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No Sound for Games on iPad? Here is How to Solve

iPad offers a great gaming experience with its big, intuitive display and smooth controls. However, one issue troubling some users is no sound for games on the iPad. If you are also encountering the same issue, keep reading this article.

In the below part of the write-up, we will discuss what provokes no game sound on iPad and what you can do to fix it. Keep reading!

Part 1. No Sound on iPad Games: What Are the Causes Behind It?

Typically, issues with the sound in iPad can occur because of a variety of issues. These include:

Muted iPad

Sometimes users can accidentally tap the Mute button while gaming with full concentration. Doing this will mute all sounds, including the ones from the game. So, check if the ipad is muted if you encounter the no game sound issue on the iPad.

Old iPadOS Version

iPad usually tends not to update the system software (iPadOS) in time. An outdated OS version can lead to many issues, including no sound in the game. So, if you are encountering this issue, consider updating the iPadOS before trying anything else. To do so, go to Settings > General and then Software Update. Once you complete the update, the apps should run smoothly.

Incompatible Settings

Did you make any changes to the iPad recently? Well, it can also lead to sound issues. Incompatible settings can affect the games and apps on your device and lead to sound issues. So, if you changed any settings, consider rolling back to the old settings to eliminate the issue.  

Part 2. What to Do If No Sound for Games on iPad?

Now you know the major reasons behind no sound in iPad games. Let’s check what we can do to get rid of the issue.

Open Control Center and Unmute Sounds

This is a straightforward fix that may help you to get rid of the no-sound issue quickly. Here are the steps to pursue:

  • Swipe down from the middle of your iPad screen to bring out the Control Panel.
  • Find the Sound Control icon (it seems like a bell icon). If there is a slash on the icon, it means sounds on the iPad are muted.
  • Simply tap on the Sound Control icon to unmute the device. You can also slide your finger over the icon to increase the volume.  

ipad unmute sounds

Increase Volume from the Game

Sometimes the issue might occur because of playing the game with a low sound. Even if the iPad's volume is maxed out, you will not hear the game sound as it is set to low. It typically occurs when you are multi-tasking, where one app requires sound and the other doesn't. Here is how to increase the volume of the game:

  • Launch the game on your iPad.
  • Tap the volume up button on the side of the iPad.
  • Increase the sound to the max and check if the sound is increased for the game.

Switch Off Headphone Mode

If you often use headphones on your iPad, there is a considerable chance that your iPad is locked in headphone mode. When this happens, your iPad will think it is connected to a headphone and won't play the audio in the usual way.

There is an easy way to fix the issue. Simply reconnect the headphone and remove it after a few seconds. Repeat until you see the headphone mode is gone.

Check the Sound Settings of iPad Game

Nowadays, most games offer in-game volume control. So, if the sound on your ipad is not muted, there is a chance that the game sound is set to low or it is muted in the game settings.

  • To check the settings, open the iPad game and go to the game's Settings.
  • Once you find the Settings, scroll down and find the sound settings. If you find the sound settings turned down or muted, you can fix it. Simply unmute the sound and increase it.

Turn on and off the Mono Audio

The issue with the game can also occur because of the issues with the mono audio switch. Consider turning it on and off to solve the issue:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility.
  • Click “Mono Audio”switch.
  • If you find it on, disable it and check the game.
  • If there is still no sound, turn it on again.

ipad mono audio

Switch on and off Lock Rotation

Lock rotation can sometimes mute the notifications as well as the sounds of the game. Consider resetting the lock rotation following the below steps:

  • Open Settings > General of your iPad and find “Lock Rotation” under “USE SIDE SWITCH”.
  • Make sure the "Mute" is unchecked. And, if it is checked, checkmark" Lock Rotation" instead of "Mute".
  • Now start the game again and check if the problem solves.

lock rotation

Restart Your iPad

Sometimes a simple restart can solve many issues on your ipad, including the no sounds for the game. Here is how to restart:

iPad with Home Button:

  • Tap the volume up/down button and top button together, and don't release them until you see the power off screen.
  • Now drag the slider to switch off the iPad. It will require around 30 seconds to be completed.
  • Once the device turns off, turn it on again by pressing and holding the top button.

restart ipad

Fix No Sound for Games on iPad by Fixing the OS

If none of the above solutions help, consider utilizing a third-party iPadOS repair tool to fix the issue. One such tool you can consider utilizing is the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. It lets you quickly fix many issues with the iPadOS, including no game sound.


Here is how to utilize FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to fix the no game sound on iPad:

  • Launch the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery on your Windows/Mac PC and select “Standard Mode” mode. Also, link the iPad to the PC.

choose repair mode

  • To begin the recovery process, start by putting the device into the Recovery or DFU Mode. You can do so by tapping and holding the Home and Sleep/wake button of the iPad together until you see the iTunes logo.

put iphone into recovery mode

  • Once you reach the recovery mode, tap "Download" to start the download of the required firmware file.

download firmware

  • Now press “Fix Now” to begin the procedure of fixing the iPadOS. Once done, your iPad should get back to its normal state.

fix now

Factory Reset Your iPad

If you still cannot resolve the issue, consider factory resetting the iPad. Note that it will eradicate all the data and settings from your ipad. So, proceed with caution and make sure to create a backup before you begin. Here are the steps to pursue:

  • Open iPad’s Settings > General.
  • Find and open Reset and then click on “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • Confirm the operation and type your Apple ID password to proceed.

erase all content and settings


Sound effects are a crucial part of any video game, and it can be really intimidating when you cannot enjoy your iPad games because of no sound. We hope the above guides will help you eliminate the issue. Especially the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery method will be very useful if you encounter other system errors or bugs along with the no sound for games on iPad.

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