7 Effective Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck on Charging Screen

There are often many users asking why their stuck on charging screen. The device is still unresponsive even when it is changed with another Lightning cable. If you are encountering such a problem, you can quickly solve the problem that the iPhone can't be charged after reading this post.

1. Lightning Cable is Not Original or Certified by MFi

Firstly, check if the Lightning cable is included in the original factory, or if the Lightning cable is MFi certified by using another different USB cable.

If you purchase an ‘original’ lightning cable online at a very cheap price, then it must be fortress. Usually, the iPhone will be stuck on charging screen during iOS 12 upgrade, or even failed to be charged.

In this situation, you can take an original USB cable to recharge your iPhone and if the charging issue still exists, you can refer to the solutions below.

2. iPhone Lightning Cable is Damaged

If the current Lightning cable has been damaged, and even the wire inside can be seen, it is recommended to change it directly to avoid the risk of ignition.

3. Check If iPhone's Charge Hole is Dirty

Since we often put our iPhone in the pocket of the trousers, this will cause the iPhone charging hole to be stuck with a lot of small cotton fibre for a long time. As each Lightning cable is plugged and unplugged, there will be more and more cotton fibre in the charging hole, which will slows down the charging time. Then, the iPhone will seem to be stuck on charging screen.

It is advised to take a flashlight into the charging hole of the iPhone to check if there is any foreign matter jamming. You can turn off the iPhone first, and use a toothpick or a paper clip to hook the cotton wool or the thread.

If the chip is stuck in the charging hole of the iPhone and cannot be taken out, do not force to take it out to avoid the charging port being damaged.

clean iphone charge hole

4. The Device is Not Charged for a Long Time

If the iPhone has not been used for a long time, and the battery is completely drained, it is recommended to charge the iPhone through the wall outlet for more than an hour, then try the boot it.

If the iPhone is stuck on the charging screen however long it is charged, it is recommended to take the device directly to Apple Repair Center for repair. You can replace with the original lithium rechargeable battery under warranty.

5. Put iPhone into Recovery Mode and Force Reboot iPhone

The issue of iPhone stuck on charging screen may also be the reason of background program, It is recommended to put the device into Recovery mode and force restart the iPhone to see if it can be solved.

  • For iPhone 6/7: Connect your iPhone to computer and keep pressing the Home and Power button at the same time until the ‘Connect to iTunes’ logo is appeared on the iPhone screen.

  • For iPhone 8/X and the latest models: Press the Volume Up and Volume Down button simultaneously, then hold the Power button for 8 seconds until the "Connect to iTunes" logo appears.

put iphone in recovery mode

If you see the iTunes logo, it means that the iPhone has been put into the Recovery mode. Then force reboot your iPhone at the next day.

6. Replace iPhone Battery

If your iPhone is still stuck on charging screen and the screen is still unresponsive after trying all the tricks, you may require to remove the iPhone battery and replace it with a new battery using few screws.

  1. To ensure the safety of removing iPhone battery, it is necessary to shut down the device first.

  2. Select a five-star screwdriver to remove the bottom screw.

  3. Use a hair dryer to evenly heat the perimeter of the screen. It will be helpful to remove the screen components. Note that the temperature should not be too high.

  4. Fix the suction cup on the screen and pull the screen up a little bit with a little effort.

  5. Remove and replace the new battery.

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Go ahead and refer to the methods above to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on charging screen. Almost all software and hardware related solutions are covered. Or if you have more powerful expert suggestion to resolve this issue, you can feel free to leave the comment below to share your ideas.


By Joan J. Mims

Posted on May 05, 2019, 22:53:19

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