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[2021 New] How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone without Backup

My girlfriend deleted all the photos that we took yesterday when she tried to clean up her iPhone memory. Those photos are very dear to us. She really regret for what she did as she didn’t find any backup for these photos. How can we get them back?”

It is really catastrophic when deleting or losing something meaningful, for example photos. However, it happens often in our daily life. Things would get worse if you don’t search any backup files after losing the photos. Here we will assist you to recover deleted photos from iPhone without backup.

Part 1. Is There Any Chance to Recover iPhone Photos without Backup?

Before exploring the full solutions to iPhone photo recovery without backup, let’s check one of the frequently asked questions of this issue.

Most users may think that it is impossible to recover deleted photos from iPhone when they have no backup. In truth, there is still an opportunity to get them back. However, the success rate to get the deleted photos from iPhone varies from different situations.

For example, if you stop using the iPhone immediately you found that your photos have lost, you will have a substantial chance to recover deleted photos. On the other hand, the recovery rate will be very low if you are still using the device and continuously adding new data.

Then what is the theory of recovering lost iPhone data? After some data are deleted from iPhone, such as photos, the deleted photos are not immediately destroyed from the database file until new data re received. So even if the original photos are deleted, the fragment file is still in the database. What you will require is an iPhone data recover tool to extract photos from the database before they are overwritten.

Part 2. Advises for You after Losing Photos from iPhone

  • Stop using your iPhone after deleting fata from your device, or the fragment file in the database will be overwritten and hence, it will become impossible to recover them even if you have a data recovery tool.
  • Turn off the internet connection on your iPhone if the device has even been backed up to iCloud. This can increase your odds to recover photos from iCloud if possible.
  • Do not try to recover photos by restoring iTunes or iCloud backup unless you are 100% sure that the deleted photos are saved in the iTunes/iCloud backup. Or you may permanently lose these photos.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone without Backup

The content above provides an in-depth look at the theory of iPhone data recovery and the tips to maximize the possibility to recover deleted photos. As mentioned above, an iPhone data recover tool is required to extract deleted photos from iPhone. FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery can retrieve deleted photos as well as 22 more types of data from your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc.

It adopts advanced algorithm to deeply scan the device data base data and find the deleted photos. Moreover, with this powerful iPhone data recovery software, you can even recover deleted photos from iPhone even if there is no iTunes/iCloud backup available. You can download PR iPhone Data Recovery on your computer to perform the photo recovery process now.

Competitive Features of iPhone Data Recovery:

  • Recover deleted iPhone photos from without backup.
  • Recover deleted iPhone photos without restoring device to factory settings.
  • Preview deleted photos contained on your iPhone or within iTunes/iCloud backup for free.
  • Fully or selectively recover deleted photos without damaging the data on your iPhone.
  • Fully compatible with the new released iOS 13/12, etc.


Before using FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery to deleted photos from iPhone without backup, you must download it on your computer or laptop. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Then, click on ‘Recover from iOS Devices’ and use a data cable to have your phone connected to computer. If have you never connected the phone to the computer before, you should click on "Trust This Computer" on the device.

iphone recovery

Step 2. After the device is detected, tap on 'Start Scan' tab to scan the deleted photos saved on the iPhone storage.

start scan iphone

Step 3. After the process is over, all the deleted photos found by this program will be displayed in category. Tap on 'Photos' tab to view them. You can view individual photo and select the one you want, then hit on 'Recover' to export selected photos to your computer.

preview photos ios

Part 4. Tips to Back Up Recovered iPhone Photos

You are now very likely to get back your deleted photos after using PR iPhone Data Recovery. If you are worry about losing them again, you can keep the copy file of these photos by iCloud or iCloud.

Back Up iPhone Photos with iTunes

Step 1. Start iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone/iPad to computer.

Step 2. Hit the device icon when it is recognized by iTunes and go to the Summary interface. Click on the tab of ‘Back Up Now’ and the backup process will begin.

backup iphone photos with itunes

Back Up iPhone Photos with iCloud

iCloud is a cloud service launched by Apple. It can be used to store photos, videos, files, music and apps. Here are the steps to back up iPhone photos with iCloud.

Step 1. Click ‘Settings’ and tap ‘iCloud’.

Step 2. Click on iCloud Backup and then Back Up Now.

back up iphone photos


When the whole process is complete, all the recovered photos will be saved on your computer. That’s all the steps you can follow to recover deleted photos from iPhone without backup. Why not have a try?

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