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9 Solutions to YouTube Error Loading Tap to Retry on iPhone

You may see the prompt “Error Loading. Tap To Retry” when watching videos or live streaming on the YouTube app. If you tap the retry option, the error appears again right away. It can keep appearing repeatedly such that you can’t watch the video anymore.

So, what do you do when this happens? This post provides the answers. Here, we will tell you why this YouTube error loading tap to retry issue keeps appearing on your iPhone and how to fix it using eight simple methods.

youtube error loading tap to retry iphone

Why Does YouTube Error Loading Tap To Retry Keep Appear? 

Are you getting a black screen with the error message, “Error Loading. Tap To Retry” whenever you try to watch YouTube videos on iPhone? Well, this YouTube error loading tap to retry prompt keeps appearing due to several reasons that include:

  • Problem with network – If your network connection is weak or unstable, you may encounter errors in YouTube or videos may stop streaming.
  • Wrong Account settings – When your account settings are not configured correctly, YouTube may stop working or have issues.
  • Technical bugs – If your YouTube app or iPhone has an issue, especially technical bugs, you may get the YouTube tap to retry error.

How to Solve YouTube Error Loading Tap to Retry Issue?

You have seen several common reasons behind the YouTube error loading tap to retry issue. Let us now look at the troubleshooting methods that can fix the issue. 

Disable the Airplane Mode

If the Airplane mode is enabled on your iPhone, it will turn off the internet connection and cause the YouTube app fail to work. Without the internet connection, the YouTube app can’t play any video, so you have to ensure that the Airplane mode is off on your iPhone. You can confirm if it’s off using these steps.

  • Go to the Settings app and you’ll see the Airplane Mode option.
  • Check the toggle that’s next to the Airplane Mode option.
  • If it’s on, tap it to switch it to the OFF position to disable the mode.

airplane mode

Enable Cellular Data and Background App Refresh Feature for YouTube

You may have accidentally disabled the cellular data for YouTube app on iPhone, and that is why you’re getting the YouTube error loading tap to retry iPhone issue. If you allow the YouTube app to access cellular data and enable the Background App Refresh feature, then the tap to retry error may disappear. Follow these steps:

  • Launch Settings, scroll to the YouTube option, and tap it.
  • Now, enable Mobile data and the Background App Refresh feature for YouTube.

allow cellular data and background app refresh for youtube

Update YouTube App

Check the App Store to see if there are any updates for YouTube app. If an update is provided, install it to fix YouTube issues like this YouTube error loading tap to retry iPhone problem. Use these steps.

  • Tap the App Store app icon to open it.
  • Go to the Updates option and tap on it.
  • Check the update section to locate the YouTube app.
  • Tap the Update button in front of the YouTube app to get the new version.
  • Allow the update to finish. When it’s done, tap the Open button in front of the YouTube app.

update youtube app

Uninstall and Install YouTube App

A lot of caches can accumulate in the YouTube app after a very long time of usage and end up causing issues with the app. These issues, in this case, can be solved when you uninstall the YouTube app and install it afresh.

Uninstall YouTube App

  • Long-tap on YouTube app. An X icon will appear, so tap it to remove the app.

delete youtube app

Install YouTube App Again

  • Head to the App Store and search for YouTube app.
  • Tap the 'Get' button next to the app and then the download it on iPhone.

Sign out of YouTube Account and Sign in Again

If your account settings are not configured properly, you’re likely to encounter various streaming errors. You may get rid of such streaming errors by signing out of YouTube account and signing in again. Or you can use YouTube in incognito mode or as a guest instead of signing into your account. Follow these steps to sign out and into YouTube.

  • Go to YouTube and tap on your profile picture.
  • Tap on your name again.
  • Select the Use YouTube signed out option.
  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Now tap on Sign in and select your account.

Update Your iPhone’s iOS Version

Apple usually releases new software updates that can fix issues and bugs found on iOS. Therefore, if you keep updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version, the tap-to-retry error may disappear. You can update the iOS now using the steps below.

Get your iPhone plugged into power and turn on the network connection before proceeding.
  • Launch Settings and access the General tab.
  • Select Software Update.
  • If an update is available, tap on the Download and Install button, and the new iOS version will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone.

download and install ios

Wait Half an Hour and Replay the Video

Don’t try to play the video again if the error persists. Just wait for some time before replaying it. Wait at least 30 minutes as the YouTube team recommends.

There could be a problem on the YouTube servers’ end that is causing the video not to play right away on your device. Once the half an hour is up, try to play the video and check if it works.

Reach out to YouTube Support Team

Are you still getting the YouTube error loading tap to retry iPhone prompt after trying the above solutions? The problem could be YouTube itself, so you can contact the YouTube Support team for help or go to YouTube’s official Twitter page and ask for help from professional experts.

[Recommended]Fix YouTube Error Loading Tap to Retry Permanently

iPhone can sometimes have issues like a blue screen, crashing, and so on. The effective way to get rid of such iPhone problems is to use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery.


This software can resolve any issue on iPhone, including YouTube error loading tap to retry. It is straightforward to use. Here’s all you need to do.

  • Download the iPhone System Repair tool, install it onto your PC, and launch it. Next, click on ‘Standard Mode’.

choose repair mode

  • Get the faulty iPhone connected to your computer using the iOS device’s lightning cable.
  • You must download the latest firmware and install it on your device. So, select where to save the firmware by clicking on “Browse” and then  click Download to get the firmware.

download firmware

  • After successfully downloading the firmware, click on Fix Now and the FoneGeek will start to repair the device.

fix now

Ensure you download and use the tool on your PC/laptop only.


Though the YouTube error loading tap to retry issue is frustrating, you can quickly fix it using the methods provided above. If the error continues to appear, your iPhone may have some software issues and the most effective solution to that is to use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. This tool will get rid of the issue right away and allow you to watch any video that you want in the YouTube app.

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