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Touch ID Not Working on iPhone? Try These Solutions

Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor, makes it easy for iOS users to unlock device, log into apps or make purchases in App store, iTunes store, iBooks store instead of entering Apple ID password. However, many users complain that Touch ID not working after screen replacement or iOS 13 upgrade. You can imagine how inconvenient it is if the Touch ID stops not working on iPhone. Why Touch ID fails to work on iPhone? Chances are that the calibration is not done properly, or your fingers/ home button are sweat, moisture. Maybe we have no way to figure out what went wrong, we have tips to fix it.

Tip 1: Keep Finger and the Home Button Clean and Dry

The most immediate cause of Apple ID performance is the home button and your finger. Check whether the home button is full of dust, or check whether there is sweat on your finger as well. If necessary, take a clean and dry cloth to wipe the home button and your hands, then try again.

keep finger dry

Tip 2: Delete and Reset Touch ID Fingerprint

Another feasible way forward is to deleted the Touch ID Fingerprints from iPhone settings and reset a new one.

Delete Fingerprint: To do so, go to “Settings”, scroll down to click on “Touch ID & Passcode”. Choose one Fingerprint that you set before and select “Delete Fingerprint” to get it removed.

Add a new Fingerprint: Still go to “Settings” - “Touch ID & Passcode”, click “Add a Fingerprint” to reset the fingerprint when prompted.

delete and add fingerprint

Tip 3. Disable and Enable Touch ID for Apple Pay, iPhone Unlock, iTunes/App Store

If you are still having this issue, turn off and turn on the Touch ID for Apple Pay, iPhone Unlock, iTunes/App Store. Here are the steps:

Open up Settings on device, click on “Touch ID and Passcode”- iTunes & App Store to enter the password, then turn off Apple Pay, iPhone Unlock, iTunes&App Store. Restart your iPhone and repeat the steps above to enable Apple Pay, iPhone Unlock, iTunes & App Store.

disable enable touch id

Tip 4. Downgrade iOS version

If the problem occurs when you upgraded the iOS version to iOS 13, you may need to downgrade from iOS 13 to iOS 12 or older version, which runs stable properties to working well with touch ID.

downgrade ios version

Tip 5. Fix 'iPhone Touch ID Not Working' Without Data Loss

It is very common to get the iOS issue of ‘iPhone touch ID not working’ after upgrading your iOS system to iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. This kind of issue could be fixed with the method above or with a professional program. FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is such a fixing program that contains the powerful features of fixing iOS system. Besides, the remarkable features make it possible to repair common issues with no data loss.

Core Features of FoneGeek iOS System Recovery:

  • Different fixing modes are supplied with the program that enables you to repair issues with higher success rate.
  • Large number of iPhone issues can be repaired with the tool, including iPhone reboot loops, iPhone is stuck on black screen/Apple logo, etc.
  • It is 100% secure to use the program. Not data will be disclosed or get lost.


How to Fix ‘Touch ID Not Working on iPhone’ Issue after Updating to iOS 13

Step 1. Open the application on your computer. Then go to ‘Repair Operating System’ mode from the given options on the main interface.

choose repair mode and connect the device

Step 2. Then connect your iPhone to computer and follow the instructions on the interface to put the iPhone into DFU mode. When the device is put into DFU mode, the program will detect the firmware package for the iPhone system.

download firmware package

Step 3. Click ‘Download’ and the program will start to repairing the touch ID problem automatically.

repair ios system

If the tips above are not doing anything to you, you need to consider contacting Apple service center for help, as there might be a hardware issue of your iPhone.

Whenever and wherever your iPhone is on the fritz, some basic measures are worthy to be taken before you take it to local Apple store to repair, it’ll save your time and money. Still having this problem on the device or having any feedbacks to the tips supplied in this post? Leave your comments below to so that we can offer more specific tips.

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