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[3 Methods] Solved: White Dot On iPhone Screen

White dots on iPhone screen has been one of the hotly discussed iOS issues on the internet recently. If you’ve experienced it, then you know how quite troublesome it can be. Using your iPhone suddenly becomes difficult because the dots obstruct part of the view of its screen.

So, what causes it? Well, there are various factors that cause it. The most common one though is Assistive Touch feature if it’s turned on. How can you fix it? There are several approaches that can help you do that and we’re going to look at them in this guide. Before we get there, though, let’s first learn more about this white dot on iPhone screen issue to understand it better.

What Does iPhone Have a White Dot on Screen Mean?

The white dot on iPhone can mean two things. It could be the Assistive Touch feature on the iPhone or it could mean a possible hardware problem with the iPhone’s screen.

In case it’s a hardware problem your device is facing, then consider the 3rd solution below. However, if it’s just a feature of Apple, then you’ve little to worry about. It’s not a serious problem. The methods below can help your sort it out.

What is Assistive Touch feature on iPhone?

Assistive Touch is basically an iPhone feature introduced to help people having difficulty using the buttons and touchscreen of their phones. It allows them to activate certain features with just a finger swipe. Once activated, you will notice a white dot on iPhone screen. You can activate the Assistive Touch using two methods as shown below:

  • Open Settings. Head to Accessibility and click it. Next, click the Touch option and then “Turn On AssistiveTouch” option.
  • Alternatively, open Settings. Click on Accessibility and then Accessibility Shortcut. Now, click on “Turn On AssistiveTouch” option to activate it.

assistive touch

How to Get Rid of White Dot on iPhone

Now that you know the meaning, here’s how to get rid of white dot on iPhone.

Reboot Your iPhone

Restart is the first solution we recommend as it always solves many iOS problems. It may seem silly but doing just a simple restart can cause the white dots on iPhone screen to disappear. So, give it a try. Note that the restart steps vary depending on the iPhone model. Below are steps for iPhone 15/14 and earlier models like iPhone SE (2nd Gen)/8/7/6.

For iPhone 11/X and newer models:

  • Long-press the Volume button or just the Side button to launch the iPhone’s power-off slider.
  • Tap and hold the slider, then drag it to switch off the phone. Wait for 30 seconds for the phone to turn off.
  • Turn the phone on again by long-pressing the Side button until the Apple logo shows.

restart iphone x

For iPhone SE (2nd Gen)/8/7/6

  • Long-press Side button to launch the iPhone’s power-off slider.
  • Tap and hold the slider, then drag it to switch off the phone. Wait for 30 seconds for the phone to turn off.
  • Turn the phone on again by long-pressing the Side button until the Apple logo shows.

restart iphone se

Try the Software Fix

The second best solution to solving the white dot on iPhone screen issue is a software fix using a tool like the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. This method usually works, especially if the cause of the problem is software-related.

The FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a highly effective software program that’s capable of repairing over 200 iOS problems. It’s easy to use and doesn’t lead to any data loss during the repair process.


Steps to resolve white dot on iPhone screen problem using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery:

  • Start by downloading the FoneGeek software on your PC and then install it. Once installed, launch the program. Two modes of operation will appear on the home screen. Select the “Standard Mode” option.

choose repair mode

  • Get the iPhone having the white dot issue and connect it to the PC using the original Apple USB cable. FoneGeek will identify the iPhone and detect the real issue, after which it will display the correct firmware package for your iPhone model to fix the issue.

download firmware package

  • Click the Download button. The firmware package will begin downloading immediately. Once downloaded, just click Fix Now and the program will start the repair process.

fix now

It will take roughly 10 to 20 minutes for the program to finish the repair process. As soon as it’s done, the iPhone will reboot itself.

Seek Apple for Hardware Issue

If you try the two above methods and the issue is still not resolved, chances are it’s a hardware problem in the iPhone that’s causing the iPhone screen to have white dots. Should this be the case, then the best step to take is to head to Apple Store where you can get expert help from their professional staff. They’ll assist you to determine the issue and also offer a solution to it. It’s highly likely that they would advise you to just replace the screen of your iPhone instead. You’ll hardly have to pay anything if the iPhone is still within the warranty period.


Q1. How to get pressure spots off the phone screen?

There’s very little you can do here, to be frank. It’s quite impossible to fix a phone screen once it’s damaged by pressure. Any attempt to get the pressure spots off any LCD screen can only end up causing more damage than good. So, in such a case, your only best bet is to look for a professional phone repairer and have them replace the screen.

Q2. How to know if I need to replace my iPhone screen?

Check for the Apple logo. This is the easiest way to know if the screen of your iPhone needs replacing. The Apple logo should be visible on the flex cables and also digitizer’s cables on the LCD screen. You should also see the Apple logo right on the back of your iPhone’s LCD screen.

Q3. How to know if the LCD is broken on iPhone?

You have to examine the display very well. It doesn’t matter if there’s a crack in the glass or not. Examine the whole display and see if you’ll note any black spots or discolored areas. Look for blurred parts/sections on the screen too. An iPhone screen that remains completely black is also likely broken. Look out for patterns or lines that don’t seem like simple cracks in the screen too.


With the solutions highlighted above, you should be able to now fix the white dot issue on your iPhone screen without any difficulty. The software fix is certainly the best option if you want the fastest and most effective solution. It will remove the white dot instantly and resolve any issue that was causing it. Give it a try. If it doesn’t work, then visit Apple Store as it’s likely a hardware issue that’s causing the white dot on iPhone screen to appear.

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