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Does iCloud Backup Text Messages? How to Extract Text Messages from iCloud

Does iCloud back up text messages? Do you know how to back up text messages on your iPhone? There are always a lot of spam messages in SMS, we often need to clean up SMS messages, unfortunately, some important text messages will also be accidentally deleted, so it is especially important to back up iPhone messages in advance. Today we will take a look at Apple SMS backup method. With iCloud, you can back up messages and other data saved on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Part 1. What Does iCloud Back Up

Generally, iCloud will back up your iPhone automatically when the following conditions are met simultaneously.

  • An Apple ID is available and the iCloud backup feature is enabled from Settings.
  • The iPhone is charged.
  • iPhone screen is locked.
  • iPhone is connected to WiFi.

iCloud supplies the free backup storage for 5GB. Below are what iCloud backup contains:

  • Application data
  • Device settings
  • iMessages, SMS and MMS
  • Photos and videos taken with iPhone, iPad
  • Visual Voicemail password
  • Purchase history on Apple store, including music, film, book, etc.
  • Ringtones

Part 2. Can You View Text Messages via iCloud

To tell the truth, Apple allows us to view portion of the data saved in iCloud online. You can directly visit iCloud.com and sign into your iCloud account to view contacts, notes, reminders, photos and other data. It’s a pity that text messages are excluded from these data. In other word, Apple doesn’t give a path to view text messages on iCloud. We need to take a slightly more indirect path to view iCloud text messages: one is to restore iCloud backup to iPhone, another is to use the 3rd-party software.

If you choose to restore iCloud backup to iPhone to view the text messages, you have to factory reset the device first. In reality you will lose more than you gain. So we do not recommend using this way.

Another choice is using the 3rd-party software. This way works much better in theory. Now keep reading the 3rd part to view text messages with the iPhone Backup Viewer.

Part 3. Free Way to View iCloud Text Messages with iPhone Backup Viewer

The 2 parts above have told you whether iCloud backs up text messages and whether it is possible to view iCloud text messages. If you don’t want to pick the wrong way to view iCloud messages that won't work nearly as well, Free FoneGeek iPhone Backup Viewer is a reliable choice. This program will not force you to erase all the data and content on iPhone. It can do much more than what iTunes or iCloud does:

  • View deleted and existing text messages and other data types in detail for free.
  • Extract more than 20 types of data from iCloud backup, iTunes backup and iPhone separately.
  • Back up selected data or all data on your iPhone without overwriting the previous backups.


To view text messages on iCloud with this free iPhone Backup Extractor, you have to have this program downloaded and installed on your computer. Then follow the steps below:

Step 1. Once the software is installed on PC, run it and select ‘iPhone Data Recovery’ on the start screen.

select ios data recovery

Step 2. On the recovery toolkit interface, select ‘Recover from iCloud Backup’ option on the left bar and sign into the iCloud account.

recover from icloud backup

Note: We will never have access to or save any of your iCloud data even if you have signed in with your iCloud account. It is 100% secure to use this iPhone Backup Viewer.

Step 3. After successful logging in, one or more iCloud back files will be detected and listed. You may select one backup file and click ‘Next’.

log in to icloud

Step 4. The download process will get started. When the progress bar reaches to 100%, all the data saved in the iCloud backup file will be displayed. Tick ‘Messages’ to view each text message for free now.

recover imessages from icloud backup

Step 5. If you need to back up these text messages or other data, you can also click ‘Recover’ button to export these data on your computer.

After going through all the tips mentioned in this post, you may know more about iCloud text messages and get free ways to view text messages on iCloud. With iPhone Backup Viewer, you can even view and recover deleted text messages and other data from iPhone, iTunes or iCloud.

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