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[5 Solutions] How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer

If you use voice memos for varying tasks like recording notes or music, then there may be too many voice memos on your iPhone. It may therefore become necessary to transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer for safe backup copy.

There are several ways to do that. Before we proceed, we can check the comparison table below to quickly choose the most suitable method.

Support file typeData SecurityTransferring Speed
Share SheetSingle transferNo data lossFast
EmailSingle transferNo data lossSlow
iTunesBulk transferData lossSlow
FoneGeekSingle/Bulk transferNo data lossFast
AirdropSingle transferNo data lossFast

1. Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer via Share Sheet

You can download voice memos from iPhone to other services by sharing them with other tools. For example, you can share the voice memo with mail to send the voice memo to yourself or someone else.

You can also share the voice memo to some services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive installed on your phone.

Step 1. Open the voice memo app, click on the voice memo you want to share, and then click the Share button to get started. This button looks like a box with an up arrow.

select voice memo

Step 2. Choose the service you want to share. For example, select Mail to email your voice memo to yourself. If you send the voice memo to your own email address, you can open your email and download voice memos from iPhone to your PC and Mac.

Step 3. Scroll to the right and click "More" to pick up other services. To use the service, its application must be installed on the phone. For example, if you need to use Dropbox, you must have a Dropbox app installed on your iPhone.

share via airdrop

Repeat this process for each voice memo you want to share to transfer voice memos from iPhone to pc.


  • You can only transfer single voice memo at one time.
  • You must install this app before using this service.

2. Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone Via Email

If you have relatively fewer voice memos on your iPhone, you might be able to get them on to your computer by emailing them to yourself. This method however only allows you to transfer one memo at a time, which is why it is not an ideal solution if you have too many voice memos to transfer. Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap on “More” (three dots at the top) and then select “Share”. You will see a number of options to share the voice memos. Select “Mail” to continue.
  • A new email will appear. Enter your email address and then send the email to yourself with the voice memo attached.
  • Now you can just open the email on your computer and download the voice memo attached on to your computer.

share voice memo via email iphone

3. Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to PC with iTunes

If you use voice memos frequently and want to move multiple voice memos at the same time, you can use iTunes to automatically sync new voice memos. You need to download and install the iTunes plugin to complete this task.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using an USB cable.

Step 2. Locate your iPhone in the left pane of iTunes.

If you have not previously connected your iPhone to iTunes on this computer, you must unlock your iPhone and click on "Trust" to trust the computer. Follow the instructions in iTunes.

Step 3. Here are several options listed under your device. Click on ‘Music’ and additional options will be displayed on the right window.

Step 4. Mark “Include voice memos” checkbox in the right panel of window and click on Apple to sync the voice memos with iTunes.

transfer voice memos from iphone to pc with itunes


  • If you have songs on iPhone instead of in iTunes library, using this method will overwrite the musics on your iPhone.
  • The sync speed may be a bit slow.

4. Selectively Get Voice Memos Off iPhone with a 3rd-Party Tool

The methods discussed above will be useful to transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer. We have one more utility recommended here to you now. With FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery, you have the opportunity to transfer not only voice memos, but also notes, contacts, text messages, iMessages, photos, videos, and 22 more data formats to your computer. Here are other features you can expect with this program:

FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery: Transfer All iPhone Data to PC:

  • 22+ files are supported to be transferred and exported from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.
  • Even the deleted data could also be exported. So you can also transfer deleted voice memos from iPhone to computer.
  • It is completely free to preview the deleted and existing voice memo and other data before the transferring and extraction.
  • 3 Transferring modes are provided, so you can transfer data from iOS devices or from iTunes/iCloud backup with this program.
  • Your iPhone data will not be affected when using this tool. And it is also recognized by authoritative media sites including iLounge, iGeekPhone, etc.


How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer with FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery

Step 1. After downloading the trial version of FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery from its official site or by clicking the download button above. Start up this program and choose ‘Recover from iOS Device’ from the main interface.

select iphone data recovery

Step 2. You have to connect your device to computer if you need to recover from your iPhone directly. A new windows will appear prompting you to select any data that you need to transfer. Mark ‘Voice Memos’ on the interface and the voice memos will be scanned by the program.

connect iphoen to pc

Step 3. The voice memo information will be displayed on the interface when the scanning is complete. Both the deleted and undeleted voice memos will be listed.

Step 4. Choose the voice memos you want to transfer and tap on the button of ‘Recover’ to transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer.

recover data from iphone

The program will notify you when the process is complete. Just keep the device connected to the computer until the transfer is done and all voice memos on your iPhone will now be available on the computer.

5. Download Voice Memos to Mac via Airdrop

If you are using a Mac computer, you can easily use Airdrop to share voice memos between iOS devices.

  • Open up the Voice Memo on iPhone and follow the preferred method to do it.
  • Select the voice memo that you need to transfer and click on 3-dots to select ‘Share’.
  • A new window enables you to share the voice memo to Mac via AirDrop.
  • Turn on bluetooth on your Mac and you should see voice memos on Mac.

download voice memos to mac via airdrop


All the methods mentioned in this article will be very simple for you to transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer. If you have the necessity to transfer more data rather than only voice memos to computer, FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery program is available here. Almost all iOS data will be transferred from iOS devices to computer with this professional transferring program. Just download the tool on your computer and have a try.

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