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3 Simple Methods to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Computer

WhatsApp can be used to chat with our friends, partners, or family members distantly. The chat history stored on WhatsApp may be very important to you. Sometimes you need to export the chat history or attachments to computer as an evidence to win a case. Or you have just switched your iPhone, you are in need of transferring WhatsApp messages to computer to prevent data loss, including WhatsApp messages, photos, audios, etc. However, it is nearly impossible to transfer whatsApp messages from iPhone to computer without the assistance of a 3rd-party tool.

Normally, we always make a backup of WhatsApp messages and other iOS data with iTunes or iCloud. Let’s take the iCloud backup as an example. If iCloud backup is enabled from whatsApp settings, the WhatsApp chat history will be backed up to iCloud automatically every day. Less than that, the iCloud backup couldn’t be viewed until it is restored to iPhone. And these is no an option to transfer selected whatsApp messages.

transfer whatsapp messages from iphone to computer

Tool That You'll Need: iPhone Data Recovery

Is there any way to selectively transfer whatsApp messages from iPhone to computer without restoring them to iPhone? The answer is definitely yes. PR iPhone Data Recovery will be the best tool when considering all the needs.

There are plenty of similar programs offer the such a service, but none of them offers more services than FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery. FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery allows you to recover and transfer WhatsApp messages and other data securely to your computer. The core features of this program are as below:

  • Supports 22+ Types of Data: In addition to WhatsApp messages, PR iPhone Data Recovery also supports to extract and transfer 22+ types of data to pc.
  • Recover Deleted iOS Data: Get back your lost or deleted data on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.
  • Selectively Extract Data from iTunes/iCloud Backup: You can easily extract or transfer WhatsApp messages or other data from your iTunes or iCloud backup without restoring your iPhone system.
  • Easy to Use: It only requires 3 steps to transfer all the WhatsApp messages to computer. And you can select what you want to transfer to short the transferring process.
  • Free to Preview: Before choosing to transfer, you still get the chance to preview each WhatsApp chat history for free.


1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Computer Directly

Step 1. After you have downloaded FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery on the desktop of your computer, launch it and first choose ‘iPhone Data Recovery’ option.

select iphone data recovery

Step 2. On the next window, press the option of ‘Recover from iOS Device’. Here all the data types will be listed. You need to mark the ‘WhatsApp&Attachments’ to transfer WhatsApp messages.

connect iphoen to pc

Step 3. After the scanning, the program will show all the WhatsApp chat history that can be transferred under the category. You can transfer all of them or only the selected messages and transfer them to your computer by hitting the tab of ‘Recover’ at the bottom of the window.

directly transfer whatsapp messages from iphone

2. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC via iTunes Backup

Step 1. When FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery starts up and the main interface is displayed, choose ‘iPhone Data Recovery’ and then the recovery mode of ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’ from the panel on the left.

recover from itunes backup

Step 2. A list of iTunes backup files will be displayed. Select the iTunes backup that contains the WhatsApp messages you need to transfer. You can also follow the same steps if you want to transfer data from other iTunes backup files. Then tap on ‘Next’ after selecting the iTunes backup.

transfer whatsapp messages from itunes

Step 3. The scanning process will get started after that. You can also opt to stop or pause it. When the program finishes to analyze and scan the iTunes backup you selected, all the data that can be transferred and recovered will be listed for you to preview. Head over to the category of ‘WhatsApp’ and look for the WhatsApp messages that you need to transfer. Then click on ‘Recover’ to export them to computer.

3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Computer via iCloud

The last workaround is to restore iCloud backup to save the WhatsApp messages. If you think it is not necessary to restore the full iCloud backup, then you can use FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery to transfer selected WhatsApp messages and media files from iCloud backup to pc. You can simply follow these steps:

Step 1. After choosing the recovery mode of ‘Recover from iCloud Backup’ from the left panel, enter the iCloud account and password to sign into the iCloud.

log in to icloud

Step 2. When you are signing into the iCloud account, you can choose one backup file that conclude the WhatsApp messages and tap on the ‘Download’ tab to continue.

choose an icloud backup

Step 3. After the downloading, you are supposed to click ‘WhatsApp & Attachments’ to preview each whatsApp chat history from the iCloud backup and get them back to your computer by tapping on the ‘Recover’ tab.

transfer whatsapp messages from icloud


Do you still have other problems that are not addressed in this article? You can feel free to leave your comment below to let us know what your problem is.

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