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8 Tips to Fix 'Your Account Has Been Disabled on App Store and iTunes' Issue

Have you ever seen "your account has been disabled on App Store and iTunes" message on iPhone? If you see this message, you won't be able to use iTunes, App Store, and other cloud-based services from Apple. In addition, your iPhone will continue notifying you that your App Store account has been disabled. But don't worry because this post will help you identify some possible causes of a disabled account on the App Store or iTunes. We'll also share 8 practical solutions to try out.

your account has been disabled in app store and itunes

Part 1. Why Is Your Account Disabled on App Store and iTunes?

It's vital to learn why your Apple account has been disabled on iTunes and the App Store before seeking solutions. Below are five reasons for a disabled Apple ID account:

  • Using the wrong passcode severally: Trying too hard to log in is undoubtedly the most common reason for this problem. After ten failed attempts, Apple will lock you out of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod account. This security feature prevents someone from guessing your account password until they get the correct one.
  • Signing out for an extended period: Another reason for a disabled Apple account on iTunes and App Store is failure to sign in for an extended period. If you take too long to sign into your Apple account, your iPhone could lock you out.
  • Owning multiple App devices: Are you signed into numerous Apple devices? Apple will use the plain ol' security feature to lock you out after several unsuccessful login attempts on multiple devices. In this case, you can contact Apple to make things clear.
  • Billing issues: Sometimes, the reason why your Apple account has been disabled is due to unpaid or outstanding bills. This is common with long-standing payment disputes or if you owe money to a service or app.
  • Disputed purchases: Apple will turn off your App Store and iTunes account after purchasing and disputing the charges later. Again, contact Apple to clear things up.

Part 2. Standard Solutions to Disabled Account on App Store and iTunes

Now you have a clear idea why your account is disabled in App Store and iTunes, let's list of the solutions to fix this problem:

#1. Wait Patiently

Although this may not be the most convenient solution, you must wait for the passcode to reset after entering an incorrect passcode, which could be hours before your iPhone resets your Apple ID account. Once the temporary lockout is lifted, enter the correct passcode to log into your Apple account.

#2. Set the Correct Time and Date

Using incorrect time and date can lead to several malfunctions in your iPhone, including the disabled account error when logging into Apple servers.

So, always check if your iPhone date and time settings are correct by opening the Settings app, then click General > Date & Time > Set Automatically toggle.

set automatically

#3. Log Back into iCloud

If a technical error is the cause for disabled Apple ID account, solve this problem by logging out and back into the account. It's best to try this solution because it's the most straightforward way to reset your Apple account. But consider using the other solutions in this post if you don't have the correct Apple ID password.
Using these steps to log out and back into your Apple ID account:

  • Open Settings and click your Apple ID profile.
  • Tap Sign Out, then enter your Apple ID password.
  • Click Turn Off, then verify that you want to log out by double-tapping Sign Out.
  • Log back into the iPhone account to clear the error.

sign out of icloud

#4. Unlock Disabled Apple Account with iForgot

Another helpful solution to fix a disabled Apple account on iTunes or the App Store is creating a new passcode using iForgot. But note that Apple will ask you some questions to verify the disabled account is yours. You may also be asked to enter your phone number or email. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the iForgot website on any device.
  • Next, enter your Apple ID, then tap Continue.
  • Now follow the instructions to reset the Apple ID passcode.

reset apple id with iforgot

#5. Change Apple ID Passcode

Most of the above solutions won't work if you cannot remember your Apple ID password. Therefore, the best way is to create a new password for your Apple account. Ensure you have your locked device and the backup phone number to reset the password. Below are the steps:

  • Click your Apple ID profile under the Settings window.
  • Tap the Password & Security option, then click Change Password.
  • Enter your screen lock code (if any), then type and re-enter your new password.
  • Click Change to create a new passcode. Sign out of iTunes and App Store, then sign back in to see if the issue is resolved.

change apple id password

#6. Confirm Your Restrictions

Have you changed your passcode and nothing still works? The next probable solution is to check your iPhone restrictions. You might have accidentally turned off in-app purchases, which can lead to the disabled Apple account message. Follow these steps to enable your iPhone restrictions:

  • Click Settings > Screen Time.
  • Tap Continue > This is My iPhone.
  • Next, click Content & Privacy Restrictions, then enter your iPhone restriction code.
  • Now try to access your Apple account and see if the error message appears.

content privacy restrictions

#7. Clear Pending Bills

If you often purchase services on the App Store and iTunes, tracking all your subscriptions and purchases is vital. This way, you'll know which services or apps have pending charges and clear them to keep your Apple account accessible. Remember that making prompt payments also prevents any possible penalties. So, settle your unpaid bills on iPhone as soon as possible to reinstate your account.

#8. Contact Apple Support

If you're still not progressing even after implementing the solutions above, it may be time to speak to the Apple support team. Apply these steps:

Step 1: Visit https://getsupport.apple.com/solutions.

Step 2: Tap the "Start a chat" button to chat with an Apple support agent. Alternatively, you can schedule a call with the support team.

Part 3. Consequences of Your Account Has Been Disabled on App Store and iTunes

You must be wondering about the possible consequences if your Apple account is disabled on your iPhone. Usually, a disabled Apple account means the following:

  • You cannot access your iCloud account and the stored data until you address the problem.
  • iCloud mail, FaceTime, and iMessage will stop working until you solve the issue.
  • You'll not access Apple services with any App Store repairs and orders rescheduled.
  • You'll not make iTunes and App Store purchases and access Apple Books.

Part 4. FAQs

Q1. How long will my Apple account stay disabled?

You'll have to wait 24 hours to unlock and access your Apple account if it was disabled after multiple unsuccessful login attempts or for security reasons.

Q2. Is "Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store and iTunes" the same as "Apple ID disabled"?

No, these alerts are different because you'll receive the "your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes" alert when opening the App Store. On the other side, Apple will notify you that "Apple ID disabled" after entering incorrect Apple ID login details severally to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock screen.


You now clearly understand why your Apple account is disabled on the App Store or iTunes and how to solve this problem. Remember that you'll need to log into your Apple ID to access services like iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. So, create a unique password and save it somewhere secure. Also, avoid entering incorrect passwords several times to prevent staying locked out of your Apple account hours. Instead, reset your Apple ID password. We hope this helps!

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