Top 5 Solutions to Fix 'Photos Not Uploading to iCloud'

’iCloud Photo Library’ will automatically store all your iPhone photos and videos if the feature is enabled on the device. You can access your iCloud photo library from any devices at any time. Your photos and videos will be categorized by Time, Featured, and Year, so that you can quickly find the photos or videos you want. If you are have an issue of ‘photos not uploading to iCloud’ or ‘iCloud photos not syncing’, you’ll find various possible solutions to help you successfully update photos to iCloud.

Part 1. Reasons of Photos Not Uploading to iCloud

It will be significant for understanding the possible reasons leading to the iCloud photos not syncing error before taking any further measures.

  • Insufficient iCloud storage to store more photos.
  • Unstable network connection.
  • iOS system issues due to iOS upgrade, virus attack, etc.
  • Photos or videos are damaged.
  • Apple server’s problems.
  • iCloud Photo Library has already been turned off.

Part 2. How to Fix ‘Photos Not Uploading to iCloud’

We know that a great many methods can be used to repair such a issue of iCloud photos not syncing. We made a systematic and comprehensive comparison off all potential solutions then screen the top 5 ways to remove this issue.

1. Check iCloud Storage

Apple offers free iCloud storage for 5 GB. If you have synced too many photos and videos to iCloud already, the free iCloud storage may be run out, then the iCloud sync feature will be stopped.

You can go to Settings, click your device name, then iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage to check the free space on the iCloud storage. If the iCloud storage is limited, you can choose to purchase to enlarge more iCloud storage or deleted unused data to free up storage.

Follow these steps to purchase more iCloud storage:

Step 1. Go to the iCloud settings page on iPhone, click Manage Storage and Change Storage Plan.

Step 2. Then choose an upgrade option and click ‘Buy’ to enlarge the iCloud storage.

check icloud storage

2. Check iPhone Network

As what has said previously, iPhone should be connected with stable WiFi or cellular data when uploading photos to iCloud. So stable network connection should be ensured to resolve the ‘iCloud photos not syncing’ issue. Check the tips below to improve network stability.

Restart and reset the router: Turn off the router by pressing the power button then turn it on. After that, you may find that the network connection become much better. If the network is still poor, you can click the Reset button to reset the router.

Forget This Network: To forget your iPhone network, click Settings, then select Wlan and click the lock icon near the WiFi name that the device is connected with, tap ‘Forget This Network’ and then enter the wifi password to reconnect the network.

Place the iPhone Aside the Router: The Wi-Fi signals will be affected by the distance between the iPhone and router. The signal will be very weak if the iPhone is too far from the router. So place your device aside the router when uploading photos to iCloud.

check network

3. Turn on iCloud Photo Library

Photos will not be uploading to iCloud if iCloud photo library is turned off. Thus when you encounter this issue, ensure that the iCloud photo library feature is enabled first.

Run Settings app on iPhone, click iCloud > Photos option to turn on ‘iCloud Photo Library’. If it is already enabled, just turn it off and turn it on.

You can also turn on the ‘My Photo Stream’ if this iCloud uploading issue still exists.

turn on icoud photo library

4. Check Apple ID

If there is an error of the Apple ID, the photos couldn’t be uploaded to iCloud either. So follow the steps below to ensure that the Apple ID is correct or not.

Click Settings and your device name to check whether the Apple account is correct. You can also choose to log it out and log on again to check whether this problem can be fixed.

check apple id

5. Best iCloud Alternative to Back Up iPhone

What are your purposes to upload photos to iCloud? To make a backup of these photos? If it is exactly what you want, here is on backup tool that is much better than iCloud if the problem of ‘photos not uploading to iCloud’ is still unsettled: FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery. FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery makes is easier to transfer photos from your iPhone to computer in one click. Not just photos, you can also transfer videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, notes, WhatsApp messages, voice memos, etc from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Besides the data mentioned above, the deleted data could also be retrieved from iPhone/iTunes/iCloud backup. This program is 100% reliable and compatible with all models of iOS devices running iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 12.1 and iOS 12.2.


Step 1. To start with, download FoneGeek program on your computer and run it after the downloading has completed. On the welcome screen, go to the ‘iPhone Data Recovery’ module since if need to transfer photos to computer.

select iphone data recovery

Step 2. Click ‘Recover from iOS Devices’ and connect the device to pc. If it the 1st time to connect the iPhone to your computer, you need to click ‘Trust This Computer’ on the iPhone screen. And the software will automatically detect it.

connect iphoen to pc

Step 3. The application will display all the data types that you can transfer from iPhone. To short the transferring process, simply select ‘Photos’ and click Next button.

Step 4. After the scanning process, you can see that all the data are well-categorized. Hit Photos to view all the deleted and undeleted photos that you want to transfer. You can select one photos or more then click ‘Recover’ to transfer the selected photos to computer.

recover photos from iphone

Meanwhile, iTunes also allows you to back up your iPhone photos. Thus, in case the iCloud photos not syncing issue could not be repaired after trying the solutions above, you can use a better iCloud alternative: iTunes or FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery to make it easier and more convenient to manage your iPhone data.



By Fay J. Melton

Posted on Apr 04, 2019, 09:51:07

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