, you can simply turn off your iPhone without physical buttons. Here is how:

Step 1. Open [Settings] on your iPhone, and then click [General].

Step 2. Click on [Accessibility], then turn on [Assistive Touch], and then there will be white dots on your screen.

Step 3. Click on Assistive Touch and you will see many quick tabs. Select the Device option and keep holding the option of Lock Screen and move the slider that appears on the screen to turn off the device.

turn off iphone via assistivetouch

3. Restore iPhone System with iTunes

One failsafe trick will be effective to fix iPhone won’t turn off issue for frozen errors is to restore the device with iTunes. While performing the restore with iTunes, you should make sure that you have already had the full backup of the device data with iTunes or iCloud. If you are familiar with iTunes and iOS system, you must know how to backup iPhone with iTunes and restore the backup to your iPhone.

We did a survey that this solution is feasible for most iPhone users to fix most different iPhone issues. Thus we listed this solution in this article.

Step 1. On your computer system, run iTunes and use an authentic USB cable to connect the device to iTunes. And the iTunes installed on your computer should be of the latest version.

Step 2. Then put your iPhone in Recovery mode and iTunes will detect the iPhone in Recovery mode and also detect your iPhone problem. Click on ‘Restore’ on the pop-up message to get this problem fixed.

Step 3. If you don’t want to put the device into Recovery mode, you can also click on ‘Summary’ when the device is detected by iTunes. Then click on ‘Restore Backup’ on the summary page and iTunes will give you the option to choose the iTunes backup file you need to restore to your iPhone.

check for update

When the new iTunes backup is restored to the device, the iPhone won't turn off problem will be resolved.

4. Repair iPhone in Apple Store

This problem may be more serious if these solutions don’t do as you need. In this situation, it is not suggested to repair this problem by yourself at home. You’d better ask for the Apple experts for help. Get support from Apple store will possibly have this problem fixed.

5. How to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn Off without Data Loss

I think nobody would want to suffer from data loss after fixing such a problem of iPhone won’t turn off. We are here to introduce FoneGeek iOS System Recovery that is developed to fix any iOS issues to you. And the issue of iPhone won’t turn on could also be cured be this repair toolkit.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery: Fix iPhone System Issues without Data Loss

  • Various system issues stuck in white apple logo, black screen, recovery mode, DFU mode, etc. with simple steps.
  • All issues can be fixed. No data loss.
  • You can feel secure to use the tool. Many famous tools have recommended this tool, such as PCWorld, PC Advisor , etc.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 12, iOS 13, etc.


The procedures below will get your out of this issue with this toolkit.

Step 1. After downloading the toolkit on your system, select ‘Repair Operating System’ and proceed.

repiar operating system

Step 2. Then, the device should be connected to our computer with an USB cable. Now, click on ‘Fix Now’ when the toolkit detects your device.

cilck on fix now

Step 3. The firmware will be located according to your device information. Next, click on ‘Download’ button and the toolkit will start to download the firmware and repair this iPhone system issue.

download firmware package

repair ios system


We hope that this post gives you a slight idea of fixing the issue of iPhone won’t turn off. Go ahead each solution one by one and enjoy using your iPhone after reading this article.


By Joan J. Mims

Posted on Jun 06, 2019, 21:59:24

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