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5 Ways to Recover Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone in 2024

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“All of my Viber messages are lost after I updating my iPhone to iOS 17. Is there any way to bring them back?” - from Apple Community

Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging & callling app and its users has increased to 1 billion in recent years. It allows users to make international call or send texts, images, videos, audio files for free.

For users who use Viber a lot, they may have plenty of valuable messages and attachments stored in Viber. Losing or deleting Viber messages by mistake can cause many troubles.

If you are in such situation, don't worry, keep reading and follow the steps below on how to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone.

recover viber messages iphone

1. Recover Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone without Backup

Actually, the deleted Viber messages are still saved on the database of iPhone until they are overwritten. What is required is to extract the deleted Viber messages on iPhone. FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery can easily extract and recover Viber messages and other data from iPhone directly even without any backup.

Why Choose FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery:

  • Recover up to 20 types of data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, including the built-in App data and 3rd-party app data (messages, photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik messages, etc.
  • Supports to selectively extract and recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup without restoring iPhone/iPad.
  • Free trial version is also provided for users to preview iPhone data and iTunes/iCloud backup before recovery.
  • It is fully compatible with iPhone 15/14/13 running iOS 17/16 or earlier version.
  • You can feel safe to download it on your computer, it is also highly recommended by PC Advisor, PC World and other famous medias.


Here's how to recover Viber chat history from iPhone without backup:

Step 1. Download and install FoneGeek iPhone Viber Recovery on your computer. Launch the program and select "Recover from iOS Device", then click "Start".

iphone recovery

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Once the device is detected, choose "Viber" and other data you want to recover, then click "Scan" to begin scanning.

start scan iphone

Step 3. After the scanning process is complete, you should be able to view all the data on your iPhone listed in category. Click "Viber" and check the deleted vibes messages that you want to retrieve, then click "Recover".

recover viber messages iphone

2. Restore Deleted Viber Messages from Previous Backup

2.1 Restore from Viber Backup

If you have previously backed up Viber chats through its inbult backup feature on your iPhone, you can get the deleted Viber messages back by restore the backup after reinstall. Follow these simple steps:

  • Back Up Viber Messages

On your iPhone, open the Viber app and tap on the More icon. Then go to Settings > Viber Backup and tap on "Back up now". You can also choose "Auto Backup" to automatically backup Viber messages on your iPhone.

backup viber messages iphone

  • Restore Viber Messages

Ensure that your iPhone is signed in with the same iCloud account where the backup is stored. Reinstall the Viber app and activate it with the same phone number, the application will inform you to restore from previous backup, just tap on "Restore now".

restore viber messages from backup

Limitations of Restoring from Previous Viber Backup:

  • You can only restore Viber messages to the same platform lie iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android with the same phone number.
  • Not all your Viber messages will be restored since Viber won't back up the media messages or hideen chat history.

2.2 Restore from iTunes Backup

If you have regularly backed up iPhone with iTunes, you can also restore device from the backup to get back the deleted Viber chats. However, this method won't allow you to view the data in the backup and all data on your iPhone will be replaced and deleted.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable and launch iTunes.
  • Click the device icon when it appears in iTunes and click on "Restore Backup".
  • Choose the backup contains the Viber messages and click "Restore" to begin the restoring process.

restore viber messages from backup

Note: If you are not sure that the iTunes backup contains the deleted Viber messages, you can also use FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery to extract Viber messages from iTunes backup.

Step 1. Launch FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery and select "Recover from iTunes Backup". Select one iTunes backup that may contain the deleted Viber messages and click "Next".

select itunes backup

Step 2. Now choose "Viber"and any other types of data you want to restore from iTunes, then tap on "Scan"to begin scanning the iTunes backup.

scan itunes

Step 3. After the scanning process, you can preview the deleted Viber messages and choose the conversations you need, then tap on "Recover" to export them to your computer.

recover viber messages from itunes backup

2.3 Restore from iCloud Backup

If you backed up iPhone with iCloud before deleting the Viber chats, you can get your Viber messages back by restoring iPhone from the backup. Same to restoring from iTunes backup, all the existing data and settings on your iPhone will be erased.

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on "Erase All Data and Settings".
  • Set up your iPhone and in the "Apps & Data" screen, choose "Restore from iCloud Backup".
  • Sign in to your iCloud account and choose the backup that includes the Viber messages, the restoring process will begin.

restore viber messages from backup

Note: If you're not sure whether your iCloud backup the deleted Viber messages or not, we recommend you not do the full restore. You can follow the steps below to selectively recover Viber messages from iCloud backup with FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1. Launch FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery and select "Recover from iCloud". Then log in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

sign in icloud

Step 2. Choose an iCloud backup according to the backup time or size, then click Next and the software will begin scanning the iCloud backup.

select icloud file types

Step 3. After that, you should view the details of Viber messages when you click Viber from the data types. When necessary, you can click "Recover" to save the Viber messages to computer.

recover viber messages from icloud

3. Recover Viber Messages on iPhone via Email

If you have ever share Viber messages via email (Viber > More > Settings > Calls and Messages > Email Message History), you can log into the email where you sent these Viber messages to and download these Viber messages and attachments to your computer or iPhone.

email viber messages

Please note that the pictures and videos won't be sent via email. And the Viber chats are saved in CSV files and cannot be restored to your iPhone.

The Bottom Line

Now that you've learned 5 ways to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone. As you can see, the best way to avoid data loss is to make a regular backup of your iPhone. Though you can restore from Viber backup, iTunes or iCloud backup, all of them have limitations. In such case, we recommend you try FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore to backup and restore Viber chats on your iPhone.

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