4 Simple Ways to Send Anonymous Text Messages

10/18/2018 Posted by FoneGeek

Send Anonymous Text Message

These days, texting has become the main mode of communicating with friends, clients, colleagues, and even strangers. Usually anyone you text automatically knows your phone number, which can result to potential security risk. So, the questions is, if you're texting to someone you don't know well, how to protect your cell phone number from exposure into the wrong hands? 

Luckily, it is possible to send a text to someone without your phone number showing up at the other end. That's anonymous texting. In certain circumstances, sending an anonymous text provides an easy way to protect your phone number while communicating. In this article, we will show you 4 simple ways to send anonymous text messages from computer, as well as on iPhone and Android phones for free. 

Way 1. Using an Email Account 

If you want to text someone without showing your phone number, you can text via email. Now major cell phone carriers allows completely anonymous text, using a temporary email address. For this to work, you need to know the recipient's carrier. 

To send anonymous text messages using an email account, follow the simple steps outlined below: 

Step 1: Create a completely new email account without any of your personal information like name, email address, etc. 
Step 2: Get the target person's phone number. You will need this number as part of their email address. 
Step 3: Find out the target person's carrier by asking them directly or try some free phone carrier search sites. 
Step 4: Combine the target person’s 10-digit phone number with the phone carrier email. For this to be clearer, check the templates below: 
– AT&T:
SMS: 10digitphonenumber@text.att.net; MMS: 10digitphonenumber@mms.att.net 
– T-Mobile:
SMS/MMS: 10digitphonenumber@tmomail.net 
– Verizon:
SMS: 10digiphonenumber@vtext.com; MMS: 10digitphonenumber@vzwpix.com 
– Sprint: 
SMS: 10digitphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com; MMS: 10digitphonenumber@pm.sprint.com 
– Metro PCS 
SMS/MMS: 10digitphonenumber@mymetropcs.com 
Step 5: Now log into your new created email account and compose a new email. Enter the target person's phone number and corresponding email address template in step 4, then hit "Send". 

Way 2. Send Anonymous Text on iPhone

Another way to send anonymous text message is with free texting apps. If you are using an iPhone, there are a few apps that will let you create and send text message from a fake number, for example, Wickr Me. This app allows you to instantly connect with others one on one or in groups, and provides you a lot of capabilities. For example, you can use encrypted voice call, share voice memos, and even share media files. 

To send anonymous text messages using an iPhone app – Wickr Me, follow the simple steps outline below: 

  1. On your iPhone, search and install Wickr from the App Store. 
  2. Launch the app and then click on "Sign Up". Just enter your real phone number to receive a confirmation code from Wickr Me. 
  3. After successfully registered, create a new fake phone number or let the app to choose a fake number for you randomly. 
  4. After setting up everything, you can now type your message and send it to your preferred contacts using the face phone number. 

Send Anonymous Text Message

Way 3. Send Anonymous SMS on Android

Just like iPhone, there are a few options to send anonymous SMS messages from your Android phone without showing your phone number. One of the best Android apps for anonymous texting is Anonytext. This app allows you to have private, anonymous chats with strangers via text, video, audio and picture message for free. Besides, the app delete all media automatically when the chat ends. 

To send anonymous SMS messages using an Android app – Anonytext, follow the simple steps outlined below: 

  1. On your Android phone, search and Install Anonytext from Google Play Store. 
  2. Open the app after installation, and tap on "New Stranger". 
  3. Enter the target person's phone number and type your message, then hit "Send". 

Send Anonymous Text Message 

Way 4. Send Anonymous Text Message Online

If you don't want to install apps on your iPhone or Android, another approach to anonymous texts are online websites. Search the Internet, you will find many websites out there, allowing you to send a text messages online from a fake number. Here we'd like to introduce SendAnonymousSMS, which is the world's largest and most trusted anonymous SMS service. It allows you to send anonymous message to any recipient in almost any country. 

To send anonymous text message from computer for free, follow the simple steps outlined below: 

  1. Enter your phone number. This number will be spoofed to retain anonymity. 
  2. Select the country in which the receiver resides in from the drop-down list. 
  3. Enter the receiver's phone number in the blank tab. 
  4. Now type your message and the security code, then click "SEND SMS". 

Send Anonymous Text Message


If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to send anonymous text, this article shows you the answer. Here is the 4 simple ways to send anonymous SMS messages for free. Please note, you're not allowed to use these service for any illegal activities, such as death threats, abuse, slander, etc. 

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