[3 ways] How to Recover WhatsApp Messages Online

WhatsApp has become one of the best applications for messaging, video calling or group chat. This application has more than 600 million users. WhatsApp messages are very likely to be lost due to device broken or stolen, thus it is important to get deleted whatsApp messages backup to retrieve precious information. If you are one of them and accidentally deleted or lost whatsApp messages, continue reading and follow these simple steps to recover whatsApp messages online.

1. Recover WhatsApp Messages Online from Local Backup

One of the inbuilt features of WhatsApp application is to restore whatsApp chat via local backup to get deleted whatsApp messages or transfer these messages between 2 devices. If the backup feature is turned on, all the whatsApp chats will be backed up every night. So that you have great chance to recover whatsApp messages online with the steps below.

Step 1. At first, whatsApp application should be deleted from your iPhone. Simply go to WhatsApp > Click Settings > tap Chats > Click Chat Backup to back up WhatsApp messages. Then long press this app icon and click ‘X’ to uninstall the app.

Step 2. Then go to the Apple store to search and install WhatsApp on your iPhone. Then you will be prompted to log in this app to initial the setup process.

Step 3. You need to log into this application with the same phone number that you used before.

Step 4. After verifying the number, the app will display 2 choices, just select ‘Restore’ option and all the WhatsApp messages will be restored to the WhatsApp again.

Here are also cons to restore whatsApp messages from local backup that you should know.

  • If you forgot to back up your whatsApp messages preciously, the deleted WhatsApp chats will not be restored. 
  • The data that you lost recently cannot be retrieved. 
  • You cannot selectively restore specific WhatsApp data. So it may take a long time to wait for the restore process. 
  • Enough space shall be spared on device in case the restore process may be stopped. 

2. Recover WhatsApp Messages Online from iPhone Selectively

If you wish to selectively recover WhatsApp messages online from iPhone, FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery is the best tool that you can pick to restore whatsApp backup on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can use this tool to recover not only WhatsApp messages, but also text messages, imessages, photos, videos, notes, voice memos, and more from iOS devices.

PR iPhone Data Recovery - Recover Lost iPhone Data

  • Recover any data lost on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Even access and recover data from locked and disabled iOS devices. 
  • Supports to preview and recover data from iPhone/iTunes/iCloud without data loss. 


Step 1. Visit the official site of this iPhone Data Recovery to download the correct version of this program on your computer. Then install, run it afterwards then select ‘iPhone Data Recovery’.

select iphone data recovery

Step 2. There are three recovery modes on the navigation bar. Select 'Recover from iOS Device’ and using an usb cord to connect the iOS device to computer.

connect iphoen to pc

Step 3. Upon successful connection, all the data types will be displayed on the screen. Choose ‘WhatsApp Messages’ and click ‘Next’ button.

Step 4. The program will properly scan the whatsApp messages on iPhone. After the scanning completed, you will be able to preview all the whatApp chats on this screen. Choose the messages you want to pick and tap on ‘Recover’ button to save them on your pc.

3. Recover WhatsApp Messages Online from iTunes Selectively

iTunes will also create a full backup of WhatsApp messages if you have performed the backup before. Now using this PR iPhone Data Recovery to selectively restore WhatsApp or other data from iTunes backup.

Step 1. Run this program and select ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’ tab on the interface. Wait for a while and the program will load the previous iTunes backup files. Choose one iTunes backup here. If the iTunes backup if encrypted, you will be required to enter the password to decrypt it first.

select an itunes backup

Step 2. Then tick the ‘Next’ button to allow the tool to analyze the iTunes backup. All the iTunes backup data, including the whatsApp messages will be deeply scanned.

Step 3. After the analyzing, click ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘WhatsApp Attachments’ to read all the deleted and current whatsApp messages. Then press ‘Recover’ button to export the selected WhatsApp data on computer.

recover viber from itunes

4. Is It Free to Recover WhatsApp Messages Online

Currently, there is no way to recover WhatsApp messages online for free. However, there is chance to get 3rd-party software, such as PR iPhone Data Recovery and use the free trial version to preview deleted data on iPhone so that you can verify whether this kind of program is useful before purchasing the license code to get complete features.

This article gives you all the possible methods to recover WhatsApp messages online. The most appropriate method could be FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery. You can download the free trial version to preview your deleted whatsApp messages for free. If you need these messages for further use, you can also upgrade to the full version to recover deleted WhatsApp messages to save them to your computer to print, edit, etc.


By Joan J. Mims

Posted on Mar 03, 2019, 12:36:34

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