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5 Easy Way to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Photos on iPhone devices can be saved in formats such as JPEG, PNG, and HEIC. Even though all these formats are great on their own, issues might arise when sharing or working with photos on different devices, platforms, and operating systems. For example, you might be unable to open, edit, upload, or download photos.

But there's a format that's guaranteed to work: PDF. You might think now, "What does PDF have to do with photos?". Well, you can convert your iPhone photo to PDF and use it any way you wish. And that's what we're going to teach you in this article!

Why Convert iPhone Photo to PDF?

Before learning about the how, it's important to know the why. Well, there are three main reasons.

PDF files are smaller in size

If you've ever transferred photos from your iPhone to your computer or iCloud, you must have seen how big they can get. PDF files, however, aren't that sizeable, which means they will cause less trouble when uploading, sharing, storing, and downloading them.

PDF files offer more security

You can lock PDF files with passwords or encryption mechanisms, which offers an extra level of protection that image files don't.

PDF files are more compatible

Whatever your device, platform, or OS is, you can be sure that PDF format is supported, which is not always true with HEIC, JPEG, and PNG.

As you can see, PDFs bring many advantages over image formats. That's why we should now consider ways to convert iPhone photos to PDF!

Way 1. Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone with Third-party Tool

We'll start this "Convert iPhone photo to PDF" journey with an amazing tool, FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore, with many great features. With it, you can export all photo, video, and audio files from iPhone/iPad to a computer with one click, and transfer multimedia files from iDevice to iTunes and vice versa as much as you want.

But now, let's get back to business with the most important feature of converting iPhone photos to PDF by giving you a step-by-step tutorial.


Step 1: Connect your iPhone device to the computer using a USB cable. Then download and install the FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore.

Step 2: Now open the software and choose "Manage". Then click on the "Photos" section and pick out the photos you want to be exported to your computer in PDF format.

Step 3: Once you're done selecting, click the "Export" button and choose the PDF format in the pop-up window.

Step 4: Finally, click the "Next" button; the selected photos will be exported and saved as PDF files on your computer.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Way 2. Convert iPhone Photo to PDF Using Printer Options

If you want to learn how to convert a picture to PDF on an iPhone or iPad without any third-party tool, this is the way to go.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Choose the photo or photos you want to be converted to PDF format.

If you pick more than one photo, the selected ones will be put together in one PDF file, each on one page.

Step 2: Press the "Share" icon in the bottom left corner, then scroll down until you find the "Print" option.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Step 3: Change the "Paper size" or the number of copies you want, then select the "Print" option from the top right corner.

Step 4: To export the photo in PDF format, hit the "Save to Files" option. Alternatively, you can upload the PDF file to your Google Drive, email, WhatsApp, or send it to anyone.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Way 3. Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone Using the Files App

The next option for converting pictures to PDF on iPhone is using the Files app. The great thing about it is that you can generate PDF files fast, but the only condition is that the photos must be saved within the Files app.

That's why you first need to copy photos to the Files app. You can do that by selecting images from the Photos app, hitting the "Share" button, and hitting the "Save to Files" option.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Now that we have the photos inside the Files app, let's look at the short tutorial:

Step 1: Open the Files app and find the photos you want to convert.

Step 2: If you want to convert one photo on your iPhone into PDF format, long press on that photo. Scroll down the pop-up menu until the bottom and select "Create PDF."

convert iphone photo to pdf

Step 3: If you're converting more than one photo, you first need to hit the "More" button in the upper right corner and then choose the "Select" option.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Step 4: Select multiple images. Hit the "More" button, which you can now find in the bottom left corner. Then tap on "Create PDF".

convert iphone photo to pdf

Whether you're converting one or more photos, the PDF(s) will be saved in the same folder where the photos are located.

Way 4. Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone Using the Books App

iPhone gives us another great way to convert photos to PDF without using third-party software: the Books app. Even though this is the fastest way to do that, customization options aren't available with the Books app. Check out the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Photos app and select the photos for conversion to PDF. If you select multiple photos, they will be merged into one file, just like in the second method we discussed.

Step 2: Tap the "Share" button from the bottom left and choose the Books app in the list. The selected photos will be converted into a PDF file and saved in Books.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Step 3: Now head to the Books app and Library part to locate and open the photo in PDF format.

convert iphone photo to pdf

Way 5. Save Photo as PDF on iPhone Using the Notes App

Last, you can utilize the Notes app to convert iPhone photos to PDFs. This option offers the most flexibility when editing photos before saving them: you can add text and arrange the photo order. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Notes app and hit the "Pen & Paper" icon from the bottom right corner to create a blank note.

Step 2: Tap the "Camera" icon. A small pop-up menu will appear, from which you should pick the first option, "Choose Photo or Video."

Step 3: Now, you should pick out the photo or photos that will be converted to PDF format. Tap on the "Add" button, which is located in the top right corner.

convert iphone photo to pdf

If you want to, you can customize the photo(s) according to your preferences. If you don't want to do anything with the photos but only with the space between them, you can add text, drawings, tables, and lists to the note.

Step 4: Tap the "Share" icon from the top right corner and then choose the "Print" option from the bottom of the list.

Step 5: Before exporting, you can adjust the copy number, range, paper size, and orientation. When you finish that, tap on the "Print" button.

Step 6: Choose the "Save to Files" option. Alternatively, you can upload the PDF file to your Google Drive, send it via email, share it on WhatsApp, or send it to anyone you choose.

convert iphone photo to pdf


Anyone interested in converting a photo on iPhone to PDF format now knows how to do it. And in five ways! Some of them utilize third-party tools, while others use native apps.

If you prefer third-party software to this, go to the FoneGeek iOS Backup & Restore, which is a great tool for lots of stuff, not only the conversion of photos to PDF. In case you like iPhone's native apps, then choose from Printer Options, Files, Books, or Notes options.

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